Cameron’s New Friends in Libya “Ethnically Cleansing” Blacks

David Cameron’s new friends in Libya, supporters of the “National Transitional Council” have started with a campaign designed to ethnically cleanse all black people from that nation.

Thousands of Sub-Saharan Africans have been accused of being “Gaddafi loyalists” or mercenaries, and are being tortured and murdered “while the country’s government is doing little to stop it,” a new report on the occurrence said.

“More and more accounts are emerging from Libya about increasing numbers of black Libyans and Sub-Saharan African migrants being attacked and killed by rebel forces in a country hit by chaos.

“Video clips have been posted on sites like You Tube showing blacks in Libya being attacked, jailed and even lynched. Some of the footage that has been posted shows a string of dead bodies, evidence, say campaigners, that a form of ethnic cleansing is taking place,” the report continued.

Black mercenaries from Chard, the Sudan, Niger and Mali were hired by Gadaffi in large numbers to prop up his failing regime, and are now paying the price for being employed by the losing side.

The counter-reaction by Libyan natives has resulted in attacks on all blacks (mostly illegal immigrant workers or those trying to invade Europe by crossing the Mediterranean).

The BBC recently reported that dozens of blacks were murdered out of hand in the city of Tawargha in western Libya. “We had 70 to 80 people from Chad working for our company” one witness told BBC reporters. “They were cut dead with pruning shears and axes. The attackers were saying ‘You are providing troops for Gaddafi.’ The Sudanese were also massacred. We saw it for ourselves.”

The attacks have also been confirmed by Amnesty International.

The British government has fallen over itself to recognise the national Transitional Council as Libya’s legitimate government, and, of course, provided military aid to its forces which have all but defeated Gadaffi.

Yet Mr Cameron’s government has been strangely silent about the ethnic cleansing of Libya by NTC supporters.

Liberalism demands of its believers that “only white people can be racist” and, therefore, that any acts of aggressive racism or stereotyping (which is what is taking place in Libya today) committed by non-whites is not racist.

This is the same logic which allows Mr Cameron to endorse Black History Month, but would roll over and die before he was seen endorsing a White History Month.

It will be interesting to see if the British government reacts at all to the Libyan peoples’ moves to rid themselves of their black population. But don’t hold you breath.

3 thoughts on “Cameron’s New Friends in Libya “Ethnically Cleansing” Blacks

  1. You bet Flashmans “government” has been silent about this.
    Not very PC of the Libyans is it…………….. BUT…………….
    if it had been whites who were ethnically cleansing blacks…. well then ?

  2. I demand that our government stops being so horrible and racist and starts bombing the misguided National Transitional Counsel who are engaging in this racist attack against poor innocent defenceless little black people.

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