Cameron To Step Down As MP for Witney

[tweetthis][/tweetthis]david-cameron-resignsDavid Cameron today quit as an MP – and is set to make millions in the City.

The former Prime Minister said he had “thought long and hard” over the summer and decided it was impossible to serve as a mere backbencher as he would be “a distraction”.

His resignation, with immediate effect, means a by-election in a safe Tory seat of Witney, Oxfordshire. There will be a keenly fought contest among Tories to become the next MP in a seat where the party is impregnable.


“I’ve thought about this long and hard over the summer, and I’ve decided the right thing to do is stand down as MP for Witney,” he told ITV News.

“There’ll be a by-election, I’ll give the Conservative candidate my full support.

“In my view in modern politics, with the circumstances of my resignation, it isn’t really possible to become a proper backbench MP as a former prime minister. Everything you do will become a big distraction and diversion from what the Government needs to do for our country. I don’t want to be that distraction.”

It is less than two months since Mr Cameron quit as PM in the wake of his crushing EU referendum defeat.

Within minutes of David Cameron announcing he had resigned as an MP, a frenzy of speculation began to mount about his motives.

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  1. David Cameron could have stayed on and worked hard for the people of Witney. With , for him , the pay is peanuts , so the chance that he would work hard for people was always going to be nil ! SELFISH GIT !

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