Cameron, Crime and Hypocrisy

By Clive Wakely. The news that David “Dhimmi” Cameron is leading “the fight back” to punish anyone responsible for inflicted damage and destruction on Britain’s society should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Although Dhimmi Dave and the rest of the rotten political establishment claim to be shocked and surprised by the events of the last week, the public at large is not; no more than any rational person would be by the revelation that dropping a lighted match into a barrel of gunpowder is liable to result in a rather large explosion.

However what is truly shocking is the imbecilic and banal commentary offered up by Dhimmi Dave and his ilk in their attempt to “explain” away the disturbances and violence in our town and city centres.

Whilst Dhimmi Dave, assorted “Guardianistas” and Establishment stooges talk tough (always good for a few reactionary votes) and shower down condemnation from the ivory towers afforded them by television studios and the House of Commons, it is the long suffering British public that has to deal with the indigestion arising from attempting to digest the half-baked rubbish being fed to them by way of “explanation”.

Not to put too fine a point on it and to extend the analogy a little further, we are feeling increasingly nauseated by it all.

Sorry Westminster, sorry controlled media – but we, the people, know better than to buy into your “it’s the fault of immorality, criminality, dysfunctional families, gang culture” lines of appeasement; we know exactly what is at the root of the problem – and what’s more so do you!

We also know that so long as the lying, deceiving, bought-and- paid for media and politicians hold sway in this country that things can only get worse – for us – the tax-paying, law-abiding, silent majority.

Yet, watching the politicians perform on television, apart from an ever-growing sense of loathing for such parasites, one is left with the inescapable conclusion that Dhimmi Dave and friends appear to find some forms of thuggery, theft and criminality more deserving of condemnation than others.

As reprehensible as it is, a brick thrown through a shop window, a furniture store torched or a bus burnt out on a London street hardly ranks highly against the criminal devastation wrought on Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya and condoned by the likes of Dhimmi Dave and associates.

Similarly in the greater scale of things, how does the theft of flat screen televisions, designer footwear and electronic gismos stack up against the misappropriation of Kosovo, Iraqi oil or the ongoing “ram-raiding” of Libya for its oil and gas fields; felonious activity which Dhimmi Dave and his handlers are apparently more than happy to condone?

Yet whilst Dhimmi Dave and his cronies loudly voice their opportunistic demands that rioters must be subjected to “the full weight of the law”, they are conspicuous by their silence and inactivity when the matter of bringing Tony Blair, widely considered a war criminal, to justice.

Similarly does anyone serious believe that Dhimmi Dave – the bankers’ friend, who says he wants to crack down hard on looters, has the slightest intention of having the mega “bankstas”, whose fraudulent activities have cost this country billions, brought before the courts to answer for their crimes?

Whereas the thieving activities of largely ethnic feral youth will inevitably result in insurance companies passing on their losses to the public through increased premiums, the incalculably more massive theft from the citizen through “quantitative easing”, the printing of paper money, which will eventually manifest itself in spiraling inflation and the theft of the value of the pound in everyone’s pocket, will go unpunished.

Let’s not even start on the bank bailouts, rigged credit ratings, fraudulent fractional banking and collateralized junk debt scams.

If Dhimmi Dave was remotely serious over wanting to eradicate the “culture of criminality” that pervades society then surely it would not only be unemployed (unemployable?) young thugs that would be progressing through the court system but also those of the pin-stripped, bowler-hated, variety; the very sort to be found in City of London boardrooms and, indeed, sitting alongside Dhimmi Dave on the benches in the House of Commons.

7 thoughts on “Cameron, Crime and Hypocrisy

  1. Not one journalist has or will ask Cameron how he intends to enforce his “zero tolerance” soundbite when prisons are being closed, policeman are losing their jobs and we all know there will still be the same softly,softly approach to crime in the black and brown colonies of England for fear of further rioting, sorry enrichment.

  2. Excellent and incisive article Clive, and you expose a horrible truth which we will see unfolding. If anyone is convicted for the killing of the three men run down by a car, instead of being hanged they will probably get an 8-year sentence because a slimy barrister, paid for by the state (i.e. us) insists it was manslaughter because “intention” cannot be proved. They will be out within 4 years. Looting is already being referred to on some TV programs as “Shopping with violence”. Convicted looters, instead of being deported, will probably get 100 hours or less of “community service”. Nor can I see many – if any – families being evicted because their monster yobbo yardie-worshipping spawn is convicted of rioting; it is actually against the laws of the Housing Act to evict relatives for another’s antisocial behaviour, providing nobody else in the household has behaved antisocially, as I think Wandsworth Council will soon discover to its (legal) costs. If only our weak-kneed and brain-dead government had enough savvy and determination to arm the police and pass a law allowing looters to be shot in the act. Oh – silly me; its sensible law-and-order measures like that which caused the problem to migrate to Britain in the first place. We don’t want to be like the regimes they escaped from, do we? (Altogether – YES WE DO!!!!!)

  3. Let’s also never forget Cameron’s past as a member of the violent and thuggish “Bullingdon Club” whilst at university, along with his old buddy and now Mayor of London Boris Johnson. That shower of wealthy thugs would enter establishments such as restaurants for a meal and then proceed to smash the place up, paying the shocked and disgusted owner generously afterwards for his troubles. So Cameron has no moral authority whatsoever to condemn these rioters, even though they are utterly contemptible. As the article also rightly states, the last and the present governments have allowed theft on a gargantuan scale by the banks. Have spent vast amounts of our money on illegal wars for the purposes of regime change (Illegal under UN law). These establishment politicians have waged aggressive warfare on Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya. Wasn’t this the exact same crime that many Nazis were hanged for at Nuremberg? Apart from his words being mere pathetic empty rhetoric, Cameron is indeed an utter hypocrite of the first order.

  4. You make some good points Clive but I cannot agree with your views on quantitative easing and inflation although I do realise that the opinion you express is a widely held one.

    Quite simply this money cannot be inflationary because it did not enter the economy as purchasing power. Quantitative easing (high powered money) was used to bolster the banks balance sheets and build up their reserves which had become decimated during the crash.

    This had to be done to comply with the accounting rules of the various Basel Capital Accords.

    The money is not really printed as I am sure you are aware, but is in digital form.

    But is the “printing” of money and issuing it into the economy debt and interest free, necessarily inflationary? The answer is no, providing the money is backed up by an equivalent amount of real wealth in the form of goods and services.

  5. Dave is talking the talk this week.
    The U-turns start next week, after he’s had
    his orders off Clegg & the Limp Dems.
    Then it will all be pushed under the carpet,
    in the hope the sheep forget, (they have short memories,)& the “footie” season has started (opiate.)
    Job done… & we’ve been stuffed again. Deja vu?

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