Britain's Steel Industry – another victim of globalisation

by AJM

SteelOnce again, what little remains of Britain’s steel industry is being dismantled.

Large redundancies of skilled employees are in prospect in Scunthorpe, Redcar and Lanarkshire, Scotland.  This could simply have been prevented.

Britain’s heavy industry is a diminishing reality.  It was a world leader not so long ago.

Whenever industry is closed, there occur knock-on effects.  Quite apart from component manufacturers, service industries and local business also experience the impact, as customers and clients evaporate.

A nation cannot thrive on service industry alone: services cannot service thin air.

The culprit, once again, is the penetration of cheap imports from the Far East – in this case China.

Politicians, as usual, complain loudly and pugnaciously but they have no desire or stomach to challenge the philosophy behind such economic and human misery:


Globalisation revolves around free trade and the export of capital, technology and inventions to build up competitors.  As Sir James Goldsmith observed, globalisation will result in the diminution of wages in the West to those of the developing world.  The import of millions of unassimilable migrants from the developing world assists that ambition.

All of these factors help, in part, to explain the pronounced stagnation or flat-lining of wages throughout the West since the recession of 2007.

Free trade benefits multinational corporations, not only for the aforementioned reasons but also for taxation purposes, because they engage in such practices as transfer pricing, whereby profits are transferred to low taxation economies.

Multinational corporations despise nation states.  They prefer regional trading blocs, such as that of the EU, where only one set of regulations apply rather than 28, as would be the case without the EU.

The category that gains most from globalisation is the international banking industry.  Large financing combines such as Goldman Sachs make vast profits from globalisation.  On behalf of their globalised clients, they buy and sell companies, engage in acquisitions and mergers, raise finance for companies – loans, IPOS, rights issues, mezzanine finance, collateralized debt obligations and so on – and this is quite apart from the advice and activity they provide to governments, either in the form of privatising industry or raising money.   The international global banker thrives in a globalised environment, where his profit draws advantage from free trade and the diminution in the authority and integrity of the nation state.

Britain’s steel industry is the victim of globalisation but it need not be this way.  Specifically, in the present circumstances, the UK should simply impose import tariffs on cheap Chinese imports.   Given the massive balance of payments imbalance between the UK and China (and, indeed, the West and China), this would be advantageous and it would safeguard not only the UK steel industry but those who work within it.

There are, however, a number of additional factors at play, which characterise much of Chinese industry.   Quite apart from the cheaper labour available in China – and similar nations – the Chinese gain advantages from currency manipulation, the absence of similar health and safety requirements as exist in the West, the lack of effective trades unions to represent employees’ interests, the relative absence of social security funding (ie national insurance) and, not least, the availability of significant state subsidies.

Finally, the ridiculously high costs of UK energy – levied to combat unproven and arguably bogus climate change – render UK manufactures at a massive disadvantage.   This fraudulent theory, alone, is a leading factor behind the ‘de-industrialisation’ of the West.

The main political parties are all proponents of globalisation – Lab/Lib/SNP/Kip/Con.  All of them are financed by the promoters of globalisation.  That is why all of them also support the catastrophic imposition of multiculturalism.  Multiculturalism is an essential component of globalisation because it undermines the identity of the indigenous inhabitants who created nation states.

The British Democrats understand the nefarious processes involved in globalisation, what is behind them and how to deal with them, to safeguard British and, more generally, Western interests.


17 thoughts on “Britain's Steel Industry – another victim of globalisation

  1. So what’s Cameron doing for the British steel worker? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. No doubt skilled men will be directed to Aldi, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose etc to look for work. Funny how Cameron was so eager to help out his bankster pals though!

    1. Have you not noticed Jimbo, most checkout staff in all our supermarkets are now how shall I put it , ” English their second language.

  2. The UK government must not make the mistake of trying to retain what is left of the steel industry by placing it into the hands of any foreign “saviour” at vast public expense (a price which they would of course demand). They would only take the money and run. Yet another aspect of globalisation, which has more faces than the town clock.

  3. Most of our steel plants are closing but the success of our motor industry shows what can be done. We are set to produce 2 million cars by 2020, breaking the record of 1.9 million set in 1972. Admittedly, most of our car plants are foreign owned but the workers are British and the companies pay tax to the British Government. We cannot compete with the Chinese making construction steel but we can still produce high quality steel for precision engineering. We will have a future in manufacturing so long as we stick to what we are good at and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. All is not gloom and doom. We have more people at work than ever before and wages are starting to rise. But we still need to stop Third World immigration and tackle the housing problem.

  4. If one cannot service thin air, then Bankers cannot create money out of thin air, but they do. Value added industry used to be the driving force. Today non industry is . Why do the heavy dirty work, when investing in others to do it for you. And of course the end result is get it for the cheapest possible rate .
    Britain lost that advantage a long time ago thanks to that class war between unions and employers.
    Can we exist as only a service industry. All the time the ‘investors wish a safe haven , we do . but like industry ,if a cheaper safe haven exists , the investors will go there .
    Investors might be the misnomer to hide the real ethnic nature of the beast or indeed international without borders finance. One must make of that what one wishes. but what is certain is the destruction of the white race hegemony of the west, is the ultimate goal of this sickening ideology.

  5. ( Party Official ) On a day , 18/1/2016 , that Britain’s Steel Industry lost 1,050 Jobs , our shameful Parliament conducted a debate regarding banning an American Presidential hopefull from entering BRITAIN. All because he put forward a VERY SENSIBLE policy proposal for HIS COUNTRY. I am ashamed of our Parliament and feel SURE that our Party Members and supporters will JOIN ME in APOLOGISING TO DONALD TRUMP. We assure you SIR , that DECENT PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY AGREE WITH YOU !

    1. Yes, how utterly puerile and silly to want to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain just because he is a little bit un-PC on some matters. It just goes to show how freedom of speech in this country has been trampled to death by the unpatriotic maniacs in the House of Commons. For one thing, what if Donald Trump becomes the next President of the USA? We could do with a pro-British president in the White House as President Obama has demonstrated on a few occasions he doesn’t much like us!

  6. ( Party Official ) Our Party exists to eventually form the Government of our Country and should this happy state of affairs already be the situation then the Hard Working people within the Steel industry in Port Talbot and elsewhere , would be booming ! Instead lives and indeed most of their Communities are in despair. Mortgages and rents need to be paid and they will not be. We would not have allowed cheap , poorly made steel to be dumped on the open market in this manner. Also we would be using a lot of steel building our Royal Navy up to strength. Taken with a resurgence in British Manufacturing , life would be good for British workers , including PORT TALBOT.

  7. ( Party Official ) With the British steel industry falling to its knees and our maritime Country in need of home waters naval ships of all sizes and needing to get back into commercial shipping , I feel sure that a British Democratic Party Government , even in coalition , would be BUILDING SHIPS as part of a massive expansion of trade and industry to benefit all British People. The money to ‘ kick start ‘ all this would come from the surplus created by NOT PAYING the European Union.

    1. ( Party Official ) Talking about saving money , can you imagine the boom created by the British Democratic Party’s other Policies and general outlook on life ? Just a targeted foreign aid budget of say , one billion pounds , with twelve billion pounds being invested in British manufacturing. How about the Billions saved on no longer importing millions of unskilled people who have to be housed and fed ? Sounds easy but that is because a return to common sense is easy , if like us you have the Political Will and decency to do the Right thing by the People of Britain.

  8. ( Party Official ) Having watched the two main news channels regarding the problems of the BRITISH STEEL INDUSTRY , I have to tell you that ONCE AGAIN our politicians have failed our People and Country. Both the Prime Minister and the official leader of H.M. Opposition have been pitiful and this little Nationalist Party ACTUALLY HAS ANSWERS TO THE PROBLEM as alluded to before and totally IGNORED. More to follow !

    1. ( Party Official ) Some years ago there was a ‘ buz phrase ‘ around our Parliament that was ‘ JOINED UP GOVERNMENT.’ It meant that Government Policies would work well together and also not pull in different directions at the same time. WOW , these people in our Parliament really are go getters and achievers ! I don’t think so ! Anyway British Democratic Party Social and Economic Policies ARE JOINED UP and an assessment of the Tata Steel problem , APPLYING NATIONALIST PRINCIPLES , is to follow.

  9. ( Party Official ) When I first heard the phrase , NORTHERN POWERHOUSE , I was very pleased for one minute and then realised that it meant NOTHING as it had been uttered by a pro E.U.Superstate , Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer. I believe that using NATIONALIST Policies , Principles and outlook on life , it will become REALITY.

  10. ( Party Official ) Bearing in mind that the Conservatives bailed out their banking friends I have no doubt that we British Democrats would use Government funds to buy back the British Steel Industry from India’s TATA as step one that follows NATIONALIST THINKING.

  11. ( Party Official ) As explained elsewhere on our British Democratic Party Website , WE are in favour of a MASSIVE EXPANSION of the ROYAL NAVY and also restoration of a great new MERCANTILE FLEET to carry our goods and those of others , around the world , as in the past. Yes these things need massive ammounts of steel , thus saving and indeed expanding PORT TALBOT and elsewhere for the next thirty years.

  12. ( Party Official ) The massive boom under the British Democratic Party Policy of EXPANDING the Royal Navy and building the new Merchant Fleet will be our step two of creating the Northern Powerhouse and will be funded by the BILLIONS OF POUNDS saved by our OTHER POLICIES elsewhere. The prime Minister in contrast will let the steel industry collapse by refusing to take the second Aircraft carrier out of mothball and like Gordon Brown , refusing to BUILD THE THIRD ONE. As our step three , we will !

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