Britain—The Islamic Terrorist's Best Friend

By Southwest Nationalist. He “should be made to go back to Somalia — or at the very least serve every day of his sentence”.

“What is the point of police catching terrorists if the courts release them?”

Former Scotland Yard Commander John O’Connor commenting on the release of Islamic terrorist Ismail Abdurahman, who is now freely walking the streets after serving just 3 years in prison for helping one of the 21/7 bomb plotters.

Of course, we can’t deport Abdurahman back to Somalia either, even though he’s apparently a serious risk, it would violate his human rights as he claims he faces inhumane treatment or punishment there. Maybe he should have thought about that before he got involved in terrorism within the UK then?

John O’Connor does have a point.

What on earth is the point at all?

We arrest terrorists, we let them go, we can’t throw them out because it’s against their human rights, we just have to hope to get lucky every time in order to prevent the bombs going off.

Worse still, we carry on importing even more of them. For every single one we actually do jail indefinitely – or manage to kick out, a rare occurrence! – how many more have arrived?

Not only that, we know there is a problem festering in the UK, but ‘sensitivity’ and ‘community cohesion’ compel us to all but ignore it.

The term “War on Terror” is a well known term, but Britain isn’t waging a war on terror, it’s waging one on common sense.

Rights of terrorists trump the rights of Britain to be protected from terrorist action, we have seemingly have no right to be protected from the cruel and inhumane treatment of being maimed by bombs set off by terrorists who shouldn’t be here to begin with.

John O’Connor is right, what is the point.

We hand every advantage to the foreign terrorist, create a situation whereby we’ve got to get lucky every time to prevent carnage, and even when we do get lucky and catch them it seems we’re powerless to do a damned thing about them.

Islamic terror and terrorists are here to stay – we give them the perfect home.

They may well hate us, but they couldn’t ask for a better friend and protector than the insane and suicidal madness that is Britain.

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  1. The problem is that a lot of these Islamist nutters are apparently ‘assets’ of the Security Services, mainly MI6. They have been and/or continue to be useful with regard to the various foreign adventures of NATO in recent years, so they are allowed to continue to live here under the protection of the State.

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