Brit Dems AGM video 2014

4 thoughts on “Brit Dems AGM video 2014

  1. (Party Member) The fact that the BDP know that Nationalism is CLASSLESS will help decide the outcome of our struggle. The old party chairman’s ‘Working Class Hero’ act never did win over many and this tactic just turns away potential support from all parts of our community.

    1. in reply to johnshaw.
      what are you on about. what ever Griffin was he was not a gentrified class warrior . and the old party might be described as blue collar. As far as I can see the BDP are now different. that large blue collar brigade is missing . So is in effect more class ridden .
      And Nationalism is not classless . Its mainly the downtrodden . Why on earth would the successful want change . The main point being, downtrodden is not exclusively that of the poor or the rich but something hard to explain . its genetic , its historic .its everything in ones being .Now that’s a class, which ever way you want.

  2. ( Party Member ) Some people say, ” getting on in life is just luck “. All I know is that the harder I work, the luckier I am ! I am sixty in August of next year and will retire. I shall then offer to work for the Party in Dorset full time for free. Also providing an office at my cost should we be doing well enough.

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