Bring Back The Royal Yacht Britannia

by John Shaw

Upon being elected, Tony Blair bowed to the opinions of the unpleasant extreme left party activists and scrapped the Royal Yacht Britannia, on the pretext of saving money.

In reality it was just a slap in the face to the Monarchy and a sop to the  violent and unwashed labour party characters who have never done a days work in their lives and join every ‘demo’ they can.

The truth is the Royal Family accompanied by a massive trade delegation, used to visit other countries and promote British goods as well as peace and goodwill.

With Britain about to increase trading with the rest of the world after leaving the E.U. Super States ‘closed shop’ it would be a great time to bring Britannia back and get the ship and indeed the Royal Family, WORKING FOR BRITAIN.

5 thoughts on “Bring Back The Royal Yacht Britannia

  1. I agree but I would also advocate the general strengthening of the Royal Navy in terms of destroyers and frigates (in response to Gibraltar), and the provision of a lot more fishery protection vessels (in response to Brexit).

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yes Dave. You are ‘ bang on the money ‘ with those two points. British Democratic Party Policy indeed. There are a couple of older articles on these subjects , within our library. There will be new ones soon as we get our common sense , decent , NATIONALIST POLICIES ‘ out there ‘ !

  2. Sorry John, we really do have to bury the past and let sleeping dogs lie we have better things to do with the money ( we are currently borrowing).Nationalist must look to a bright new tomorrow and in my opinion the Royal Yatch along with the Royal family have no place in a dynamic ,modern Britain.

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