Breaking News!! Boris Johnson resigns from cabinet leaving Theresa May’s Brexit Cabinet Agreement in tatters.

Following yesterday’s resignation from the cabinet by David Davis, Boris Johnson announced his resignation today, making the announcement just 30 minutes before Theresa May was set to inform parliament about the ‘Cabinet Agreed’ Brexit deal’ she forced through on Friday.

Mrs May tried to shore up her Cabinet this morning by drafting in Dominic Raab to replace Mr Davis.

There is speculation that either Trade Secretary Liam Fox or Environment Secretary Michael Gove could be shifted to take Mr Johnson’s role.

We all know how loyal Michael Grove is if we look back at how he screwed up the last Party leadership contest by supporting Boris Johnson for the leadership and then at the 11th hour standing for the leadership himself which forced Boris to pull out of the race.

Liam Fox, as we all know, has repeatedly capitulated to the ‘soft Brexit overtures’ being released by Downing Street’ for several months and now supports the present ‘third way soft Brexit position’.

The PM’s position looks increasingly perilous as MPs vent their rage about the blueprint signed off by ministers at Chequers. Tory wrath has been inflamed further after it emerged that Mrs May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell is briefing Opposition MPs in a bid to win them over to her ‘third way’ proposals for future trade with the EU.   Brexiteers warned that the premier will not survive if she has to rely on ‘socialist’ votes to get the measures through the Commons.

7 thoughts on “Breaking News!! Boris Johnson resigns from cabinet leaving Theresa May’s Brexit Cabinet Agreement in tatters.

  1. Gove is a snake in the grass, he knew he could not become Tory leader, but sabotaged it for Boris. Effectively paving the way for a remainer to become Prime Minister. The motive was envy.

    1. which is a joke right this Man has made a mess of the NHS now He is our chief diplomat only in the mad World of Theresa May

  2. Two slogans that I wish our Party would adopt; BREXIT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE and JUST LEAVE. Both are catchy and to the point and sum up our Party’s attitude to current events.

  3. Boris has jumped from the sinking ship in order to save face and play the ” I told you so ” card. He is completely untrustworthy and seeks only to further his own career. Nationalist on this site have more sense than to be fooled by him.

  4. the Tories for who I have little time for need to do to May what they did to Thatcher back in 1991 She is a untrustworthy liar all the 3 parties need getting rid of

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