BNP – The Electoral Death of a Cult?

By Elections Officer

arrow-down-o_5_300The BNP was founded in 1982 and led by John Tyndall under his leadership the BNP achieved nothing, bar one councillor when Derek Breackon was elected in the Isle of Dogs in 1993. The BNP changed leadership in 1999, and under Nick Griffin its results improved, but it still only achieved 60-70 local councillors, 2 MEPs and one GLA member, many were elected by small majorities. It never gained control of a council something that the Greens and UKIP have achieved. Just a few votes fewer and the BNP would not have taken a GLA seat, which it did so by 0.4%, nor would Griffin have been elected in the North West where it just scrapped over the threshold.

While in mainland Europe patriotic parties like Vlaams Belang, Front Nationale, Jobbik, Danish Peoples Party, Freedom Party of Austria, Dutch Freedom Party, Swiss Peoples Party, Northern League, Swedish Democrats, and Finns Party et al have grown and in some countries soared in the polls. 

In a Sky News poll in 2006 around 50% of people agreed with the BNPs policy remit, yet when the BNP was disclosed to them support dropped to 20% or 1/5 would vote for the BNP.

The BNP was a marketing disaster, its name was poor and lacked long-termism, its current logo of a heart resembles a logo one might see on a charity shop front or on a letter from charities that are sent to candidates during elections. It is very poor. Its leadership of John Tyndall, Nick Griffin and Adam Walker had/have image problems, histories that tarnished the BNP.

The BNP would have polled 25% of the vote in Barking in 2010 if it were not for Griffin, his rent mob and clowns pushing their way in. This would have given the Party the platform to grow into Thurrock and wider Essex area and achieve what UKIP has recently.

If a Party leader has a history and isn't popular, then this acts as a drain on the Party they lead. Through the BNP growth years of 2002 – 2009 the BNP grew not because of Nick Griffin, but in spite of him. Local election campaigns had to play down the Party centre to achieve successful results; firsts and strong seconds.

Regional and local officials would turn over so quickly that the Party would grow and fall in one area within a matter of a couple of years. This was evident in Stoke, Sandwell, Kirklees, Burnley, Oldham, Bradford and Sunderland and many more areas. Many fell foul of the corrupt leadership, as they wanted to grow and see the BNP become a major political player like those mainland European parties I mentioned earlier.  

In 2005 GE the BNP fielded 338 candidates achieving 563,743 this May in stood just 8 candidates achieving a pathetic total 1,667. In 1983 the average vote of the BNP per candidate 276, this May just 208 votes = the lowest average vote in the BNPs entire history.

The BNP became a cult under Griffin, it lacked and drifted from any core ideological backbone and began to be filled with weak vulnerable people aimed at supporting the scam it was. It is highly unlikely to make a comeback.

It is time to adopt new concepts and build a political machine that will appeal to the widest possible voter pool and attract those that would normally not even consider supporting a patriotic party. One that offers progress and embodies freedom, one without clowns, has beans, crooks and conspiracy theories.

I hope readers find our website interesting, and hope you are ready to help the Party re-establish a real patriotic party in the UK that will challenge the fake, neo-con and Zionist UKIP. It is a shame that this Party is now the main voice for our cause. The majority that would normally support a patriotic movement now back UKIP out of desperation and lack of choice.


It is time to ensure we become the real voice for Britain.


British Democrats – We are Backing Britain. 

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  1. ( Party Official ) Having been a ‘ paid up ‘ Nationalist since joining up , aged seventeen in 1973 , I wept with joy when we got our two M.E.P’S AND ONE G.L.A. member elected. It was fantastic ! My team had won the F.A.Cup at last ! We were on our way, I truly believed our time had come and we would be able to SAVE BRITAIN. The three men promptly fell out with one another ! The rest is a very sad story for Britain !

    • Yes I remember it well

       The G LA Member, I remember .was not my cuppa. He was a snake oil seller . Hindsight a wonderful thing . But I remember well the note of caution I displayed to all who'd listen .. Of course the election fiasco that occured didn't help . The main fault was the BNP was a one man band. Just as UKIP are finding out today.. so these things we must learn by.

  2. Little by little the public is at last grasping the blinking obvious that what the denounced ‘far-right’ has been saying for years is broadly true. We are being systematically replaced and marginalised in our only homeland

    Unhappily our movement is also currently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the scandalous mismanagement of the premiere group the BNP. I don’t know what the answer to that is but recognising the symptoms and the illness would be a good start.

    UKIP seems to be suffering from the same sort of internal problems the BNP suffered but not so severely as yet anyway.

  3. ( Party Member) As half of the Country at a time have Council Elections , this means that we need to select our Council Wards to be adopted NOW ! These wards will be contested in two years time and we need to strive for support constantly for two years of hard work. Just turning up with leaflets at ELECTION TIME , like some Party’s , will not cut it with people !

  4. What is significant about this article is what it doesn’t say – particularly regarding the BNP and money. The reason why so many people abandoned the BNP was the total lack of accountability and transparency where members money was concerned. The big question of 2010 was “where has the money gone?”. It is a question that even to this day the BNP has failed to answer. Indeed, the same question could be asked today, particularly in relation to legacies. The truth of the matter is that the BNP has fewer that a thousand members, has few willing to either stand as candidates or be active and (apparently) exists to provide an income for a small clique with whom who most normal people would be unwilling to associate with, and are generally considered to be unemployable. Furthermore one only has to read their “write-up” of the last elections on their website to see just how dishonest they are with what is left of the BNP membership. Today the BNP is all about grooming elderly but naive members and harvesting legacies, no decent person should have anything to do with it.

  5. They are finished. I spoke to one of their few remaining (and despondent) activists not too long ago, and he felt that everything people may have agreed with when he was leafleting, was just likely to influence more voters towards the user friendly UKIP.

    Look at the seedy baggage the London region has… A ”Family Party” ? Look at the new leader and his baggage ? It’s a farce

    The momentum is now with UKIP. But they did not raise this issue and push it to top of the political debate. They stepped in after the hard work of genuine nationalists whose own party was imploding .

    It is up to us as true patriots to build a new Party and learn from the past. It will be a long and hard road. But sitting on the fence is not an option, when our nation is dying before our eyes.

    I would urge all patriots to join the British Democrats, and help build a genuine alternative to the UKIP farce.

    • ( Party Official ) Well said , Patriot. No gloating but just a summary of how it really is on the Nationalist scene. If you reach a point where your name is so bad then even people who agree will STILL not vote for you. Tragicly this is the case with the old Party. The British Democratic Party have a good and growing NAME and are starting to WIN through now. Read the Genuine Nationalist Policies in our document and then JOIN TODAY.

    • From a moral perspective just how does the alleged grooming of elderly nationalists for their legacies by the BNP gang stack up against the grooming of our kids by the disgusting Muslim paedo gangs? Similarly would any of the very many ex-BNP members visiting this site have joined the BNP in former times if it were then run by the sort of people who control it today? I certainly would not have!

      • ( Party Official ) Being a former local official of the old Party , I can tell you that Adam Walker is a sincere, decent , hard working Nationalist.

  6. I would suggest you alter the title of this to
    Griffins – The Electoral Death of a ****?

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