Big Garden Birdwatch Day

Today is Big Garden Birdwatch Day or, more correctly, the second day of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Big Garden Birdwatch weekend.

We briefly recently reported on how Britain’s immigration fueled population explosion was creating a huge demand for new housing and how greenfield sites, both in town and country, were being sacrificed as a consequence.

This loss of land and, hence, habitat can be seen not only in the encroachment of towns and cities into surrounding greenbelt and farmland but also in the loss of urban gardens, so often sold off to facilitate yet more development.

This is not a victimless “crime” and this country’s fauna and flora suffer as a direct consequence – arguably none more so than our native birds.

One way we nationalists can make a real difference is to participate in schemes such as the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

All you have to do is to sit quietly for one hour today by your garden window, in your garden or in a local park and simply record the number of birds and species that you see during that period of time.

You, along with literally millions of others, then send your data to the RSPB, either by “snailmail” or over the Internet.

The RSPB then collate the information and from it determine which species are under threat, thus allowing them to determine what measures are required to rectify the situation.

Britain’s wildlife is as much a part of our national inheritance as are our historic houses and monuments.

Participating in the survey is just one small way in which we nationalists can make a difference in preserving our heritage.

Full details can be found at the RSPB’s site here:-

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  1. Quite right too. I have been participating in the RSPB survey for some years now and as the article rightly says our natural heritage is every bit as important as our historical heritage.

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