BBC Tells Half a Story

oxford-muslims-guilty2The BBC has reported hat seven members of a sex grooming ring have been convicted of abusing children from Oxford.

This follows a trial in which an Old Bailey jury heard how six girls, aged between 11 and 15, were drugged and suffered sadistic abuse.

The court also heard how young girls were plied with alcohol and drugs before being forced to perform sex acts.

The jury listened to evidence detailing how vulnerable girls were selected for abuse and then groomed by gang members.

They were also told how the girls were subjected to both physical and sexual violence which “escalated into using objects to cause pain and humiliation”.

As a result most of the victims chose to take vast quantities of hard drugs to deaden their senses, particularly when they knew they were being hired out to a large group of men for gang abuse sessions that could go on for days.

Afterwards the victims would be returned to Oxford bleeding, injured and carrying sexually-transmitted diseases.

As a consequence eight men, who had had denied charges including rape, arranging child prostitution and trafficking, were convicted.

According to BBC reports the presiding judge told the guilty men: “You have been convicted of the most serious offences and long custodial sentences are inevitable.”

However, what is really interesting and once again reflects badly on the BBC, is the fact that although BBC reports have both named and posted images of the vile wretches concerned, thereby establishing their race and probable religion (and we don’t mean Welsh baptists), every effort appears to have been made to avoid mentioning the race or probable (nominal) religion of their victims.

So why is that we wonder? What possible reason could the BBC have for concealing the ethnicity of the abused girls?

Perhaps more to the point – what does the BBC consider to be its role – news dissemination or propaganda facilitation? In this case the evidence would suggest the latter.

Surely the real, untold, story here is not the sickening abuse of young girls by a despicable group of perverts but the apparent racism exhibited in the selection of victims.

Isn’t it high time that the BBC stopped pussyfooting around and began telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

10 thoughts on “BBC Tells Half a Story

  1. I noticed in the Telegraph report on this yesterday, no mention was made of the girls’ ethnicity. It is also barely mentioned in the Mail this morning.
    The MSM obviously hve their own agenda, which is to keep scandalously unpleasant facts about anything to do with Moslems out of the public consciousness.
    It seems to be their self-imposed job these days, to dampen down the ‘forest fires’, not to stoke them. Keep everyone sitting on the sofas watching the ‘soaps’ & X Factor!

  2. The media want to pretend that its not a racial or cultural thing. Would these vermin have done what they did to Muslim girls? No of course not – its forbidden by the Koran. You can do what you like to non-believers but you most not do harm to fellow Muslims. So who’s worst these paedos or the liars at the BBC?

    1. Your wrong. It’s forbidden in the Koran to Harm, kill or abuse any other human being, please do not spread false information about the Koran, maybe read it and you will know what it says?

  3. They were not Pakistani muslims..they were Asians, probably Chinese or maybe Japanese or Mongolians or……….Rick

  4. The commentators on the TV news were at pains to say that these type of offences were prevalent “in all communities” in an effort to detract from the fact that it was a specific ethnic and religious minority (Muslim) targeting the most vulnerable members of specifically the host (white) community. Of course their ‘religion’ would forbid them from abusing their own in this way, but as they regard non-muslims as ‘kuffar’, that somehow exonerates them. It would seem to be yet another form of ‘Jihad’ from their perspective. These vile scumbags should be executed.

  5. One aspect of this atrocious case that came across is that in response the question of
    why it took so long for the Police to pursue the sexual abuse of the white children, both Chief Constable Sara Thornton and ACPO Peter Davies, Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre both proclaimed blandly “because we never dotted the i’s.” So for the benefit (sic) of the abused and tortured children, your abuse went on because the i’s were not dotted. And the people who should have “dotted the i’s” are still in their positions refusing to resign.

  6. Once again we see the police and the politicians bending over backwards to appease those who may not be offended. These Muslims are scumbags but so are the lowlife greasy-pole climbers in Oxford police and the BBC. The whole sordid lot need to be jailed for their complicity.

  7. If this had been white, British men targeting girls from a particular ethnic group for rape and torture, the police would have swung into action and media would have exploded with rage. There would have been no question that their actions were racially motivated hate crimes. The fallout would have echoed years into the future. Neither would there have been revolting white creeps in the media trying to persuade us that somehow these girls had “brought it on themselves” by their lifestyle. The reports would have screamed out from the front pages, not been placed somewhere inside, deviously juxtaposed with accusations of historical abuse by geriatric white celebrities.

    The scumbags pictured above may have perpetrated the actual crimes, but the root problem is the white liberal elite and their stinking double-standards. Unseat these vile white toads, especially the MSM, and the other problems will fall like ninepins.

  8. In agreement with the comments above I hope that our new British Democratic Party launches a campaign to DEMAND A PUBLIC ENQUIREY into who HELPED COVER UP the TRUTH regarding the grooming gangs in the interest of ‘community cohesion’ and multiculturalism. The Perpetrators were all Muslim and the victims were all Christian. It is not unknown for Sikh and Hindu’s to be targeted so SIKH’S formed defensive vigilante patrols in the past . A PUBLIC ENQUIREY could Expose which M.P.’S, Councillors, Social Workers, Judges, Police, Lawyers and Crown Prosecution People CONSPIRED with the Media to COVER UP THE GHASTLY TRUTH for Years! Join the Decent British Democratic Party Today.

  9. Update; It has been announced in America that three Penn State Officials face trial for alleged COVER-UP of the infamous CHILD SEX ABUSE CASE. As the above article and comments state it is now time to investigate and prosecute all who helped COVER-UP the activities of the Muslim grooming gangs. These multi-cultural obsessives within the Crown Prosecution Service, Police forces, social services, Parliament and media have a lot to hide and are subject to the laws of the land ! ! !

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