BBC Backs Immigration Flood

BBC-PRO-IMMIGRATIONReport by Jane Edwards. 

Surely it is not really news that the BBC has a left-wing bias and is pro-immigration, as a Daily Mail reporter revealed on May 29th when commenting on a study published by New Culture Forum? Any reporter worth his/her salt must know that the BBC only advertises staff vacancies, including for reporters, in the Guardian. A look  at any Question Time  program will reveal that by their comments and applause the audiences seem to be picked primarily from those with left/liberal views. If they were typical of UK voters then the Tories would be lucky to have 10 Parliamentary seats and the nationalist vote, about 4% on average, would not make O.1.   If you ask the program organisers they will admit that “the audience is selected”. I assume it was well ‘selected’ when at the peak of its strength the BNP’s  Nick Griffin was invited to be hung, drawn and quartered by Lib-Lab-Con attack dogs in that farce of a program. Unfortunately Mr Griffin turned out to be not as smart as we all thought he might be – but that’s another story.

Back to the New Culture Forum report by their Ed West, it makes two charges against the BBC.  One is that it gives too much weight to pro-immigration voices over the past 15 years and almost totally ignores the negative social impact of multiculturalism. The report does not mention that the main sufferers of this are the original Brits of our Midlands and Northern towns and cities, and the million former Londoners who voted on this issue with their feet.  The report’s other accusation is that “the left-wing Corporation has downplayed violence by Islamists”- including since the Woolwich murder, although it is happy to criticise Christianity.

One of the examples the report gives of the BBC’s bias includes the use of “unanimously pro-migration interviews” (no opposing views allowed) for a special feature on migration in 2002, which  it says was “propaganda”. Even the TV soap opera Eastenders has been criticised for masking the real truth about immigration in Britain, with the report suggesting that the predominantly white cast in East London is not reflective of reality. It states: “a realistic East London soap opera would have to show a white family moving out every year, to be replaced by Bangladeshis or Somalis, and much of the programme would need to be subtitled.”

It is significant that Broadcaster Jeff Randall, formerly of the BBC, suggested that the organisation’s attitudes to multiculturalism were not impartial, stating: “When I was there, this was not up for grabs. Multiculturalism was  ‘a good thing’. The BBC supported it. Don’t take my word for it because, when I complained to the BBC about our coverage of asylum-seekers, this is what I got back from a very senior BBC news executive: ‘ Jeff, the BBC internally is not neutral about multiculturalism. It believes in it, and it promotes diversity. Let’s face up to that’.”

In the Daily Mail article by Alasdair Glennie it said that in the report Ed West had said that the BBC by focussing on personalised, emotive cases of asylum seekers and immigration success stories had failed to cover the views of working class ‘natives’ or to ask awkward questions about the difficulties of integration.

The Daily Mail article also said about the report: “It added: The BBC feels uncomfortable tackling Islamic extremism or aggression by minorities; it feels more at ease to see Muslims as victims of racism or Islamophobia.”

5 thoughts on “BBC Backs Immigration Flood

  1. The BBC has defrauded the people of this country for decades in my view. It has taken money from the public (the license fee) under the false pretence that it is politically impartial.

    It has then fraudulently converted this money to its own use, ie as a propaganda organisation for the Liberal / Left political class of which its officials, employees and associates are prominent members.

    That this is the case is widely known, so it is something of a mystery why this malevolently leftist incubus on the nation should continue to survive. That it should do so is obviously in the interests of some group.

    Step forward the usual suspects………

  2. There are a number of new ‘love interest’ story lines on the BBC soap ‘East Enders’. Virtually all of them involve an ethnic (usually black) and a white person.
    This is sheer fantasy. In real life miscegenation does occur, but on a limited scale. From personal observation, it usually involves a black man and a white woman. Apparently black men find white women attractive for reasons too sexually intimate to go into here. Ditto white women’s attraction for black men.

    White males and Asian women pairs are rare. There are some Asian male (often professionals) and white women pairs, but very few white males and Asian women pairs . Black / Asian pairs of either kind are as rare as golden eagles in the Highlands and the same goes for Chinese or eastern Asians pairing with blacks and Asians,

    East Enders, like other BBC soaps, is a Cultural-Marxist propaganda vehicle for the destruction of the white race masquerading as belief in the non–existence of the races except as ‘social constructs’.

  3. The BBC is a propaganda machine.TV and films have long been used for societal change.Watching inter-racial marriage/relationships=OK in the minds of simpletons!

  4. On the subject of immigration I see that Mayor of London Boris Johnson has said that he was shocked to hear of the fire at the Somali community Islamic center in Muswell Hill. If it is arson I utterly condemn this. However,Tory Boris went on to say there was no place in London for such hate, prejudice and violence. Well, I agree with him there because the behaviour of some people from Somalia in our country is just that. Hate, prejudice and violence just like when they were at home. I hate nobody but I sure despise Boris Johnson!!!

  5. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Looking through the older articles on this , the Voice of the British Democratic Party , you will see that we have been venement in our TOTAL CONDEMNATION OF THE B.B.C. Known in most Conservative Party circles as the Bolshovic Broadcasting Corporation , they have finally gone to far and are now in clear breech of their charter to provide in biased news and programs. Having spent a year advocating Hillary Clinton and her lefty and liberal type views , they are now TOTALLY DEVOTED TO BEING RUDE AND COMPLETELY HOSTILE TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . Every interviewer , person interviewed , program or dodgy Poll is the same ! They even interview violent protesters , here and in America with no alternative view from anybody or any organisation who supports the Donald’s attempt to get jobs for People or make them safe again. All this about a FOREIGN COUNTRY and this is not within the terms of their CHARTER that extracts the Compulsary T.V. LICENSE from us , the silent MAJORITY ! Personally I hope our Party adopts a Policy of SCRAP THE T.V. LICENSE AND WITHDRAW THE CHARTER !

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