The Banning of National Action

by Andrew Brons

by Andrew Brons

If National Action has indeed endorsed the despicable murder of Jo Cox MP, it deserves to be proscribed. A slogan: “Death to traitors; freedom for Britain,” we are told, appears on National Action’s website and the same words are said to have been used by Mrs. Cox’s murderer, Thomas Mair, during his trial. If National Action used the words in quotation from Mair, then that would appear to be a ringing endorsement of Mair’s despicable crime. However, if Mair used the words in imitation of National Action, it would be Mair endorsing National Action.

Nevertheless, people who use the words: “Death to…(whoever)”, cannot complain if they are accused of inciting murder.

I regard National Action with the deepest suspicion. They have not simply succeeded in getting themselves banned, they have succeeded in emboldening the Government to make the first banning order of an ostensibly nationalist organisation, which might so easily be followed by a second and a third of quite innocent organisations.

The comments of Amber Rudd, described as Home Secretary, serve only to muddy the waters. When she is exercising delegated legislative power, creating a serious new criminal offence, she should be very circumspect in the words that she uses. She spoke of National Action’s ‘homophobia’ (fear of sameness – whatever  that might mean) and its ‘vile ideology’ in the same sentence as its alleged glorification of violence.

Having a vile ideology – always a subjective judgment – is not a ground for proscription in law. She should have restricted herself to detailing activities of the group that, she says, are supportive of terrorism. Making comments about the group’s ideology will open her to the charge that she is motivated by political animosity rather than by its alleged terrorist activities.

If Ms. Rudd is unaware of these distinctions, she is not fit to be Home Secretary.


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  1. I think this has been done to appease Muslims and liberals, who would love to label all nationalists as Extremists. No other Nationalist groups praised Thomas Mair, and NA have only themselves to blame here.

  2. Maybe the leaders of all Nationalist organisations should think twice about who they share platforms with !

  3. anybody who applauds the death of Jo Cox deserves what they get though I have no time for the Labour Party

  4. Young people are by nature reckless and naive , I wish I had a pound for every daft comment I have as a young man uttered at the Nationalist meetings I have attended.Of course as we get older we get wiser and we learn to control our passion it does not mean we are any less passionate we just realise that not everyone will agree with our point of view. NA problem is the problem the NF encountered in its boom years , poor leadership, allowing hot headed teenagers to spout views that will ultimately impress some of the more easily led followers. Occassionally someone old enough to know better gets sucked in this may well have been the case.On the other hand this may well be a ” test banning”to gauge opinion and the Cox murder fitted them oh so well whatever the case it leaves yet another pile of shit for decent Patriots to pick up.

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