Are These the People Tory Warmongers Want to Arm?

syria-rebel-2Whereas, clearly, events in Syria have absolutely nothing to do with this country (or any other for that matter) the recent alleged slaughter of Christian civilians by Muslim “rebels” serves to illustrate the utter hypocrisy of our contemptible Tory government and its subservience to US/Zionist interests.

The terrorist criminals said to be responsible typify the sort of people whom top Tories want to arm at our expense in the “furtherance of democracy” – this time citing “chemical  weapons” rather than “weapons of mass destruction” (as previously in the case of Iraq) by way of “justification”.

One would have thought that the recent  Woolwich outrage would have caused even the most cerebrally challenged of Tory warmongers to rethink their enthusiasm for embroiling this country in yet another Middle-Eastern powder keg – no doubt the Tories are quite willing to fight to the last British soldier – from the safety of their Whitehall offices and House of Commons’ bars.

To that extent, the disgraceful interference of “our” vassal government in matters that should not concern them, IS our business.

For those who missed it, it has been reported that on Monday armed Muslim rebels murderously attacked a village in Syria’s Western province of Homs and slaughtered all its Christian residents.

The killers, who are said to be affiliated to the West-supported Muslim-dominated Free Syrian Army (FSA), raided the Christian-populated village at al-Duvair near the border with Lebanon and allegedly massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children.

The Syrian army is said to have intervened, a little too late for most, killing an unknown number of Western-backed “freedom fighters”.

The rebels’ attack and crimes in al-Duvair are thought to have followed sustained heavy defeats in al-Qusseir at the hands of the Syrian army.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 with organized attacks by well-armed gangs against Syrian security forces.

The “uprising”, orchestrated behind the scenes by Israel, the US and Washington’s corrupt Arab allies, has sought to bring the country to its knees, thereby achieving the regime change sought by Washington.

Despite the slaughter of fellow Christians the good and great amongst the “Princes of the Church” in Britain have remained largely, if not entirely, silent – no doubt burdened with weightier matters, such as promoting “better inter-faith understanding”.

Is it any wonder that Britain’s political and Christian establishments are increasingly regarded with contempt and not just by us Brits?

13 thoughts on “Are These the People Tory Warmongers Want to Arm?

  1. No doubt there must be somethingon the end of it for the likes of Hague & Cameron, one wonders what exactly it is. Nothing that would benefit our people.
    As for the church, it isn’t only ‘inter-faith matters’ that absorb the weasely bishops, I read in the DT that one of them is saying that people who oppose ‘Gay marriage’ are like people who were happy with aparteid.

  2. Little more than 10% of the Syrian population is now Christian, so the Assad Government forces as well as the FSA and all other groups are “Muslim-dominated”. The point is that the people the idiot Hague wishes to support with weaponry are Sunni Muslims, financed by Saudi Arabia.
    Some 60% of Syria’s population is Sunni, with the Government being supported by Shias, of which the majority are the Alawite section to which President Assad’s family belong. They are supported by Iran, which is predominantly Shia. Those Christians who have not yet voted with their feet – or been exterminated – are supporting the Government. They know that as in the days when Saddam Husain ruled Iraq, Christians had less to fear from Shias than from Sunnis.
    Not one British soldier must die in another vain attempt to sort out the problems of the Middle East: they are for the Arab peoples to decide, not Britain, USA or mainland Europe. The only European to talk any sense on the problem is Vladimir Putin of Russia. He had actually won over the US to attend a peace conference in Geneva, supported by Assad and the opposition.
    Incidentally, we should be wary of quoting unsupported statements such as that from on an alleged slaughter by FSA rebels of the entire Christian population of the Syrian village of al-Duvair. After they were all dead, we assume, some were saved by the intervention of the Syrian Army. The report may have been based on some truth, but obviously exaggerated. We must build up a reputation of reliability.

  3. William Hague must think that we have done such a good job in Iraq and Afghanistan that he can’t wait to get us involved in Syria. When will we learn to mind our own business? We have got a budget deficit of £120 billion and a national debt of £1.2 trillion. We should put our own house in order first.

  4. William Hague should resign as Foreign Secretary as he has shown no understanding of Foreign Affairs and has tried to support the most fanatical Muslims in the Syrian area, against the wishes of our people. He should also resign as an M.P. as he has shown no understanding of domestic affairs either ! He is totally ‘ out of touch ‘ with everyone and everything , A typical Cameron Tory I suppose !

  5. (Party Member) I hope people will read the above article of May last year and see how our party was totally ‘on the ball’, yet again, with current events proving us right again. Talking about being right I am sure that our party thinks that the Prime Minister’s solution to Islamic extremists in our country is ludicrous. He is going to take their passports off them to stop them going to Syria and Iraq to murder, amongst others, Christians. It is blindingly obvious that this will leave them with only one option. To murder people here!

  6. (Party Member) When I saw our Prime Minister, on television, making a statement about the British aid worker being beheaded on film by an Islamic barbarian , I felt sick. When I considered that not long ago he tried to drag our country into a war with Syria, on the same side as these monsters, I felt sicker. When I then thought of how a similar Islamic barbarian chopped the head off an 82-year-old lady in London I felt sicker still. Both of these awful acts are the responsibility of the foreign policy abroad and the immigration policy at home, of the LibLabCon.

  7. ( Party Official ) Having FAILED to drag Britain into WAR in SYRIA in 2013 , our Prime Minister is at it again. He wants regime change and is hell bent on helping ‘ moderate Muslims ( pictured above ) against President Assad. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ‘ MODERATE MUSLIM. PARTICULARLY IN SYRIA. Maybe when our Country is in crisis , fighting in another war that is nothing to do WITH US , he will then feel FORCED TO CANCEL OUR REFERENDUM !

  8. ( Party Official ) Corbyn is a typical example of the old fashioned and nearly always wrong , hard left ! On the very rare occasion that they are right , it is for the wrong reason , LIKE Syria ! David Cameron will use this vote , if he wins it , to eventually BOMB PRESIDENT ASSAD as he is HELL BENT ON REGIME CHANGE IN SYRIA !

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