Amber Rudd’s Home Office Has Lost 56,000 Migrants

Amber Rudd loses 56,000 migrants including 700 criminals who were all scheduled for deportation

During the BIG non story about sex scandals in Westminster the government quietly announced that of 80,000 foreign nationals scheduled for deportation around 56,000 were considered as absconders having failed to check in regularly with officials.

The situation was revealed by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration David Bolt and means their “whereabouts are unknown and all mandatory procedures to re-establish contact with them have failed”.  It was also noted that that there is “little evidence” the authorities are taking any action to locate the vast majority of these individuals.

We are aghast that these migrants together with foreign national offenders (FNOs), of which there are 700, have been released and free to mix in the local community while waiting for the government to deport them.  We are not surprised so many have absconded since, apart from being deported,  little more can happen to them.

Reports also indicate there may be a somewhat lax attitude towards monitoring, however, noting one case where a foreign criminal missed 19 appointments in a row before any action was taken.

A similar situation is also being experienced by other EU Countries as the Human Rights Legislation prevents these people being detain while awaiting deportation.   Hungary’s attempts to ensure all asylum seekers are detained while their claims are processed is being subject to heavy legal and political pressure from Brussels.

Amber Rudd is failing in her responsibilities and needs to be to held to account just like Labour Home Secretary Charles Clarke was forced to resign after it emerged that some 1,023 foreign criminals who should have been considered for deportation were released from prison and into the community back in 2006 — following heavy criticism from Tory opposition politicians like David Davis, who now sits in Cabinet.

We believe the Labour Party should now hold Amber Rudd to account on this and press for her resignation just as the Tory Party forced Charles Clarke to resign in 2006.

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3 thoughts on “Amber Rudd’s Home Office Has Lost 56,000 Migrants

  1. Unfortunately, the prospect of the Labour Party holding Amber Rudd to account for her clear incompetence are virtually zero even though this is part of their job as being Her Majesty’s Opposition at the moment. They’re a party that is very much in favour of mass immigration for numerous reasons one of which is the blatantly self-serving political one of more votes for them so if these illegal migrants are found eventually and given British citizenship they’re probably be more loyal Labour Party voters!

    Amber Rudd shouldn’t need to be harried by the Opposition into taking her responsibilities seriously as she should be doing this herself anyway but she doesn’t do this and I have a feeling she won’t resign voluntarily. We need to have a national ID card scheme to deal with future instances of this big problem. Yes, that will involve a slight infringement of our civil liberties but we have to look towards the bigger picture. Other EU countries have this and seem to be able to control illegal migration better than us. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why and another one is maybe their politicians feel under more electoral pressure from the electorates in those countries because most of them have Proportional Representation voting systems which means that their politicians have less of a ‘cushion’ to protect them from the angry wrath of voters for failing to deal with the subject. In Britain, we have the notoriously archaic and markedly inefficient at translating REAL ELECTORAL SUPPORT into ACTUAL SEATS First Past The Post electoral system. This needs to change so that our politicians can’t live so easily in such a left-liberal globalist bubble and being able to ignore the public as much as they can at the moment.

  2. So there are no rules, enter the UK and you’ve made it, even if you are a career criminal, then it’s welcome to easy street for the rest of your life. Does it surprise anyone that we are the number one destination for immigrants from all over the world? the fact they have lost count because of the sheer amount of these people is sadly what we have now come to expect.

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