Africans Settled in Britain Before English!!


By Hogarth

Africans In BritainIt would be hard to make it up:  a new GCSE history course, offered by the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board, is said to teach that Africans arrived in Britain before the English.

According to the Daily Mail on 11th Jan, the course will cover all immigration up to the more current settlors into the UK, along with their experiences and impact.

The course has been condemned, inter alia, by VS Naipaul, Nobel prize-winning novelist and historian and Sir Roy Strong, who stated that the only Africans who came here were a tiny number with the Romans and who then departed.

As George Orwell so presciently observed in his masterpiece, 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.”

In fact, we know very well the make-up of the indigenous people of the British Isles because modern DNA proves it.   The bulk of DNA originates from the Ancient Britons, which descend back to the Ice Age, nearly 10,000 years ago. Indeed, the difference between samples taken in Scotland and England demonstrates a divergence of less than 5% in the presence of such DNA.   The bulk of the remainder is comprised of waves of immigration from the Continent, comprising Jutes, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Friesians and Normans (a derivative of the term ‘Norseman’).  From 1066, the population remained remarkably stable until the immigration of Huguenots – Protestants from France, in the 17th and 18th Centuries.

Tiny numbers of Africans were brought in on several occasions, up until the 20th Century.    However, on each occasion they were deported, mostly to  West Africa, because they were deemed to be alien and undermined the cohesion of society. The most notable and earliest removal occurred under the great Monarch, Queen Elizabeth 1, who issued a proclamation:  “Divers blackmoores brought into this realm, of which kind of people there are already here to manie…those kinde of people should be sente forth of the land.”

The Americans understood the value of societal unity and they therefore restricted immigration to those of Northern European origin. It was not until President Lyndon B. Johnson’s tenure of office that the white-only immigration laws were abandoned and immigration was opened to those of non-European descent.   In Australia, the white-only policy continued until 1975, during the premiership of Gough Whitlam, who rescinded it.

It is quite clear that the deliberate distortion of history is being carried out for political purposes, at a time of massive upheaval in British society. Unless urgent action is taken, the British population will be reduced to minority status by the time a child born today reaches middle age.

The Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board has, until now, been respected amongst the British Public Schools which, for the most part, make use of this Board in preference to many of the alternatives.

The deliberate distortion of British history is intended to create confusion about our identity and our past and to facilitate the acceptance of demographic change, imposed without any consultation or consent whatsoever.

British school children are rarely taught British history, leave alone the great achievements of past generations, either at home or across the four corners of the globe.   Magna Carta and the Declaration of Rights – both compacts between the Monarch and his subjects – are almost unknown to the modern generation and yet they form the basis of the American Constitution.

The reality is that some 50% of the world’s inventions emanate from the British Isles.  A nation of genius and of pioneering heroes, governed by Christian institutions, is being undermined and deconstructed, piecemeal, and the educational authorities in the Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board are playing their part in this deliberate subversion.

The ultimate aim of immigration from the developing world is to extirpate British identity, culture, heritage and traditions and, by so doing, facilitate international governance and globalist economics and depress the living standards of the British people.   The same is being done in every European nation, even those as remote as Iceland.

This process, in turn, is possible because a significant section of the population depends upon academia and the media to carry out their thinking for them.  These people suffer from what might be termed ‘mental aids’;  they have become too weak to defend their own cultural heritage in the face of the relentless bombardment of the mass media, which has disabled their mental defence mechanism.  They have become politically-correct automatons.



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10 thoughts on “Africans Settled in Britain Before English!!

  1. this whole historic angle is seen as wanting. Even if the birth of man was in Africa ( unproven and just bad science in my humble view ) The consensus is that he was therefore negro.
    All known history concurs that Negros stay black and Caucasians stay white whatever climate they work and settle in . Therefore I support a great heresy. That if man came from Africa he was white all along, with perhaps a healthy tan, simples. But of course that cannot be so according to our modern zeitgeist which is of a genocidal nature to Western Man , where ever he first showed up.
    Ably abetted by the sheeple intent on their own destruction.

  2. The problem is therefore education . In my day we were taught how to reason and think. Today its not the case, our children are being taught WHAT to think. That my fellow man is a great difference. And must therefore be addressed. Science has given us the World wide web, and home tuition if required. I’d say damned right its required

    1. “baz4545” has hit the nail exactly on the head! He is perfectly correct – children (and students) are being taught WHAT to think. Very well said! Our formerly great educational institutions are migrating from teaching HISTORICAL FACT to teaching INVENTED PROPAGANDA. I’m glad I’m a pensioner and can remember the old days when History was Truth, not preferential lies!

  3. How did they get here from SubSahara? It is common knowledge that they had no wheel or sail. There is no record of them ever doing anything remotely like this, no explorers or voyages anywhere. No literature or mathematics either, which is a fundamental part of all civilisation, and would be essential for navigation. Or did they all just say ”beam me up Leroy”…and suddenly appear in Britain !

  4. Credit where credits due, as they like to say. Blacks have lots of popstars, and are very good at sports, in this way they are creative. But to try and make out they are scientists, or inventors, and have made discoveries across the world is the biggest load of garbage possible. Unfortunately, the bbc, and the teaching unions like to invent stories to fool white children, this is another one of them. They also don’t like to admit the sheer amount of trouble blacks and muslims cause in this country, and the rest of Europe. The Leftie morons.

    1. Only some sports! They’re generally useless at sports like swimming and diving! In the case of competitive swimming this is because they don’t have the same type of muscle fibres as white swimmers have yet we are supposed to believe that the ONLY difference between the different races is the skin colour! Unfortunately for PC lefties, SCIENCE says otherwise!

  5. This so-called “history course” is a classic example of political correctness gone not just insane, but rabid. The Oxford & Cambridge Examination Board need to be sacked from their jobs for (a) ignorance; (b) subversion; (c) incompetence; (d) spreading unmitigated lies; (e) attempted forced perversion of historical fact; (f) insanity; (g) claiming an academic salary under false pretences; (h) betrayal of the central ethic of education. Oxford & Cambridge, as educational institutions, once were the pinnacle of academic attainment, leading-edge research and meticulous hard-edged factuality. Now it seems the educational standard in these great establishments has plummeted to subterranean levels! As Hogarth says in the article, it is the arrival of Orwell’s “1984”. One of the sentences of the novel 1984 is: “…And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth.” Also: “…Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” And not forgetting: “…In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Thus, the Oxford & Cambridge Examination Board will undoubtedly become the academic heroes of a future society based on pure and total public ignorance. We’re halfway there already…

  6. ( Party Official ) HAPPY ST.DAVID’S DAY. FIRST OF MARCH , To all our Welsh Members and Supporters and indeed all the Welsh people. Also , we know that Africans were NOT in Wales , before you ! ( Whatever Lefty say’s )

  7. Beyond passively reporting this issue, this has the making of a political campaign.

    1. Identify which schools are teaching this false “History” course.
    2. Prepare a campaign leaflet with BDP contact info to inform parents, suggesting they demand their school changes to an exam board which teaches real history.
    3. Distribute leaflets to parents at target schools at end of school day.

    1. ( Party Official ) Well said , Tolerate This ! We should do this as a Permenant Campaign with a MEMBER OF OUR N.E.C. allocated to run this. A proper investment in the FUTURE of our Party , with HIGH QUALITY Leaflets and the PRESS ‘ tipped off ‘ ON ALL SCHOOL TARGETTING EVENTS. This will get us moving and help with recruitment from PARENTS AND YOUNGSTERS. I can just see the MOCK OUTRAGE from the Media , which can only help us !

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