A State of Corruption

By Peter Mills.



“In a state where corruption abounds,

laws must be very numerous.”

Tacitus (AD 55 – AD 117?) Roman senator and historian


The Home Affairs Commission of the European Union (chaired by Sweden’s Cecilia Malmstroem) has prepared a report on the subject of corruption within the EU. In the Commissioner’s own words (1) the level of corruption within the EU is defined as “breathtaking”.

According to the Daily Mail (2) the amount Britain pays to belong to the EU is now £20 billion a year, and is evidently set to continue rising. According to the EU Commission’s own report, the sum of money lost from the EU by corruption in all 28 states of Europe is “about 120 billion euros) (that is, about £99 billion in real money).

For us, the British people, this means that not only are we spurting our financial life-blood down the tubes to keep the rotten heart of the EU pumping away – but also,  the UK’s total yearly financial contribution to the EU coffers serves only to fund about one-fifth of the money lost to corruption!

To illustrate this a little more graphically, it would require five United Kingdoms to fund the corruption within the EU corridors of power.

The EU is an organization. Corruption is a crime. If corruption is paid for by an organization, then it is defined as organized crime. How many British voters, I wonder, are aware that about five times the amount of money Britain pays through taxes as its annual European Membership Fee is actually flowing one way or another to organised crime?

In fact, the report just issued by the EU Home Affairs Commission mentions that 4 out of ten of all business organizations surveyed throughout the European Union – that is 40% – agree that corruption is an obstacle to conducting business within Europe.

In effect, it is as though the total amount paid each year to the EU by the British taxpayer is providing one-fifth of the EU’s graft payment to lawbreakers. This is, surely, an abominable insult to the British – and perhaps especially to the great many innocent victims of the government’s vile cutback on the genuinely disabled and genuinely needy who have been cavalierly lumped together with the non-typical scallywags shown on “Benefits Street”!

The urgency with which the European bureaucrats are dealing with this appalling situation is demonstrated by the fact that 31 months ago (in June 2011) the European Commission produced a draft “anti-corruption” package (IP/11/678 & Memo/11/376) (See reference 4 below). Yes, I have not typed a mistake – it was 31 months ago. In those 31 months, the situation has progressively worsened.

In fact, to this present day, there is no single office or dedicated legal mechanism within the administration of the European Union which has the responsibility or authority to clamp down on official funds being paid to organized crime. It is being left entirely up to the individual governments of the EU member-states to investigate and cure. This would be funny if it were not so grossly tragic – this is like asking the crew of a sailing boat to move the ship forward by blowing into the sails. Or if you prefer a more earthy analogy, the expression “pi***** into the wind” comes readily to mind.

And it is the money the British government is stealing out of the very mouths of its own citizens that is being pi**ed away by the likes of Cameron, Milliband and Clegg! Do not let anybody forget this at the next general election.


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2 thoughts on “A State of Corruption

  1. When one considers that not a single British senior banker has been charged, let alone put on trial, for the criminal activities of ‘British’ banks then should we be surprised to learn that the EU is riddled from top to bottom with corruption?

    Tales of corruption have been rife in connection with the EU for years but the moronic Brits, along with moronic French, Germans etc, can be relied upon to go out every five years to vote the shysters back onto the EU gravy train. They will do so again this year. Corruption flourishes because the peoples of Europe are largely politically ignorant.

    If we had a free media then perhaps the politicians wouldn’t have such an easy ride at our expense. Can there really be a connection between those who own the media and those who own the politicians? Surely not!

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