Today, 14th October, is a black day in the history of England. It is the anniversary of the last time our people were defeated in our own land by a foreign conqueror, and subjected to the harsh rule of Immigrant overlords.

It is the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, 1066. A day in which the elected King of the English was killed by a band of semi-barbarian adventurers, bandits and pirates recruited to despoil our homeland by a brutal warlord, William Duke of Normandy, known at the time, aptly in more ways than one, as The Bastard.

After King Harold and his gallant band of patriots were slaughtered on that evil day, Duke William parcelled out our land amongst his cronies, purged natives from every position of power, and savagely crushed all resistance, slaughtering men, women and children as he and his henchmen laid waste much of the last islands of national resistance in Northern England.

For over three hundred years, English people were second class citizens in their own country. A status reflected in the infamous Law of Englishry, whereby crimes by natives  against the Immigrant minority were punished much more harshly than when perpetrator and victim were both mere native English.

Nearly a thousand years have passed since that last foreign conquest of our country. We have beaten off every attempt to invade us by force of arms in the nine and a half centuries since the Normans succeeded.

But now we are facing a more subtle and cunning Conquest by Immigrants. They land on our shores waving not swords and lances but passports and asylum applications. And they are met not by the muster of the Shires in arms, the Great Fyrd of England, but by apathy and complacency.

Even though the invaders bent on this new Conquest grow in numbers apace whilst our own folk decline. And even though, as in the dark days after the last Conquest, Englishmen and Englishwomen are once again legally second class citizens in their own country.

In a new Law of Englishry, crimes by natives against Immigrants are again punished by the Courts more harshly than where both perpetrator and victim  are only native English. This time crimes against the Immigrant invader are classed as “racially aggravated” and officially and by law attract harsher penalties than crimes against us, just as in the courts of the Norman Conqueror.

Indeed, just as did Norman William,  our current rulers punish words as well as deeds against the invasion. Just as last time, we English all have to watch what we say about our new neighbours, or we will be thrown in jail.  Last time for lese majeste, this time for “inciting racial hatred”.

Last time,  the invaders were relatively few in number and ethnically our close kin, fellow Northern Europeans. So they were eventually swallowed up without trace in our people, and our higher culture won through. We English were ruled by our own folk, speaking our own tongue, again. Though we had suffered three hundred years of darkness and tyranny to get there.

This time the Immigrants are far more numerous relatively and far less like us ethnically. Worse, they have a much higher birth rate than we do, so every year there are more of them and fewer of us.   If anyone is swallowed up this time, it will be us, not them.

Unless we organise whilst we still can to hold and safeguard our homeland as we have held it for the nine and a half centuries since last we were conquered by foreigners, when the thousandth anniversary of Hastings dawns, we shall be an ethnic  minority in our own country, conquered not for a few generations but forever.

The choice is ours….

17 thoughts on “A DARK ANNIVERSARY

  1. One only needs to see the weight of state used to bully Emma West. The tram lady. She ended up with just a slapped wrist after was it two years of mental torture, threats of loss of child and family, just for having the temerity to challenge immigration.

    Today our ‘leaders’ would be seen helping William the Conqueror off his boat. Surely our ancestors must be spinning in their graves at our allowing this farce to breathe oxygen for just one minute longer.

    All our woes are self inflicted though. We vote them in. Not those with clear vision but in general.

  2. We must as a party start to fight back for our people for our nation and for ourselves. We cannot allow the complete takeover of our nation, which is being done before our very eyes.

  3. “A band of semi-barbarian adventurers, bandits and pirates”! I fear you have soaked up too much anti-white propaganda TV.

    The real Normans were Barbarians as they had forgotten most of their Greek. They came down from Scandinavia and built a great empire extending to most of the Mediterranean coastline as far as Sicily and the Levant. They also hauled their boats over the Alps and down the great rivers to the Black Sea and beyond.

    Yes, our Caucasian race have a long, tragic habit of fighting and machine-gunning each other.

  4. The death of King Harold is an event well worth commemorating although no one was bothered much to remember that a small almost insignificant English army wiped out the whole of the Scottish military class five hundred years ago at Flodden field. Now that was a victory and some.
    But it is worthwhile pointing out that up England was constantly being invaded in medieval times. It is not for nothing that the south coast towns of England have such heavy fortifications because the French were always coming over and invading and even occupying whole counties for long periods. There was even a King Louis of England, crowned in Westminster Abbey by the adoring multitude but apparently it seems he got fed up with English weather and went back to France. There was also a German man called Martin Schwarz who led an invasion of Irish all over the Midlands in the fifteenth century.
    That is just some of the nasty stuff that went on in those days. England is a European country and invasions came and went like they did elsewhere. My point is that no good is served by creating this story that England has never been invaded.
    As for the repopulation of whole areas of England by the Third World, that is a different matter. It is time Nationalists began asking why the old British Establishment with its ancient institutions and hallowed privileges is so silent on this matter.

  5. Ye gods, after nearly seventy years of post war nationalist politics are we no further forward than warning our fellow countrymen about the dangers of immigration? We all know about the threat from immigration – it has been a mainstay of nationalism for more decades than I care to remember. I, for one, find it incomprehensible that whilst nationalist and nationalist parties expend so much time and effort highlighting the immigration issue that they fail (refuse?) to address the what is behind immigration, the objectives and the interests involved. It’s not immigration that needs exposing so much the motivation of those behind it. How can any nationalist party hope to succeed if it concentrates on the symptoms of the disease whilst ignoring the cause? In my opinion any and every piece on immigration should, as a matter of course, hammer home three key points to the extent that even the most challenged of minds can grasp the full picture – what is the real purpose of immigration, who is behind it, what are their objectives? Immigration isn’t an “experiment gone wrong” – it’s a conspiracy having a very specific outcome, that’s what we need to be telling the great British public, not parroting what they already know!

  6. There have been umpteen military incursion into Britain since the Conquest but none were successful.

    As for nationalists not discussing the reasons for immigration they have been endlessly discussed. In fact, nowadays they are discussed in mainstream newspapers – cheap labour and importing voters for example.

    One Labour MP, Frank Field, even said that his own party was engaged in a population replacement policy.

  7. Britain is still a class-oriented country and one would hope that a Nationalist administration would make a sincere effort to flatten out the British class structure. The wealthy old British establishment long ago decided to wash their hands of any connection with the lower classes, look at Boris Johnson in China recently. He is a scion of the old establishment; apparently this scoundrel thinks young Brits do not work hard enough. For a gold plated old Etonian who has never had to struggle for a job in his life, it is a bit rich. But he is typical of that class.

    If a Nationalist administration were to order a close down or definitive alteration to the top rank of public schools in England in order to create a flatter more homogenous society; then would that not be a good idea?

    Nationalism in England is hobbled by the innate assumption by most people, especially young people, that Nationalism is just another stooge for the establishment. One hopes this is not the case, but sometimes one wonders.

    An England shorn of top line of public schools and the elite sandstone Oxbridge colleges would be a different society. But would it be worse than the present arrangement? It is debatable.

    1. There are a great many men and women of impeccable working class backgrounds who grew up in the very areas worst affected by mass immigration who still vote Labour and always will, so class is not the issue.

      Nevertheless we must certainly oppose all those who put their personal or corporate interest in, say, driving down wages by importing cheap labour, before the interests of the wider community.

      No doubt there are special interest groups (and one in particular) that have their own reasons for promoting mass immigration, but in its origins, the phenomenon represents the logical working out of the employers’ interest in reducing the cost of the factor of labour by importing more of it.

  8. The problem is not public schools. It’s the fact that the better off run things to their advantage.

    The communist view was have a flatter society. All that actually happened was that you got a new class of the better off doing the same. Graham’s scheme would be a repeat – while one can appreciate his annoyance about people like Boris Johnson. Labour is constantly busy doing the same via its government schools system where there is a subtle distinction between schools all apparently equal.

    Britain’s self-immolation has many roots as Longshanks suggests. One of the deeper ones is defeatism after loss of Empire. But from an immediate practical point of view there are huge advantages to many in immigration – like votes and cheap labour. You don’t even need anything more subtle to explain it.

  9. “…Demographics is our destiny. The Marxists have won the war. An entire civilization has been manipulated, bullied, demonized, shamed, guilt-tripped and duped into collaborating gleefully in its own economic, cultural, territorial, ethnic and racial dispossession and dis-empowerment in the name of “social progress”, “non-discrimination” and “anti-racism” and interpret it as proof of its moral supremacy.

    No human group in all of man’s history has done this willingly to itself. The West is in a real cultural and spiritual mess…and it will take a great deal of pain and suffering for generations to come to get out of it, if it ever manages to survive at all.” — serious stuff from a wise commenter on Telegraph online.

  10. It is not the public schools. It is some of the public schools and some of the Oxbridge Colleges. The role of the so-called establishment in creating immigration has never been discussed. From what appears to be the situation no one wants to discuss it.

    Why, as a little example, is it so difficult to control immigration at ports and airports? Speaking to a traveller recently I heard a tale of how all the people arriving at an airport in this country were put in one massive queue because the airport staff cannot fast forward Mr Smith and family from Bridlington but have to treat those people exactly the same as a possible illegal from Africa or Jamaica or in fact anywhere. Why? Why? Why?

    The number of English people who want third world immigration is very small. Immigration is not a problem of immigrants. It is a deliberate policy of the British establishment and those who control economic planning within Whitehall.

    These people just do not seem to able to evolve economic thinking that does not regard uncontrolled third world immigration as panacea for all economic ills.

    It is no good treating the symptoms of the illness and leaving the malady untouched. That is what I think.

    1. Blair-Brown-Cameron and tens of thousands of other ‘great and good’ have sold us out! Tragically, most of our people are too drunk, medicated, absorbed in sport and TV, and brainwashed to see it.

  11. (Party Member) OUR WONDERFUL NATIONALISM IS CLASSLESS. This is something many, particularly the old party Chairman, have not grasped. The Front National in France, for instance, have Members and supporters from all sections of French society. That is their strength and that is why they are winning.

    1. Nationalism is about whether we have a homeland at all. That is the task in hand.

      How the cake is distributed internally among our people is rather secondary in our current plight.

      I don’t give a hang how much money some British people have compared to me. I’ve noticed how true it is that money does not bring happiness but merely permits misery in comfort. My question is whether they are prepared to accept loss of their homeland too. That is the defining question.

  12. (Party Member) How very well defined, from Longshanks comment above, of the current situation. However, it’s our country and we will win it back!

  13. The LEFT is winning but has not yet won. The economic crisis and mass immigration are the weapons we have at our disposal. Our party can take on the other parties but only if we organise and bring all nationalist thinking under one umbrella party at elections. UKIP are not nationalist, but the other nationalist groupings can and should work together. If three nationalist parties split 11% of a vote no one wins. Just the left media that wants a divided nationalist community.

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