After The Terrible Example of Britain, Has Australia Lost Its Mind?

by John Shaw

Lucky for them. Australia has not got many immigrants and yet those few there have caused social, economic and indeed terrorist problems, out of all proportion to their numbers.

A Somalian man, who I am sure Australia had been kind to, tried to blow people up by setting his car full of gas cylinders on fire. He then proceeded to stab anyone he could get near, and this resulted in one dead and two injured, one with severe head injuries.

This person was allowed to come and live in Australia and as a thankyou his behaviour was so bad he was known as a person of interest to both the Victoria State police and the Australian Federal Intelligence Services, who then took his passport away so he could not leave for Syria!

The Australian public do not deserve to be put in danger this way and he clearly should have been deported years ago. Now is the time for decent, sensible Australians  people to say “enough is enough’ we do not want to be like Britain”!

One thought on “After The Terrible Example of Britain, Has Australia Lost Its Mind?

  1. Unfortunately, the compassion of Whites is easy to take advantage of. That is why Third World immigration is taking place to First World countries on such a scale. Unrelenting propaganda and guilt conditioning has been the cause of apathy in white people. Australia is yet another clear example of how Third World people will always bring their ways with them.

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