Appointment To National Executive Committee

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The British Democratic Party is pleased to announce, that after nearly four years membership, Simon Fairbairn has now joined the National Executive Committee of the Party.

Simon has been a ‘paid up’ nationalist for 43 years and feels our excellent name and measured approach is the way forward for nationalism and is looking forward to serving the Party and cause.



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  1. Well done Simon

  2. Keep up the good work Simon, well done!

  3. John Shaw (Party Official ) Thank you Graham. I Trust you are enjoying our new , HARD HITTING , TELL IT HOW IT IS , WEBSITE. The British Democratic Party was formed by ex B.N.P. Members who felt that Nationalism in Britain needed a new voice that was not troubled by the baggage of the past. The treatment of the ‘ old Party ‘ by the Media was disgusting and I personally grieve for us all. However , terrible mistakes were made , financially as well as in regard to image , that it appears impossible to come back from. We have nothing but GOODWILL TO ALL NATIONALIST PARTY’S AND GOUPS BUT FEEL OUR CALM , CONSIDERED , MEASURED APPROACH WILL PREVAIL. I urge all Patriots to join us , today.

  4. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Thanks Tony. Much appreciated. We need all the support we can get from people who , understandably , are dismayed at the past forty years and feel that Britain and it’s people are heading for the dustbin of history. I URGE ALL TO JOIN UP TODAY AND KNOWING YOU HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING will sleep easy !

  5. Best of luck Simon, from a Yorkshire patriot.

  6. Tip O’The Hat to Mr Fairbairn…a True Patriot.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Thanks JJM. As always , we fellow Patriots , Value our Party , People and Country despite the last forty years of mass multi-cultural disaster that has been inflicted upon us all. The trick is not giving in , stay a member and just lead a normal life .

  7. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Thanks Neil , Yorkshire Patriot . Make sure you are a member , even if connected to another Party or group , as this Party has GOODWILL TO ALL PATRIOTS and by joining WE know WE have done the right thing for ourselves , People and Country.

  8. Onwards and upwards for GB.

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