Withdraw the Navy’s Immigrant Service in the Med

By Jane Edwards


italy-migrantsFor many Britons the full extent of the Afro-Asian invasion of Europe – with the UK  being the top target –  has only been appreciated by the high summer attempts of several thousand would-be migrants to storm through the Channel Tunnel. For several weeks around 200 migrants have been successful in getting to the ‘promised land by one way or another every night.

It is a wonder that do-gooder organisations have not yet set up coffee stalls with rest rooms along the M20, Ml, M25, etc to cater for the needs of the ‘asylum’ seekers (for ‘asylum’ read ‘handouts’). This would certainly have the support of the BBC and papers like the Guardian who still try to make us believe that the flood (better word than ‘swarm’) of non-European migrants are primarily genuine asylum seekers. They are not. The bulk are taking all these risks to get here because of the vision of Britain in particular being the land of milk and honey, where housing, benefit money, free NHS and the chance of a white mistress is forever available. Only mugs want jobs when all this can be had.


My first reaction to Cameron’s latest plans to make the UK less attractive is to support them, even if the Tory party is as responsible as Labour and the Lib-Dems  for turning several of our cities and large towns into replicas of the Third World. Cameron’s latest suggestions are typical of our pusillanimous politicians who exhibit no ability to think strategically or act beyond inadequate quick fixes. Would they, for example, taker a major stand to drastically reduce the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean by announcing that naval vessels would be withdrawn from being available to pick up survivors from sinking Libyan fishing boats. Such is the power of the EU, who seem to positively encourage Afro-Asian immigration, they would obviously oppose this. However, some such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece and possibly Italy would.

If this were so then we should give three months notice via paid-for adverts in all Afro Asian media outlets that apart from UK and the other countries supporting this concept  no longer being ‘lands of milk and honey’ to illegal migrants, on a given date we will be withdrawing the stationing of Government naval vessels in the Mediterranean to act  specifically as rescue vessels for those crossing from North Africa in unseaworthy boats.

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  1. Naturally, Britain is the most desirable destiny for them. Social housing and benefits are at the heart of the problem. We are literally paying for them to come here and proliferate. It will end in disaster.

    The looneys at the Refugee Council have written to the leftist London Evening Standard, to state that the ”migrants” should be allowed into ”Fortress Europe”.. and eventually Britain, so that they can be with their relatives who are already here.

    I wonder is there a single white family in a third world country, getting housed, fed and kept, and being paid to have more babies. One thing is for sure : There are millions of people from these third world countries getting exactly that here in the U.K.

  2. The pictures of boatloads of African immigrants are alarming but planeloads of them regularly land at Heathrow and Gatwick. We cannot solve the problems of Africa by importing their surplus population. Unfortunately, quitting the EU would do nothing to stop the influx of Afro-Asians that has been going on since 1948. The leaders of the European countries are all frightened of President Obama, who, not surprisingly, welcomes black and brown people.

  3. The best that can be said is that, within a few weeks of an election which gave the Tories power now unrestrained by a coalition, Cameron has shown his hand. He has no intention of enforcing serious immigration control.

    Since most people in our benighted country apparently still believed in May, that if the heir to Blair could get power, he would act this at least has informed them better. Of course, it may be that the husky hugger has had his unexpected success in the election go to his head and he thinks he can endlessly bamboozle people with his second-rate PR tactics like headlines about what he ‘might’ or ‘could’ do. I don’t think he is going to succeed.

    We are now in new political territory as scales begin to fall from eyes.

    • In reality Mike, Cameron has lied through his teeth and he has treated the British (white) population with just as much contempt as Bliar and his cronies did.We of course expected as much but millions voted Tory ( even working class folk!) .


      • ( Party Official) White working class folk also voted Ukip in massive numbers. Particularly up North. This gives us Hope as it is now only a small step to vote for us ! 

        • If only that were true Mr Shaw. Its pure fantasy . If we are lucky UKIP has not suffered unduly as a result . Relying on others is no way to power Mr Shaw. When the BNP was at its height. Most members seemed happy to spend the cash Griffin had not got them to donate, in the Pub . wars and power are not won in pubs. UKIP is a Pub Party as was the BNP . The BDP, well you tell me being an offical and all that.

          • ( Party Official ) We are not at odds baz4545. I enjoy your posts. We are both long standing Nationalists , sick of failure. I just wish we had got just under four million votes like the false patriot party !

        • Still even 4 million votes equalled diddly sqat, with our very undemacratic first past the post, systen . Fine in a horse or dog race . but not when electing the filth given to us by the parties central offices. Who care little for their own supporters  and even less for others.

  4. Now they are trying to bamboozle us that these boat people and the gangs in Calais are benighted Christian folk fleeing from certain rape and death.
    Which of course they are not.
    But even if they were , What gives them the idea we should save them . God helps them that help themselves , is an apt saying . Sure give them a beach head in Libya and guns .But not one should come here.

  5. This is what the madness of Merkel and her like have brought to Germany. Anything to destroy their own society in pursuit of power and money for an international ruling class. No different motives here.


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