by Julie Lake

The outpouring of indignance of the vertically challenged, Zionist-lobby-funded Lutonian is in ignorance at what the ramifications are for the little girls who were the victims of the Muslim rape trial, which was still ongoing. The so called heroic act of Tommy Robinson has put the entire trial at risk of collapsing and the bastards walking free, laughing up their sleeves. Far from some heroic, brave act, persecuted by police, this is stupidity in the extreme, and this entire sorry saga has brought genuine nationalists into disrepute. If Robinson does not possess one lonely brain cell, to do what any other nationalist would do, i.e. when deciding to film the defendants arriving at court, first approach the court office to check whether the verdict was due Friday, or whether it was still ongoing, which would then make his live streaming a criminal offence, then don’t go sobbing that it’s all so unfair.

Tommy can you hear me?

 Reporting restrictions, especially live streaming in an ongoing trial, are not there for nothing. If some amateur with a camera films defendants arriving at court in an ongoing case, streams their faces live on social media before the day’s proceedings have even started, and then adds his own perception that they are all guilty before a verdict has been reached, along with his own opinions, this can sway public opinion, along with that of the jurors, should they see it. That means, even if it has no effect on the decision of the Jury, those on trial can call a mistrial based on the claim that the premature footage did, can, or will, bias the Jury. In other words, Tommy Robinson put the trial in danger of the defendants being able to claim a mistrial due to public opinion having been swayed, and get off scot free, even if they were as guilty as hell.

For those girls and their families who have had their lives destroyed by these Muslim rape gangs, all they had left in the hope of closure was at least having the peace of mind that their rapists would see justice. The actions of Robinson, who didn’t have the brains just to check that Friday was the day the verdict was due, or whether the trial was still ongoing, could also have resulted in immeasurable hours of police manpower bringing this investigation to court being flushed down the toilet. If Robinson is so stupid that he hadn’t the nous just to check with the court and ask just one simple question, if it was the last day of the trial or whether it was ongoing, because he wants to look the hard man on social media, then his stupidity means that far from being the nationalist and champion of the victims of Muslim rape gangs that he portrays himself as, he is in fact bringing the entire nationalist movement into disrepute and damaging police investigations and closure for those little girls.

Not only did Robinson not bother to check with the court, his stupidity held no bounds in the fact that he was on a suspended prison sentence for doing the exact same thing, for committing contempt of court over a gang rape case heard in Canterbury last year. That was another trial he put in danger of collapsing and the rapists walking free. After he was handed down that suspended sentence, and his lawyer explaining to him the law regarding filming before verdicts are reached, he believed he was so bomb-proof that he could do it again. In each of those trials, he handed the defence the golden egg from the golden goose, for the guilty to claim a mistrial based on not getting a fair hearing. This has set back all the hard work that nationalists for years have been campaigning for. For those who really don’t get this, with their tears for poor old Tommy, this is the law:

“Statutory contempt law bans the media from publishing or broadcasting, including on the internet, any comments or information that might seriously prejudice active legal proceedings, in particular criminal proceedings heard before juries. The concern is that a juror might hear or see something outside of the courtroom that would sway him/her when he/she is deciding whether an accused person is innocent or guilty.”

In short, once legal proceedings become “active”, it is a criminal offence for media organisations to broadcast material which would create “a substantial risk of serious prejudice” to the proceedings. Criminal proceedings become “active” as soon as one of the following has occurred: a person is arrested, a warrant for arrest is issued, a summons has been issued, or a person has been charged, and they remain so until such time as the accused has been acquitted or convicted. Furthermore, liability for statutory contempt is ‘strict’, which means that the broadcaster’s and programme-maker’s knowledge or intention is irrelevant, as is the fact that no actual prejudice was caused in a particular case – the risk of prejudice is sufficient. If contempt is committed intentionally, however, it would be punished even more severely. Common law contempt consists of any other action which is intended to interfere with the administration of justice, for example a sustained campaign by the media to influence legal proceedings. Proceedings need not be active.

Sympathy for Robinson? He has now put two trials at risk of collapse, and destroyed the victims’ only hope of justice and closure. For what? If some clown cannot make a simple phone call to the Court, as a ‘journalist’, as he calls himself, to check that Friday was the last day of proceedings, or if it was still ongoing, to ensure he was not breaking the law in any shape or form, especially given he had already been convicted for the exact same thing and was on a suspended prison sentence that would immediately put him straight back in prison, then save your tears and save your outpouring, because we don’t want to hear it.

Genuine nationalism is about staying within the law and checking up on the law before you undertake any activism, i.e. checking that the area you are protesting in is a public space that will give you the legal right to peaceful protest by law. This is because a nationalist in prison is a totally useless nationalist. I for one will not be banded in the same section of society that is the fame seeking world of Tommy Robinson. He is now in prison because of his own stupidity and desire for fame. Tommy Robinson has damaged nationalism and his stupidity is in part responsible for the new laws being passed through Parliament to restrict nationalist movement. Save your tears, money, and join a real nationalist party, one that has conducted itself in a manner that has avoided prison sentences for it’s leaders for 51 years.

Finally, don’t even think about classifying the case of Robinson with those of political prisoners, such as Jeremy Bedford-Turner, whose was the result of pressure on the CPS, after it had ruled that he had committed no crime and that there was no case to answer. Robinson’s actions have jeopardised any appeal by genuine victims of the state like Bedford-Turner. Robinson, like Anne Marie Waters, does not care about real nationalists, the victims or those who send him their hard-earned cash, but is interested in self-promotion and fame.

Robinson has made a laughing stock of all of you who have bought into him, and if you can’t find some champion of the people who has the nous to check with the court first by means of a simple enquiry on the phone or research reporting restrictions beforehand, then there’s no hope for you. Robinson now being in prison is not the fault of the courts, the police, the CPS, the Commie establishment, or the old woman who lives down the lane. He is there through his own stupidity, arrogance and quest for fame.


Published with acknowledgement to Julia Lake and MJOLNIR (Magazine for the creative arts)

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  1. Interesting article. Ive learned a few things here. But I believe he should not have been jailed, on the basis that if it was any other individual they wouldn’t have been. He is very popular, and couldn’t attract such a level of support if he was openly nationalist, simply because of how conditioned the masses are with racial guilt.

    He was due to release an interview on Youtube the evening of his arrest with the leader of Generation Identity UK who was sacked as a result of being targeted by a George Soros and government funded Hate group that wants to eliminate any Hope for Whites to live in safety, in their own countries. Yes “Robinson” has been foolish and he’s a hothead etc, but I do believe the reason he is in jail is the powers using legislation, though with a political motive. I feel sorry for the chap, and his family.

  2. I have always disliked Robinson a phoney nationalist like Farage a pro-USA Israel goon

    • Yes, whilst he is right about Islamism and its dangers to this country he gives Zionism and its uk-based supporters a free pass. Israel IS NOT an abiding friend of this country. Like other independent states, it has its own national interests which more often than not will NOT be the same as our own. We should, as a country, adopt a neutral line towards Israel ie not being overly friendly but not being an total enemy either.

      As for the USA, whilst the current President appears to have some level of affection towards us (no doubt to his partial British ancestry) I think it would be wise to not 100% trust his intentions towards us. Far too often, the USA hasn’t treated us well ie Eisenhower’s stab in the back around the time of Suez when he threatened us with a run on the pound should we fail to withdraw from our military operation in Egypt with Israel and France. President Roosevelt extracted a large pound of flesh from us in the 1940’s with Lend-Lease as well and his demand we get rid of the British Empire after the war.

      Farage is an ultra-Thatcherite Tory idiot so therefore is NOT in anyway a genuine nationalist and like a coward appears to have spent very little time in the United Kingdom since his ‘victory’ in the EU referendum. Arguably, THIS IS THE PRECISE TIME, we need him the most ie to prevent the Tories selling us out over Brexit which is what Theresa Maybe/Mayhem intends but instead of staying at home and putting pressure on the Tories to ensure we DO get a REAL Brexit he has gone AWOL.

  3. Although this article certainly managed to produce an alternative take on the ‘Robinson’ fiasco, I still find myself sympathetic toward his current plight.

    I take the view that there has been a deliberate crackdown by the liberal establishment on anyone perceived as being a Right-wing dissident, moreover ever since the Brexit vote.

    We are all very aware of the deliberate persecution of the Britain First leadership, namely Jayda Fransen & Paul Golding.
    Others have been denied entry to this country, most notably the young Canadian Lauren Southern.

    Some of these people may not necessarily subscribe to our brand of Nationalism but that should not imply that we speak out in their defence, or watch from the sidelines, as this tyrannical Government throws them to the lions.

    • Nice to hear from you BDP NORTHERN IRELAND. I agree , being critical of fellow Nationalists is probably not the way to go, Julia did make some good points though.

    • This is Sajid Javid – the globalist and anti-British CONServative Party’s pet ethnic – flexing his political muscles and making sure us hated native Britons get the message that he won’t tolerate any murmur of dissent from us.

  4. Tommy Robinson has never claimed to be a Nationalist so he can hardly damage ‘genuine’ Nationalists. The writer of this piece obviously knows more than anyone else about this case, maybe a crystal ball. I see the writer is a member of an organisation that has not had a single member elected to a council in fifty one years, so I can well understand her jealousy at TR’s success.

  5. I didn’t think the British Democrats had been around for fifty one years. Does this represent the views of the BDP ? As it does not appear anywhere else ?
    I think many people who could potentially be your voters, would not see kicking a fellow patriot when he’s down, whatever his brand of nationalism may be, as anything but bang out of order.

    • This is not a British Democrats article and it does not represent the views of the British Democrats. The article was rather reproduced from another blog as we considered it of interest to our readers. The link to the article source is at the bottom of the article.

    • No Sean , the author did not mean the BDP. She was referring to the National Front , who have been going for 51 years and WERE heroic IN FLYING THE FLAG FOR nationalism. I think all NF People from the past were Heroes who one day will be awarded Civic Medals for Bravery and outstanding Duty , against all odds , to the Community.

  6. I basically agree with the article, although I don’t see that the whole affair has directly got much to do with nationalism.

    Another good article: https://thehayride.com/2018/05/is-tommy-robinson-the-victim-of-british-persecution/

    So, yes, it’s about balancing freedom of speech with fair trials. The lax immigration policies that have partly led to the situation in the first place is another matter.

  7. Women and politics don't mix

    No, Julie. He is not stupid. You are the small-brained female who doesn’t understand law or politics. The men had already had their trial and were there simply for their sentencing. Tommy asked the court staff and police if he was allowed to film and where he was allowed to stand. He followed their instructions exactly and was arrested for “breach of the peace”. The police then changed their mind about what they arrested him for, proving that they simply wanted to arrest him. All he did was read out the contents that were on the BBC website-everything he said was already in the public domain. Watch it here:

    • Whilst I think that the ‘ women and politics don’t mix ‘ comment was pretty good , I WOULD LIKE TO STATE THAT THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY DO NOT BELIEVE THAT WOMEN AND POLITICS DON’T MIX. In fact , with most immigrants believing that women are worth only a sixth of a man , we have strived to REJECT THIS , ON BEHALF OF WOMEN AND WE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT ALL BRITISH WOMEN SHOULD JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY !

  8. Absolutely slanted piece of journalism which does nothing at all to address Tommy Robinson’s illegal arrest and imprisonment and the subsequent inhumane and life threatening treatment he received in prison.

    The Judge/Police/Home Secretary/Prison Governor(s)/Prison doctor(s) should all be sacked and prosecuted for the actions they have taken for putting this innocent (as determined by the Lord Chief Justice on Appeal) man in peril of his life!

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