VIVE LA DIFFERENCE (The EU superstate entirely fails to understand Britain.)

By Peter Mills.


 As Russell Crowe’s “Maximus” finally eliminated Joachin Phoenix’s “Emperor Commodus” in that stunning film “Gladiator”, so Nigel Farage eliminated the credibility of Nick Clegg in their verbal combat televised to the world.

This excellent political gladiatorial contest, however, has also served to bring into open debate a more subtle division between the Europeans and the British – a chasm of failed understanding, which has been revealed in the aftermath of the Farage-Clegg debate.

It seems that, en masse, the European MEPs and unelected European commissars are completely and utterly baffled regarding WHY anybody should dare not to wish to be a component part of the glorious European Union of Socialist Republics (the EUSR) where – as on so many different occasions in Europe’s past – everyone is expected to march to the beat of the same drum or face persecution by the State.

This Nazi-like EU political indoctrination, within which the concept of “individual national freedom” is a bewildering, disturbing and alien concept, has been noticed surfacing in remarks and interviews following the televised verbal “In-Out?”debate on 2nd April. The European reaction to the debate (and particularly to the perceived success of the swelling general anti-EU movement represented by many non-LibLabCon political parties including, for example, the British Democratic Party) reveals some widening and rather disturbing Fascist brainwashing within mainstream members of the European Reichstag – Sorry, I meant to say the European Parliament (it’s frequently quite difficult to differentiate between the two bodies!)

According to the BBC itself for example (1), the Swedish MEP Christofer Fjellner is incapable of understanding the concept of a country that allows its people the possibility of voting to quit Europe, commenting that even in the face of criticism, “leaving is not an option!” We must be grateful to him for pointing this out to us so clearly, and thereby reminding us that such phrases were recited in certain European countries between 1932 and 1945.

Marching to the same drumbeat, a Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes has ridiculed the normal British person’s worries about mass uncontrolled immigration by asking what would happen if Portugal “…kicked out all the Brits who are there in retirement?” This is a very helpful comment, because it serves to emphasise the immense gulf of understanding that inflicts many European commissars, replacing the question “Why did we allow the political mistake of mass uncontrolled immigration in the first place?” with the politically-correct statement “It’s happening – learn to live with it!” Thus, the Voice of the Many is shouted down by the Voice of the Few – or in MEP Ana Gomes’ case, the Voice of the One.

The German MEP Sven Giegold complained that the TV debate on Britain’s EU membership displayed “…little spirit or understanding about the vision underpinning the EU.” This is an interesting comment, because it might also be argued that the necessity of holding such “In-Out?” debates demonstrates that a large number of British citizens are only too-well aware of the “vision underpinning the EU” and wish to escape from it before it is too late (if it is not already!)

The appalling tunnel-vision of the European commissar mentality is further displayed by a number of MEPs who, when interviewed by the BBC, expressed the general conviction that an awakening realization of the vital necessity of resigning from membership of the EU is nothing more than “…a peculiarly British quirk”. So, presumably, this indicates that the Dutch nationalist party of Geert Wilders, the French Front National of Marine lePen, and the many other altruistic anti-EU parties scattered throughout all European slave-states, must be composed exclusively of British people…? Err – Duh!

Of perhaps even more sinister relevance, it seems that all European MEPs interviewed by the BBC expressed the opinion that it was now “…impossible for such a debate to happen in their own countries!” Is the definition of “debate” not “free discussion”? Evidently no longer – it seems “debate” is now defined by the European commissars as “seditious treason!” This must be a warning to us all, surely, regardless of local political divides.

Well, I have good news and bad news for the commissars of the glorious European Union of Socialist Republics otherwise known as the “European Union”.

The bad news for Europe is that a rapidly growing awareness of the essential necessity to escape from the fascist claws of yet another wannabe European Dictatorship is spreading like wildfire throughout all member-states, as the eyes of the populations are increasingly opened to the reality of their situation, seeing through the myths of EU political statements. It is most certainly not just a “British quirk”.

The good news for us is that, whilst any country yet retains a vestige of proper democracy, there remains an escape route from the EU trap via the ballot box.

Let us, for heaven’s sake, not hesitate to vote “OUT” when the vote is held – because if we don’t, the possibility of holding another vote on the matter will be permanently and cynically eradicated and the iron gates of the European Union – perhaps by then with the motto “Arbeit Macht Frei!” displayed in beautiful wrought-iron fretwork above them – will clang shut on the freedom of Britain and all European nations forevermore.

Those of us who can still remember the 1930s and 1940s will recognise the significance of the German phrase in the previous paragraph. If you are not familiar with it, Google it.

Don’t say it could never happen – it is already happening! Time is running out for freedom.





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  1. Despite the nice weather in Portugal, all the world wants to settle HERE as the benefit system is the same for all, absurdly generous and you don’t even have to learn English. The important claim documents and NHS services are printed in your own language. And you can whistle up a sexy, free interpreter –thanks to the LibLabCon-artists and the generosity of British Tax-slaves, beavering away in the city and financing their own destruction.

  2. My only fear is that a vote won’t be held, especially if all the polls show the likelihood of a majority in favour of leaving the EU. I don’t trust David Cameron or any of the other leaders of the biggest parties. The big three parties will not let us divorce the EU that easily. The EU is a marvellous gravy train for politicians who like to lord it over us all, without the inconvenient requirement of consent by the people. Democracy is absent, as Peter Mills eloquently expresses in his article. Regardless of the vision that inspires those who believe in the EU as an institution, surely this in itself is reason enough to wish to leave. The people of Great Britain have saved the continent of Europe many times in recent history from dictatorship, and once again we must step up to the mark and show that dictatorship will never be acceptable by the British. Remember our song Rule Britannia? Britons never, never, never will be slaves!

  3. I echo the sentiment that if there is any realistic chance of a referendum returning an out result that the referendum will not be allowed to proceed. Such is the shambolic state of democracy in our country.

  4. Replying to Geoff Crompton & Jim Diggory:- I fear both of you are right in what you say about not getting a referendum if it looks like the “OUT” vote will win. There was a very telling item on the RT news (Russia Today”) which nobody will ever see on any British-ruled TV channel. They simply pointed out the two-faced nature of the EU, which is denouncing Russia for attempting to stop the Crimea and Ukraine from leaving the Russian Federation, when at the same time the European Union is doing exactly the same thing to its own members-states (including, of course, Britain) by doing everything possible to prevent any member country from reasserting its rightful independence and quitting the EU. The European Union is, provably, at the very least equally as repressive and totalitarian as the Russian Federation.

  5. We are witnessing the death (albeit slow) of the EU in its present form and whilst we must rejoice at this we must look at this as the start of a new beginning for it will allow us to be a part of a truly Democratic Europe of Nations ,a system that does not treat self interest and Patriotism as wrong but as something that can build bridges and make us all stronger. We have much more in common with many of our European neighbours than we have with the hordes of dross that have chosen to inhabit this crowded Island .If we embrace the Political and economical advantages of being a part of a true Europe of Nations we will be in a better position to take on the economic manipulation and political interference of the USA

  6. It just amazes me how the system has got away so long with portraying Britain as a nightmare place for immigrants who suffer constant persecution by white ‘racists’.

    If that’s true it’s damn funny how half the world wants to come and live here.

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