Ukraine: Andrew Brons in the European Parliament

Contribution from Andrew Brons, under the Catch the Eye procedure, to a debate in the European Parliament, held on 12th March 2014, on the Russian invasion of (a small part of) Ukraine.




“The present crisis in Ukraine did not start with the Russian invasion. It started with the EU’s reaction to Ukraine’s rejection of an EU-Ukraine trade deal. This reaction took the form of the EU’s friends in that country exploiting Ukrainian Nationalists to provide paramilitary assistance on the streets of Kiev.

I am no supporter of Mr. Yanukovych – of his political or personal background or of his tactics against demonstrators.

However, the Ukrainian Parliament does not have the power simply to remove the President (under Article 108* of the Ukrainian Constitution) and it does not appear that the impeachment procedures (under Article 111**) were followed.

The EU is determined to ensnare Ukraine by bribery and intimidation.

I do not view the presence of Russian troops in the Crimea with equanimity. I would like them to withdraw. However, Russia is reacting to extreme acts of provocation, not only from the EU but also from the United States. (We know this from the leaked conversations between the US ambassador to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt and a senior employee of the State Department, Victoria Nuland)***.”


*Article 108 mentions only four circumstances in which a term of office of the President can be terminated early:

1. resignation;

2. inability to exercise presidential authority for reasons of ill health;

3. removal from office by impeachment;

4. death.

** Article 111 states that the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) shall appoint an ad hoc investigating commission comprising a special prosecutor and special investigators to conduct an investigation. The findings and conclusions would then be considered at a (subsequent) meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. It appears that the Parliament removed President Yanukovych in one afternoon’s sitting without the niceties of an investigation.

*** This refers to a bugged telephone conversation between Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State and the US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt. They appear to be discussing who should be ministers in the next government of Ukraine.


11 thoughts on “Ukraine: Andrew Brons in the European Parliament

  1. Mr Brons, I imagine, would have liked to have said a lot more had he been afforded the time so to do. That the Ukraine is just another example of reckless US NeoCon meddling goes without saying, a view confirmed by a number of senior Americans, not least of whom are Ron Paul and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. The latter in a very recent interview has laid bare the criminality and lawlessness of Obama’s Washington regime and that country’s gradual abandonment of its own constitution. It may be viewed here:

  2. The hypocrisy of Hague and Kerry on sovereignty violations by Russia is breath taking, they have convenient short memories over Iraq, Libya et al. Also Cameron is in Israel waxing lyrical about his commitment to Israeli sovereignty whilst the Israelis make incursions into neighbouring countries either maiming, killing or building illegal settlements with complete impunity.

    Will the bought and paid for political criminals one day be expunged from our midst? We can but hope the people eventually work out what’s really going on.

  3. Just watched the Paul Craig Roberts interview and couldn’t resist a smirk when he described how the US could not return Germany’s gold, presumably because they have either sold most of it off or leased it out. Tough luck Germany. Now, according to some media reports the Kiev regime has this last week had the Ukraine’s gold bullion reserves airlifted out of the country for “safekeeping” in the US. So now maybe the German’s may get some gold back after all courtesy of the unsuspecting Ukraine. Perhaps the West’s looting of the Ukraine referred to by Paul Craig Roberts has already begun. This episode follows on from claims that the last the Libyan’s saw of their considerable gold reserves was when it was taken for “safekeeping” to a former Libyan air force base under US military control.

  4. The EU was happy to carve Kosovo out of Serbia, in breach of international law, even though Kosovo is historically part of Serbia. Now the same EU is indignant that Crimeans want to leave Ukraine and rejoin their historical Russian motherland. Total hypocrites.

    1. The oligarchs never went away. Rinat Akhmetov is the biggest of them all and was a supporter of Yanukovich but appears to have changed sides.

      People who think of Putin as a nationalist hero fighting against oligarchs need to research the issue in more detail and not rely on the mainstream western media.

  5. (Party Member) Great point about comparing Kosovo, Adam. Kosovo was subject to mass immigration, mostly from Romania, TO THE POINT WHEN THE MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS BECAME THE MAJORITY. Once in the majority they demanded independence from Serbia and the rest is history.

  6. There is a strange parallel between Kosovo and Ukraine. Kosovo was the birthplace of the Serbian national story, and Ukraine was the birthplace of Russian culture.

  7. In the present crisis in the Ukraine, two developments of great significance are:

    firstly that a white head of state has come out openly and powerfully in support of his white, Russian compatriots. This is totally unimaginable in the contemporary western world, where race-treason prevails;

    and secondly, the toppling in the western half of the Ukraine of those statues of Lenin, could well have social and political consequences far beyond the Ukraine. In Poland, in Hungary in East Germany and elsewhere in eastern Europe, there are everywhere gigantic World War Two monuments glorifying the power of the Soviets. These monuments to Soviet triumphalism and the Red Army are detested and abhorred by the locals, for whom they are nothing but a permanent humiliation and reminder of their former subjugation.

    Twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union and seventy years after the end of the Second World War, those huge and overbearing statues to the Soviet Liberator-Hero across the whole of eastern Europe (known in East Berlin as the statue to the Unknown Rapist) remain in place, in spite of the acknowledged crimes committed at Katyn and elsewhere.

    1. Putin has no interest at all in the white race. He’s interested in building a Eurasian behemoth on the same lines as the Soviet Union. This is a good thing in terms of challenging the current hegemony but we shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking it’s of any particular benefit to white people or white nations.

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