UKIP Is “A Political Scam” Says British MEP

andrew-brons-mepThe United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is nothing more than a political scam meant to extinguish genuine British nationalism, a British Member of the European Parliament has said.

UKIP recently did comparatively well in local elections in Britain, and has now been widely touted as a new “savior” for British nationalism.

Andrew Brons, elected as an MEP for Yorkshire in 2009 for the British National Party (BNP) but who has since joined the new British Democratic Party (BDP), said in an article published in the Public Service Europejournal that “It is a central principle of marketing that it should not try to change the desires of potential customers but should instead seek to satisfy them or at least pretend to.

“Political parties in a democracy, on the other hand, are believed to have principles and policies to which they are committed; and that they commend by persuasion to the electorate.

“However, it is a problem if the electorate should insist stubbornly on reaffirming its own principles and rejects the principles or base interests of all establishment parties.

“There is always a danger that this electorate will be persuaded to support ‘wild card parties’ or ‘loose cannon parties’ that threaten the policies and interests of the establishment.

“The political establishment in Britain, as in most countries in the west, believes in the destruction of nations and nation states—and seeks to promote a global entity in which there are no independent countries or distinct peoples.

“The media, including the entertainment industry, in all countries promote this vision vigorously but the old loyalties—sometimes in corrupted forms—persist.

“Ethnic nationalist parties in Britain that oppose this globalist vision have had an undistinguished history. However, in the beginning of the 21st century, they—or rather one, the British National Party—started to make progress and gain elected representatives. It had to be stopped.

“Dr Alan Sked, an honest but ultimately globalist academic had established the United Kingdom Independence Party in 1993. It had secured representation in the European Parliament in 1999 and had increased this gradually to twelve MEPs in 2005. There was almost terminal disunity in UKIP during the 2005 to 2009 parliament.

“It looked as though it might face meltdown before 2009. There was a perceived danger that the British National Party, despite its controversial leader, might make a breakthrough at the 2009 European Parliamentary elections.

“This could not be allowed. It had to be stopped. Nigel Farage, a founder member of UKIP had gained the leadership in 2006 and seemed to make a pact with the political establishment and the media.

“In late 2003, three years before he gained the leadership of UKIP, Farage allegedly boasted to his staff that he was going to approach the BBC to warn them that they would have to support UKIP or they would get the BNP. While there is no record of the BBC’s response, we do know that Question Time has invited Farage to appear more than any other elected politician.

“In 2009, before the European elections, UKIP appealed ostensibly to the public but in reality to the media—the only way to stop the BNP is by voting UKIP. The media responded with an aggressive smear campaign against the BNP and a vigorous support programme for the previously ailing UKIP.

“After the European elections, Farage’s party allegedly boasted ‘If it had not been for UKIP, they (the BNP) would have got even more seats’.

“On Good Friday 2010, just before the general election, he told the audience in Any Questions that his greatest political achievement had been: ‘stopping the BNP from ever becoming a large political party’.

“In fact, the BNP did rather better than UKIP in that general election. Its average vote per contested constituency was marginally higher than that of UKIP. It secured a higher proportion of saved deposits than UKIP.

“In seats in which both parties contested, the BNP beat UKIP in many more constituencies than those in which UKIP beat the BNP. That was the reality but the media portrayed the general election as a triumph for UKIP and a disaster for the BNP.

“The leadership of the BNP went into paranoid mode and declared a war against all and any of its internal critics.

“The party then began its terminal decline. And UKIP was to be promoted quite shamelessly by all sections of the media from then on. Farage has appeared on Question Time and Any Questions even more than he did previously.

“The so-called right-wing press has given that party hundreds of column inches. Scandals that ought to have attracted bad publicity for UKIP have been uniformly ignored by all sections of the media.

“An attack on Farage from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe leader in the European Parliament in December 2012 for failing to attend his Fisheries Committee once during 2011 and 2012 went unreported in Britain. The appalling attendance records of UKIP MEPs in the full parliamentary sessions have scarcely been mentioned. It is a political scam.

“It is almost as though a modern version of a ‘D-notice’ had been sent to every single newspaper and it had been routinely obeyed.

“It is not that Farage can walk on water but simply that his mortality must not be mentioned. As one of his colleagues in the European Parliament said of him, Farage is not so much committed to getting Britain out of the European Union as he is to occupying a place—so that nobody else will.”

13 thoughts on “UKIP Is “A Political Scam” Says British MEP

  1. A very interesting article and one that raises some pertinent points.

    The pro-EU BBC does not support a fringe party for no reason. It is now supporting ukip, a larger party than when it began promoting it, to divide the Tories and assist Labour. Compare the coverage Farage has received against that of Caroline Lucas, a Green MP in Westminster – Farage has no Westminster MPs. The Greens, however, take votes from Labour, so the Greens are not backed by the state broadcaster.

    Farage has been involved in wheeling and dealing and internal scandal after scandal in ukip. He has lost many of his previously loyal allies and countless activists. He has failed to explain the missing funds at his Ashford Call Centre or the £200k+ that disappeared in his own SE Region. Efforts to hold audits have failed. According to those of his own MEPs and former NEC allies, Farage has major character flaws.

    The Guardian and News of the World provided articles referring to Farage in a spanking scandal with a prostitute.

    “Finally, there is the matter of discipline. Again, the married father of four has a proven track record. As Latvian lovely Liga told the News of the World in 2006, “I was quite shocked when he asked me to smack him during love-making … He asked me if I would put him over my knee, but I refused, although I did give in and give him a few gentle taps while we were having sex … It was like he needed for me to dominate him, he enjoyed being controlled. I found it all a bit weird.”

    Clearly, Farage is no real threat to the Establishment. Certainly, he is one of the establishment in terms of immigration. He is merely against Eastern EU immigration but in favour of the processes that will reduce the native British stock to minority status.

    One suspects that were Farage to become a real threat, he would be cut to size and the ukip balloon, filled with his hot air, would quickly collapse. Certainly, the man has the hot air of a used car salesman; presumably, for no reason is he known as the ‘spiv’ in ukip circles.

    There is also the question of his pension fund, as revealed by New Europe magazine – an activity which involved some of the worst Europhiles, plus Farage, and described by the Dutch Parliament as morally objectionable.

  2. Why would the media promote a genuine alternative party unless they had a very good reason? The problem could be that they have created a monster that without Farage’s help could backfire on the media and its masters. There is something very strange about UKIP, it doesn’t smell right.

  3. There is no doubt that UKIP is being promoted as a safety valve but I think that there was a gross underestimation of the side effects in doing so. Those in power have got away with lying about Europe for so long that they think they can forever have us dancing like puppets on strings.

    If you promote a safety valve you promote its views. We now have Portillo, Lawson and Healey following the lead and arguing for an exit from the EU. Thatcher too now she’s dead. There will be more who attract huge publicity. ‘No longer alone’ sort of thing spin expressed.

    The question is what happens if or when UKIP comes to grief. Most likely is a failure to get any MPs in 2015 demoralising its naive new membership who imagine Britain is a democracy. Will the public simply retire from the issue of Europe feeling it’s all hopeless? Is Farage really just a useful idiot?

    We may be sure that the BBC and the rest of the media are working up a denoument strategy when framing future public opinion. No mistake about the fishy smell surrounding UKIP’s treatment by the media.

  4. On a purely personal note I always look at Farage in the manner of an Arthur Daley character.
    He just comes across as a charlatan, a flim flam man, and I wouldn’t buy a second hand car from him let alone entrust him with the future of my nation.

  5. I heartily agree with the article & the comments. I feel that N.Farage is a Tory at heart, & if he seeks anything at all it is to move the Tory party back to the ‘right’; a position they gave up decades ago without telling anyone. If he is offered a ‘deal’ then he’ll probably take it, & try to take his party with him. His dinner with Murdoch is very suspicious, if Murdoch backs him it won’t be for nothing, I note that he is already back-pedalling on immigration, so that may be the price, or part of it. N.Lawson’s & M.Portillo’s anti-EU articles may just be an attempt to destabilise Cameron, & they are using the ‘Ukip surge’ to help this.Then of course, there is Boris Johnson on his greasy pole. All these different people, all seeking fame & influence by different means.
    However they scheme & plot, what remains & should not be forgotten is that in 40 odd years the British public have never given the PTB such a huge slap in the face as they have had in these elections. We have seen a worm finally turn, we have seen faith finally shaken, we have seen people deciding to change the habits of a lifetime & vote for something else. However unworthy that something else may turn out to be, there will be no turning back, as having got a taste for something else, & seen the effect it has had, they will want more of it. IMHO.
    However they scheme

  6. A very reasoned and honest article by Andrew Brons. UKIP are a party that has a charlatan as a leader. Farage can be very persuasive and seems to talk plain common sense, and that is very appealing to an electorate who are becoming disillusioned with the present choice of three parties who have grown so similar that they have almost become indistinguishable. I personally believe that many voters who would have normally voted Conservative have become angry and disgusted by David Cameron’s pursuit of liberal/leftist policies like homosexual marriage. I believe that they probably voted UKIP out of protest at this last election. Those who would have previously voted LibDem are also showing their discontent that the LibDems have turned tail on most of their manifesto promises from the last General Election. They are widely predicted to do very badly in the next one. Those who would normally have voted Labour are possibly very unimpressed with its present leadership and lack of alternative policies to the present government. The media have shamelessly promoted UKIP and helped encourage voters into believing that supporting UKIP was not going to be a wasted vote. That has also helped achieve this impressive vote in their favour, but it may be an entirely different picture when people vote in a General Election. Farage may be making promises that he has no intention of fulfilling, but those voters who voted UKIP because of their well touted policy of leaving the EU will eventually realise this and move on to another party. The interesting thing here is that voting habits have been broken, but only if this happens at the next General Election will we be able to say that traditional voting habits are changing in significant numbers. The British Democratic Party must grow and be there if and when this happens. We must get our message across and explain why we are different, especially the lack of real democracy in the political establishment today and the need for a genuinely democratic party that seeks to truly represent the electorate unlike the present political elite who simply represent global business and other nationally external vested interests. There is no doubt that the media will do their utmost to try and stop us with their usual lies and propaganda, while continuing to promote their safety valve UKIP, but this will backfire on them if those voters eventually become angry when they realise that they have been sold a dud.

  7. I find it very hard taking Farage seriously as he comes over as a used car salesman. There’s something about him that sets alarm bells off – I cant put my finger o it, but he just doesn’t ring true to me. A number of people have said the same thing so I know I’m not alone when I say this.

    1. I think Farage was once a not too successful broker or something on the stock exchange. Apart from that I dont think he ever had a real job. Like most politicians really.

  8. the genie is out of the bottle and they will not be able to put it back. voting for a non liblabcon party will become a habit . we know ukip voters thought they were voting against Europe and immigration. we know they were hoodwinked and it is up to us to convince them to vote for the real thing. the british democratic party.

  9. Most UKIP voters are disenfranchised from other parties. It has a small core of loyal sycophants but the majority who voted I believe are soft voters, easily persuaded.Most of the foot soldiers of UKIP actually believe they will bring us out of the EU and put an end to immigration.
    They do not understand the fundamental point,UKIP is civic Nationalist, they refuse to acknowledge the racial differences which true Nationalists understand. They are the suited and the cowardly.

  10. (Party Member) With the resignation from Parliament of the tory member for Newark, a wonderful opportunity arose for false flag Nigel to stand in a by-election. Despite a 16,000 majority this seat has a history of being very volatile. With Ukip on a crest of a wave you would think that he would grasp the chance to be his party’s first M.P. BUT NO ! Could it be that he did not fancy the massive pay cut involved as if elected he would probably have to resign from his very lucrative E.U. position where let’s face it, he does not have to do a lot !

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