It’s Time To Ban The Burka and Veil

by Anglo Saxon

With a clampdown on religious extremism and intolerance from the so called religion of peace, supposed to be happening, isn’t it time to ban the burka and veil?

Many countries are considering this after France led the way in April 2011.  Belgium and Bulgaria followed shortly afterwards and partial bans are now in place in Italy, Spain, Denmark and Switzerland.

The German, Austrian and Dutch parliaments have voted in support of a partial ban on full face Islamic veils  but the Liberals and Left have managed to delay the implementation so far!

The British Democratic Party believe that men and women are equal and the oppression of women in this way must cease. There is nothing in the Koran that demands this degradation of women and all the rhetoric that ‘a woman is worth a sixth of a man’ does not fit in with our British traditional and civilised way of life, does it?

Lets push for the ban to be brought in during the next session of parliament.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Ban The Burka and Veil

  1. Having read JSMill’s On Liberty and the Subjection Of Women all those years ago…I can say with a sincere conviction that Mr Mill really would despair at the Lefties of today. ”Feminists” who say nothing about this degradation because they are only allowed to criticise White Men…and the Sham Equality merchants of ”anti racism” who never go into action unless there’s glimmer of White Guilt potential at stake.

  2. A ban is appropriate considering the security risk alone, let alone the fact that we do not treat women as slaves and this lot do enjoy antagonising their hosts. Not that we were ever consulted about being hosts to half the world’s freeloaders in the first place!!!

    What would this lot do for us ? It does not bear thinking about. Enough really is enough.

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