The Most Dangerous Policies are Hidden in the Most Attractive Packaging

By Andrew Brons

As long as a policy is justified by association with the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy it must be all right. Would you not agree? I am afraid that many would agree without thinking vary carefully at all.

There is indeed a serious* threat from Islamist terrorism in the United Kingdom. That threat is the product of the immigration policies of successive governments and ill-judged foreign wars intended to fulfil the foreign policy objectives of just one country in the Middle East. However, those facts do not diminish the threat or make it any less real. Furthermore, terrorism must be countered from whoever or wherever it comes. There can be no doubt about that.

Whilst terrorism has a precise meaning in United Kingdom law, other less well defined terms (and even undefined terms) are sometimes used as substitutes for it. The word extremist is just such a word. It is used by government and media to refer to terrorists and to people who use lesser degrees of violence and damage. However, it also used to refer to people who act completely within the law but whose political objectives are disapproved of by the political class.

I am not accusing the government or the media of a lazy and ill-considered use of language. Lack of precise definition and the conflation of entirely different concepts is a carefully chosen policy objective. It enables legitimate protesters or rivals for office to be treated as though they were terrorists.

The words extremism and extremist are bridging words that enable the logician’s fallacy of the undistributed middle-term to be used, with impunity. All As are B; therefore all Bs are A. All terrorists are extremists; therefore, all extremists are terrorists.

Just in case individual police officers fail to understand this, police structures use the words domestic extremism to ensure that officers in the street do not make that important distinction. The National Domestic Extremism Unit serves exactly that purpose.

Only this week, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced that new Extremist Control Orders will enable banning orders to be used to enable the Government to criminalise an organisation that, “spreads or promotes hatred”. “Nothing wrong with that”, I hear you say; perhaps not, if the orders could only be used against those who are indisputably justifying or inciting violent acts.

The BBC revealed that these orders would be used also against those accused of being ‘Neo-Nazis’ and not just Islamist groups. “So what,” I hear you say.

It should remembered that David Cameron was the only Conservative MP to ‘sponsor’ the violent anti-Nationalist hate group, Unite Against Fascism (the UAF). The UAF describes all British Nationalists as ‘Neo-Nazis’ and has even taken to demonstrating against the phony-nationalist outfit, UKIP.

We know that the threshold for the prosecution of British Nationalists is much lower than it is for the prosecution of Africans and Asians. Whilst the latter would have to advocate violence, quite unambiguously, before they were prosecuted, British Nationalists can be prosecuted for a careless choice of words.

Left wingers, like Eric Hobsbawm, expressly justified mass murder, if it led to a socialist utopia. Nobody suggested that he should be prosecuted and he was lauded with compliments in his obituaries.

David Cameron is clearly trying to criminalise and eradicate British Nationalism in the guise of tackling Islamist terrorism.

*It is now said that the threat has been assessed upwards from serious to substantial and from substantial to severe.

15 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Policies are Hidden in the Most Attractive Packaging

  1. They want to get rid of the rights to freedom of speech in the Convention. Then they can shut anyone up. That’s one big reason why the Tories are talking about getting rid of the Human Rights Act.

    1. That a Tory government is prepared to do this when it was Winston Churchill who signed Britain up to the European Convention on Human Rights is quite amazing when you think about it but then the Conservative Party has degenerated a heck of a lot since he was their leader The Human Rights Act should be REFORMED not abolished.

  2. David Cameron is utterly repulsive. NO previous Tory PM would EVER have put their name to and endorsed the VIOLENT tactics of a Marxist hate group like the UAF. Mrs Thatcher would never have stooped that low and even Ted Heath wouldn’t have done so.

  3. Under this phony conservative Theresa May, nationalists are extremist ‘criminals’ equivalent to mass-beheading (of Christian-Syrians/Iraqis) ‘IS’groups.

    1. How any level-headed person in full control of their faculties could possibly compare controversial yes but peaceful nationalists to people who enjoy the utterly barbaric and wicked act of sawing-off people’s heads is quite frankly beyond me.

      1. All over the world regimes describe anyone who simply disagrees with their policies as ‘criminals’ and ‘terrorists’. People are arrested, harassed by ‘policemen’ and often murdered. No news there.

        The only thing that is different in Britain is that a gullible public still imagines Britain is different. Well they don’t murder dissidents here – not often anyway – but everything else is the same.

        The Tories simply gave the game away a little. They’d like to arrest anyone they don’t like if they thought they could get away with it. Scratch the surface and what they are really after is eradicating what they would call the ‘far-right’. That means anyone not serving their interests.

  4. Isn’t it time the average Conservative party member and voters woke up to what that party has become? They are no longer trying to conserve anything truly British. They are a party of cut-throat business people. They have only one desire and that is to enable greater exploitation of the working people.

    UKIP are just the same except they are against any kind of membership of the EU. Labour have abandoned the working people in favour of the new Tory values and the LibDems are nothing more than political opportunists with no set ideology to mention.

    Cameron is a very dislikeable man who has shown he is no true Conservative of the Churchill or even Thatcher kind.

    The current political class from all these parties have presided over the gradual destruction of our once homogeneous nation into a fractured multiplicity of different ethnicities and communities. All held together by a thin thread of law to keep the peace. They have allowed into our once content nation a fifth column of foreigners who feel no allegiance with us, but with countries far away who don’t share any of our British values of justice and fair play.

    Andrew Brons has articulated what many of us felt when we heard or read about Theresa May’s speech regarding censorship of what she described rather cryptically as “extremists”. No mention of having to advocate violence. An extremist can be anyone with whom they disagree therefore. This is very dangerous ground to be wandering onto in what is supposed to be a democracy. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right within any true democracy. Remove that from anyone and it can no longer be described as a democracy.

    All those who would support this kind of policy must open their eyes before they too may be denied a voice if they dare to challenge those who would rule us. Politicians can never be trusted fully, their must always be the right to question authority without the fear of punishment. If not we will slide towards the kind of society that is North Korea. Our party advocates democracy and that isn’t just a fancy name. We are the true champions of democracy, even though our rivals would try to paint us otherwise while pretending to be so themselves.

    1. If you looked carefully at the (Neo-) Conservative Party Conference audience, there were plenty of dodgy-looking £££obbyists and City spivs.

      I witnessed this slow, gradual infiltration, subversion and corruption back in 1998, when I quit the party in disgust. Even Cameron spoke out against the Lobbyist scandal, but that was BEFORE he got the PM job. He has DONE nothing about them.

      1. Of course, the Conservative Party has always been dominated by businessmen and women and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. However, in the distant past, this party was the party of BRITISH capital. Now, it is the party of shady globalist spivs from the globalist mecca of the City of London so it is no wonder then that the best interests of BRITISH companies don’t get its backing.

  5. The Conservatives talk a lot but as we know they do very little. If they institute such a policy against the Nationalist right, (why are Nationalists called ‘right’ while we are on the subject), but if they did, then Nationalist leaders may as well accept that they are going to be targeted for imprisonment for political reasons.

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  7. i have always classed the Tories as traitors and haters of the British workforce.

    Thatcher summed them up. A bunch of British hating snobs with mass immigration always a hidden Tory policy. Heath took us into the EU which is only a name change from the Common Market.

    1. Edward Heath took us into the Common Market knowing full well that it would develop into a full-blown political union which took away vast amounts of national sovereignty from those it belonged to. I think he actually admitted this in a Question Time programme in the early 1990’s when the Maastricht Treaty was going through Parliament

    2. They haven’t always been as bad as they are now in their Thatcherite guise. Certainly, there is a fair degree of evidence that Mrs Thatcher hated British workers even though she came from a fairly modest background herself.

      Her economic policies were the kind of policies that Liberals in the 19th Century would have approved of ie extreme economic liberalism COMBINED WITH a fanatical devotion to globalization. Is it any wonder then they were largely a failure and many ordinary British workers suffered because of them?

  8. After the 2015 general election or maybe the one after that – three main pathetic parties Tory, New Labour, Libs, maybe UKIP. UKIP is a party which believes in immigration and low pay and privilege for the wealthy. They will have to rely on the migrant vote, which some have for ages rspecially in most English cities.

    There is no solution to unemployment just well-fiddled statistics. Immigration is the main excuse for the myth of employment the Brits wont do or we are short of skilled labour.

    It’s finished. Thatcher saw to that and migrant Major. A so-called developed country like the UK and we want Third-World doctors and other skilled people. Joke or what. Capitalism is a failure.

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