Sadiq Khan, Labour – Muslim London Mayor?

khanMuslim Sadiq Khan has won the contest to become Labour's candidate for the 2016 London mayoral election. He has been chosen as Labour's candidate in the battle to replace Boris Johnson as London Mayor. The left winger – who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for national leader, but supported Andy Burnham – beat Blairite Tessa Jowell to challenge for London Mayor.

He grew up on a south London housing estate and lived in a council house, his father a bus driver in the long standing Islamic tradition fathered eight children.

Khan enjoyed strong support from trade unions, with powerful unions such as Unite and GMB providing essential funds and logistical support. The number of Londoners eligible to vote in party elections tripled in the last few months, from 40,000 to an estimated 125,000. No doubt Sadiq Khan will poll well in the Islamic parts of London around Tower Hamlets and Newham.

The first round of votes under the alternative voting system saw Khan receiving 37.5% of the total vote, with Tessa Jowell on 29.7%, Diane Abbott on 16.8%, David Lammy on 9.4%, Christian Wolmar on 5.4% and Gareth Thomas on 1.2%. Under the voting system, candidates are knocked out and their votes transferred to another candidate until one contender is left with more than 50%.

Khan won 48,152 votes, a 58.9% share, in the fifth round of voting after four other candidates had been eliminated. Ex-minister Tessa Jowell, regarded as the frontrunner going into the contest, came second with 41.1% of the vote ahead of Diane Abbott in third place.


Results 5th Stage Members Registered Supporters Affiliated Supporters TOTAL % of Valid Vote
JOWELL, Tessa 24,019 6,351 3,203 33,573 41.1%
KHAN, Sadiq 24,983 17,179 5,990 48,152 58.9%

The Conservatives have run London for more than seven years, with Boris Johnson currently combining the role of London Mayor with that of MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip since his election in May. The Conservative party candidate for London Mayor will be announced on the eve of their annual conference on October 3, with current favourite to replace Boris Johnson being Zac Goldsmith.

So, next May what are the odds London elect its first Muslim Mayor?

15 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan, Labour – Muslim London Mayor?

  1. ( Party Official ) The joy continues. To many Islamic people , Sadiq Khan is the wrong type of Muslim and believe it or not , they will not vote for him ! Also the fact that the Marxist Labour Party are cementing their credentials as the immigrant party , can only be good. I read a comment recently , from some lefty , that London was inevitably going to have a Muslim Mayor and that this was good ! This is what they do , anything to wreck our morale ! Well it won't work and London will NOT ELECT KHAN !

  2. It isn't good if it makes the Tories appear to be something they love POSING as ie patriots! The Conservative Party is, as their diabolical record over the last six decades proves, Britain's least suspected grave diggers!

  3. Despite the continued rise of gang and knife crime, high on Mr Khan’s agenda is reducing stop and search in the capital. He is also in favour of so called ”positive discrimination” to prevent white people joining the police. This, along with stop and search, is another artificial measure solely implemented to appease communities that cause disproportianately high levels of violent crime…(let’s face it, it is not the east Asian or Hindu communities that complain about the police force not being ”diverse”) .

    The most recent young white victim of enforced third world immigration was a boy riding his bike on Caledonian road, the victims parents have called for an increase in stop and search, which unlike Khan, the Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith is in favour of.

    The media lied about the murderer by initially trying to dupe us in to thinking the suspect was white. …a number of young white men and boys have been murdered in this area of North London, where I grew up and still know very well, among them Ben Kinsella, Simon Dinegan, Ricky Smith, Richard Whelan, and now Alan Cartwright. All victims of enforced third world immigration ie ”multiculturalism” , where our urban society is now nothing more than an outpost for the developing world’s populations to come over and bring their ways with them … namely, run our society into the ground while we pay for them to do it.

  4. While minimising stop and search coupled with ”positive discrimination” for police recruitment are indeed phoney tactics, the Met have caved in to the bullying Left … what is now an ”out of town ban” on would be coppers. This has allowed the police to socially engineer the force more effectively to appease high crime communities that don’t like us. Boris is crowing about how this anti white scheme is a success and as yet there have been no complaints. Ethnic recruitment has increased considerably because of the ”out of town” ban. Let’s be honest, who ever complains would be branded a ”racist”…it literally beggars belief.

  5. Firstly .I’m unaware of which Islamic sect this apology belongs
    But a wrong type of Muslim will always get the vote of a Muslim, rather than vote for a White middle class Labour candidate.
    Muslims now do not vote Labour en masse. They vote according to what their local clerics tell them .
    The fact The faux tories, beat labour could be said to balance on the Muslim vote, that once voted Labour but didn’t at the last election . Their numbers now so vast they as a matter of fact hold the key as a voting block, that concerns it self entirely with self interest. Pity we cannot emulate them .

  6. ( Party Official ) Talking about THE WRONG TYPE OF MUSLIM , When I saw the Mosque on fire and noted , despite its size , that it was owned by a minority type of Muslim , I feared PATRIOTS would be blamed. I PREDICT that it was foul play , that Patriots would be blamed in the media and that actually it was an attack by OTHER MUSLIMS. Time will tell if I am right , but I believe there is a lot of trouble coming to Britain with serious violence BETWEEN MUSLIMS !

  7. Most muslims will vote for him anyway, even if he is what they like to call a liberal muslim. The hardline ones would still vote for him and the other ethnics, I think, will nearly all as well. It’s the same old two horse race for mayor, then. Vote for the one who can keep the one you don’t want out, and the others fight it out for crumbs. A rotten and bias system, really. And as for stop and search, these idiots of the political elite will not admit the root cause of crime in the city, because to do that is classed as racism. So whether it is Conservative or Labour, it will remain exactly the same, and poor Britons have to put up with the uncivilised society, forced on us. I grew up in Croydon, it’s hell now, gangs of ethnics everywhere and of course crime increasing.

  8. ( Party Official ) Sadiq Khan , Labour candidate for Mayor of London , has said that the row about anti Jewish , pro Muslim attitudes and comments within the Labour Party , will reduce his chances of becoming Mayor. He has got to be kidding !

    1. ( Party Official ) If you read the comments below the excellent article , you will see that back in September last year , I said that London will not vote for Khan. He has realised the British Democrats are right . He knows that the REAL REASON is that WHITE Working Class people are sick of Labour anyway , but the fact that he is a MUSLIM , FINISHES IT. WHITE Working class VOTE UKIP.

      1. ( Party Official ) I am fully aware that Ukip get less working class votes in London than elsewhere but the days when Labour could put anybody up for election and still get the votes. Although very deceptive , Ukip do get Patriotic votes from people no-one thought would ever vote for them. It is a FACT. I just see HOPE in this and pray that they soon start VOTING FOR THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  9. ( Party Official ) Today , 4th of May , I read that Sadiq Khan is ahead in the polls for election as Mayor of London. The thought that our Capital City could vote for a Muslim , SHOCKS ME. A vote for him is the first step on a path towards SHARIA LAW. Any woman who votes ISLAMIC is eventually ensuring they won’t have a VOTE IN THE FUTURE. I hope the LONDON Evening Standard is wrong ! Simon Fairbairn.

  10. ( Party Official ) Using my head and NOT my heart has enabled me to have an unblemished record of Political Predictions and insight , on behalf of our CAUSE AND PARTY. NO LONGER , AS LONDON VOTES ISLAMIC ! Since the mid eighties , I feared that LONDON WAS LOST ! Now I know it is GONE.

    1. ( Party Official ) Even our ghastly Media have admitted the existence of WHITE FLIGHT , recently , Particularly from our former Capital City , LONDON. Now that overcrowded Place has an ISLAMIC MAYOR , THE exodus might reach BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS. Particularly among the JEWISH COMMUNITY.

      1. ( Party Official ) With Sadiq Khan on record as saying that some aspects of SHARIA LAW ARE COMPATIBLE with BRITISH LAW , it is NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR LONDON. The awful ‘ MUSLIM PATROL’S ‘ are sure to commence again and the Police will be even more POWERLESS than before.

        1. ( Party Official ) I wish I could register this slogan for our British Democratic Party , but having thought about this awful LONDON situation , you could say ; VOTE LABOUR , GET ISLAM.

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