Our Foreign and Defence Policy

raf-tornadoWe must first of all assert our  complete control over our own foreign policy. Our withdrawal from the European Union would immediately free us from whatever involvement we might have in an EU common foreign policy, with the High Representative and the European External Action Service.
We must not allow our foreign policy to be hijacked by other states. In particular, we must avoid any partisan involvement in the Middle East or exploitation by the United States administration of our supposed special relationship with that country.
We do not want Britain to carry out the role of the world’s policeman. Our service personnel must not be sent to die in foreign wars in which we have no vital interests at stake.
We are not indifferent to the need to maintain world peace and we would use our permanent position on the UN Security Council to that end but we would not send our servicemen to die in other nations’ conflicts.
Our foreign policy must be dictated by the need to protect our people, our territory and our vital interests.
We have no animosity towards any state or people and we would endeavour to maintain peaceful relations with all. However, we would defend ourselves against any aggressor with vigour and determination.
Our opposition to sending our troops to die in foreign wars should not be understood to mean that our present level of service personnel is too high. We are aware that real threats to our people, our territory and our vital interests can occur at any time without being predicted by the security services. We must have the men ready to meet any threat to our nation, at a moment’s notice.
Even in peacetime troops can be, and are, deployed  to deal with civil emergencies, including intentional disorder. They will also be needed to help to guard our borders against mass immigration.
Our troops must be in a permanent state of readiness and protected by life-defending equipment of the highest quality.
Britain must neither be a warmonger intent on pointless wars, nor a nation of  pacifists and appeasers. We should enjoy peace as a legacy of the strength and resolution to defend what is ours. Our forces  have sometimes been weakened by ill-considered defence cuts which has then resulted in huge unnecessary expenditure. This is best exemplified by the removal of HMS Endurance from patrols around the Falklands Islands in 1981. This was seen by Argentina as an invitation to invade.
We are determined that Britain must retain an independent nuclear deterrent. A nuclear war would be a nightmare but the way to prevent it is for responsible nations like ours to retain our power of ultimate resistance.
-Reproduced from our Policy leaflet

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  1. We should also pull out of NATO, which exists to serve American interests, not ours There should also be no foreign bases on British soil, all US bases must go. As for the so called “special relationship” it is akin to that between a dog and its master. Similarly Britain must have full and exclusive control over its “independent” nuclear capability and not have to go to ask permission from Washington should we ever feel it necessary to use it. My problem with the BDP defence policy is that it does not recognize that we are, in effect, under US occupation (economically as well as militarily)and one of our first objectives must be to free ourselves from US clutches. Independence for Britain means just that – independence!

  2. Does the British PM have the right to use nuclear weapons without a US veto? I believe he or she does but there is confusion on this matter and I am not precisely sure what the true situation is? Does anybody here know the full truth? If this is not so then that is ridiculous and we should have a nuclear capability totally under our control. We only have nuclear subs whereas France also has nuclear warhead component delivered by air.

    1. Yes our PM has the right to use the Trident missile exclusively I.E. the US has no right of veto under the terms of the Trident Missile lease agreement we have with them.

      There is little advantage to having a capability of delivering nuclear warheads by air.  That deterrent is prone to ‘first strike’ and also slow to react unless at least one aircraft is armed and airborne at all times (as was the case with our V Bomber deterrent some years ago).

      The Trident missile is probably the most cost effective nuclear deterrent available to us with the additional advantage of our being less vulnerable to a ‘first strike’ since our initial retaliation capability is not land based.

      It is worth noting that a decision on the replacement for our Trident nuclear deterrent was deferred by the last parliament until 2016.

      Election 2015 – PARTY POLICY

      The Labour Party pledge to retain the continuous at sea nuclear deterrence.

      The Conservative Party pledge to renew Trident on a four-boat basis – going beyond Labour's pledge, which leaves the door open to an alternative system, or a reduced three-boat Trident system.

      1. Thanks for informing us of the real situation regarding this important issue. I hope that whatever happens in the election, serious consideration is given to retaining our country's independent nuclear weapon capabliity. Of course, it does cost a huge amount of money but I could think think of better ways of saving money than getting rid of it like the irresponsible SNP and Green Parties aim to do. For instance, we could end foreign aid (apart from a holding fund to aid countries suffering from natural disasters like earthquakes). Our nation's defence should not be compromised as it is the first duty of any government to protect the realm.

  3. ( Party Official ) David Cameron said that he wants to bomb ISL in Syria to protect our values and our way of life ! PARDON ? This is what the BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY say regarding Bradford , Birmingham , Leicester and London ! LET US DEFEND OURSELVES AT HOME FIRST.

  4. ( Party Official ) Having been an early admirer of DONALD TRUMP , because he wants to destroy Political Correctness and defend Christianity , I was thrilled to hear him say that he thinks IMMIGRATION HAS BEEN A disaster FOR BRITAIN and EUROPE. He rightly blames the EUROPEAN UNION SUPERSTATE and say’s , like the British Democratic Party , that Britain should leave ! He , unlike Obama , had the DECENCY to say that he was NOT TELLING US WHAT TO DO. I HOPE HE joins us as a FOREIGN MEMBER !

  5. ( Party Official ) Britain having Voted to be a self governing COUNTRY AGAIN means that our Party’s literature needs to be updated , including the POLICY DOCUMENT. We can hardly distribute items claiming Britain leave the E.U.Superstate , can we ?

  6. while I am glad Mr Trump won the Presidency of the USA and not Clinton We must rebuild Britain Economically and Military and establish a Independent Foreign Policy

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