“Outsource Top Police” Says Cameron: Why Not Politicians as Well?

Dave Cameron is at it again, showing his love for all things imported and outsourced, this time suggesting that we should open up top police jobs to foreign citizens, which would require a change in the law.

“Why shouldn’t someone with a different skill-set be able to join the police force in a senior role?….Why shouldn’t someone, who has been a proven success overseas, be able to help turn around a force at home?” he asked the Commons.

Great plan, let’s import workers to fill our top police positions. We can probably get someone from the Pakistani ISI who will do it for minimum wage, at least providing we include paid prayer times and a halal breakfast into the bargain.

Although, here’s a better plan than filling the top police jobs with foreigners.

How about we fill the top politicians jobs with foreigners who will work for a lot less than our rotten bunch who are manning the Commons and Lords at the moment?

Think of the benefits, and the untapped foreign skill that we could take advantage of.

Our current crop of politicians are pretty corrupt, as the wrist slapping and token expenses prosecutions show, so we’ve really no worry that it could get any worse on that front. We’re going to get fleeced either way, so where’s the harm?

As for running Britain: well, look around our country and see the results of the politicians labouring over the last few decades for yourself. We’re a mess, nobody can claim that they’ve actually made a good job of it. Our politicians need turning around sharpish too, not just our police.

The fact is simply this – that the British people are paying over the odds for a bunch of failed politicians who are not competent or capable of doing their jobs.

There may be some good eggs in Westminster – but they sure aren’t the ones who are running the show and making the decisions. The very top of the elected parties are peopled with non entities, fools, and the self serving.

Why don’t we outsource those top political jobs to foreigners?

The politicians have no qualms about watching as our jobs are outsourced, or as we get replaced by cheap, foreign labour – that’s called progress and the joys of the free movement of labour.

So, they should have no objections if their own jobs are up for competition in the same fashion, nor if they see their wages plummet as a result.

Seriously though, this whole importing of workers to occupy jobs is getting silly – it’s bad enough we have floods of them occupying lower skilled jobs, does anyone really think that opening up top police jobs where sensitive information on the people of the UK would be available to the post holder is a good plan?

Instead of looking for yet more ways to open up jobs in the UK to employees from a abroad, at all levels we should be looking to keep British jobs for British workers.

We’ve plenty of talent here, we just need to give it the opportunity and stop drowning it under a flood of international jobs competition.

* This story originally appeared on the Southwestnationalists blog.

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