Operation Distraction Goes Into Overdrive As Our ‘Hung Parliament’ Fails To Deal With The Matters Of The Day

By A British Democrat

Some cultures are more brutal to women than others. Rape is a horrific crime, whether it is planned or on the spur of the moment.

Flirting is different and the debate on this has reached ridiculous proportions. Married men should not flirt with other women, but for someone to be  pilloried in the media and lose their government job for putting their hand on a lady’s knee, fifteen years ago, is totally ridiculous! Our Houses of Parliament are in the lowest esteem by the public since the English civil war.

Every day brings new accusations, resignations, suspensions and sackings, amidst a furore of wild accusations, many from the very distant past about our so called political leaders.

I am sure all in our Party believe the lot of them are an absolute disgrace and are doing a lousy job in steering Britain through some very difficult times.


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  1. Quite true. The politicians elected and leading this country are seen as increasingly degenerate and selfish. What we need is leadership which is true, honest and incorruptible. That time is coming when the public will look to those values. As people loose faith it will take a group much strength to stand out and demonstrate true leadership.

  2. if this refers to who I think, the controversy is more to do with what hes alleged to have had on his computer, while in the House of Commons, and not kneegate.

  3. In some countries of a certain religious persuasion, if a woman is assaulted or even raped, SHE is the one punished, and not the perpetrator…who is excused. Why don’t ”feminists” ever say anything about this ? we all know the answer.

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