No Way Out For The French

by John Shaw







Speaking on the Andrew Marr show,  French President Macron admitted that a vast majority of French voters were in favour of leaving the European Union.

He then went on to say he would never, therefore, hold a referendum.

Whilst offering our condolences to the French people, we would like to point out that if even more people had voted for Le-Penn and her wonderful Front National, then France would have a great future and would be leaving the failed economic European Union disaster, with its catastrophic mass movement of people, nation destroying strategy.

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  1. the French will not put up with their leaders like the British do with Lib-Lab-Con

  2. Like us, the French have had X amount of elections to vote in a Nationalist Government and like us they have bottled it. For the French it is a case of ” be careful what you wish for”. Multiculturalism destroys Nation states and France is on course for destruction.

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