May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

John Bean says

At first glance there appears to be much that is commendable in Theresa May’s unveiled Brexit blueprint. For those of us who have long campaigned against the Marxist theme that has always appeared in the beliefs and actions of the EU, we welcomed her latest call that “We are leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe.” Many fair weather nationalists supporting UKIP would agree with that.

Amongst them I would also include the former members of the various UK nationalist parties, including our own British Democrats.

 Demographics show that the greatest bonus Mrs. May is now receiving as a result of her speech  on January 17st is the returning support from usual Conservative voters, particularly those who had dropped that support as a result of the ever increasing drift to liberalism under Cameron. But how many of the returning Tories really notice that behind the Hard Brexit headlines now associated with her and support for more global markets was the evidence that she still embraced her original neo-liberalism and cosmopolitanism?  Here is some of the evidence dug out in the Daily Telegraph’s lengthy report of her speech.

 “It is only by coming together as one great union of nations and people that we can make the most of the opportunities ahead.

“We are also a country that has always looked beyond Europe to the wider world. That is why we are one of the most racially diverse countries in Europe,  one of the most multicultural members of the European Union, and why – whether we are talking about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,  America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, countries in Africa or those that are closer to home in Europe – we have so many friends and relatives from across the world.

“Many fear that this might herald the beginning of a greater unraveling of the EU….  I do not want that to happen. It would not be in the best interests of Britain. It remains overwhelmingly and compelling that the EU should succeed.”

 It should be remembered that that at the June 23rd referendum Theresa May voted for us to stay in the EU. An interested comment from her on the outcome in the same speech above was: “It was a vote to restore our parliament democracy, national self-determination, and to become even more global and international in action and in spirit”.


The 48-52 Referendum Result

In an interesting report from John Shaw on this website last week he noticed that in a study held prior to the Referendum Afro-Asian voters intended to support ‘Remain’ in a much higher ratio than  UK ‘born and bred’ voters.  In a table produced in John Shaw’s report, only 17% of Black Africans wanted to ‘Leave’.  Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Black Caribbeans were around 29% intending to vote ‘Leave’. In other words over 60% preferred for us to ‘Remain’ as we were in the EU. Nearly 38% of Indian voters here wished to ‘ Leave and 52 % (leaving aside Don’t Knows) to ‘Remain’.

The 2011 Census showed that 7.9% of the total UK electorate had put themselves down as African, Caribbean, or South Asian (which includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). For 2017 the true figure must certainly be nearer to 10%.  When Guardianistas, World Bankers and Liberals hoping for former Labour votes squeal for  the referendum to be re-run because the result of 48 to 52 was too close, if ethnicity was taken into account those of original  British background, then the result would be at least 55% of the British electorate voting to leave the EU.

4 thoughts on “May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

  1. We voted Leave because we do not want to all come together and unite in some multiculti nightmare, this is why we voted Leave. Get us out of the EU, and sharpish.

  2. 24th Jan 2017 In agreement with John Shaw. Why is this non British National Gina whatever -her -face -is who took legal action against Brexit even allowed as a non subject of HM allowed to do so. In Ireland you must be Irish to be protected by the Irish constitution, EU citizens are treated as second class(a Irish Grandfather does not allow & or should not allow access to Irish Social welfare Kenny/ Kissange report). In America you must swear allegance to the US Flag & America. In France you must have a French Partner!! The EU does not work. Currently media reports state secret laws are being passed without consultation. Is this a EU Brits need to be part of. As a Kingdom we have a acient right to broker trade deals with other kingdoms Spain, Belgium Norway, Sweeden & Denmark to name a few. The EU born after the 2nd world war can do nothing to stop this royal right. Also we have a commonwealth Canada, Australia & others all with a special relationship to the United Kingdom again EU interference should not be allowed to happen. Like everyone who voted Leave in the UK democracy has to happen. Mike Endfield, London.

  3. I do not like this Prime Minister, I do not trust her neither do I believe a word she utters.She is a trad Conservative all “last night at the proms”flag waving and hot air. I predict she will sell us down the river ( as will Trump) As Nationalist we tend to see the good in most people however time and time again we throw our weight behind conmen and snake oil salesman ,May and Farage being a perfect examples.Lets not forget May sided with the Remain camp right up until the vote. We as Patriots are desperate for a decent honest figure we can respect , This woman will sell us out.

  4. The Strange Story of PRITTY PATEL. With SINISTER goings on regarding the Conservatives immigrant background , token pin up CABINET MEMBER having , we are told , SECRET MEETINGS WITH THE ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER AMONG OTHERS , SHE HAS BEEN RECALLED BY THE P.M. FROM ABROAD FOR AN URGENT MEETING. Come on Folks , send in a confidential comment or article on this and help get the NATIONALIST VIEW SEEN AND HEARD.

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