If We Leave The EU On The Due Date, Without A Deal, We Don’t Have To Pay The ‘Superstate’ Anything

by John Shaw


They can keep any assets including our share of the building.

People just don’t realise that if we leave, on the due date without a deal, we don’t have to pay the EU Super-State anything.

Our referendum confirmed our British Democratic Party policy to leave the European Union.

There were no If’s or but’s or deals or delays, JUST LEAVE.  Also there was no question of us paying billions of pounds for the privilege.

The British Democratic Party expects therefore, that this will be carried out by the government of the day, without fail.

Our country looks forward to trading with the rest of the world again and, to facilitate payments worldwide, we should join the World Trade Organisation who do not appear to interfere politically in the internal affairs of members.

4 thoughts on “If We Leave The EU On The Due Date, Without A Deal, We Don’t Have To Pay The ‘Superstate’ Anything

  1. Theresa May is an utter shambles but I hope she stays Premier because Jeremy Corbyn and His Bolshie Pals would even be worse I have long believed the LibLabConSNPUKIPGreens must be got rid of as well as the Monarchy House of Lords and the Honours System britishconstitutiongroup.com

    1. I used to be a Royalist and a believer in the institution of Monarchy but since this week and Prince Harry’s obvious disrespect for his family and the INSTITUTION of which he is a part I am now beginning to warm to the idea of a referendum being held to abolish the Monarchy and for Britain to become a Republic. I really don’t know what Prince Harry is thinking of in proposing to marry a lower-class trollope from the ghettoes of Los Angeles. At least Wallis Simpson had a bit of class attached to her!

    1. YES , Will , A PARTY TO BELIEVE IN AND JOIN ! However far from ‘ Power ‘ we may be , by Joining for £25 Patriots will have the considerable benefit of KNOWING THEY HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING .

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