Is the EU a biblical curse?

By Mike Newland. 



Plague, drought, famine and flood shall be upon the land!

The European Union has corrupted a noble idea – at least in theory – which formed at least a part of its pedigree. After two disastrous fraternal European wars in a quarter of a century, which laid waste to Europe, the idea of a pan-continental state instituted by degrees took sufficient root to gradually flourish.

Before long the inevitable happened. A buncha cynical politicians saw Europe as an alternative route to power and money outside their own countries. The road began to be paved towards today’s European Union. A corrupt ruling elite bent on turning Europe into a dictatorship akin to that of the old Soviet Union. And now an economic disaster zone like the old USSR.

But to see the EU as a biblical curse and punishment for sins – perhaps going a little far? Beginning to have second thoughts!

Everyone knows about the floods in recent years. Supposedly climate change now means that we have to prepare flood defences at huge cost because of this world disaster due to energy use. Houses have become uninsurable and Caring Cameron has to visit flooded areas to reassure people that – he cares.

It now turns out that the floods may indeed be man-made but not quite in the manner supposed. The principal agent behind them being the EU “which has brought drought and flood upon the land”.

A government consultant along the upper Severn noticed something very interesting one day when wandering fields in a rainstorm. Water flooding across the land suddenly disappeared when it reached a belt of trees.

It turns out that land adjacent to trees can absorb over 50 times as much water as open land – and particularly open land impacted by say too many animals. The roots of trees channel water down into the ground.

But it’s been a basic of EU agricultural grant policy that land must be cleared of ‘unwanted vegetation‘. As a result, land has been cleared of trees all over.

Then things get worse. In order to get rid of waste water in increasing supply waterways have been extensively altered at huge cost to streamline flow. That increases the amount of water they carry down towards unfortunate dwellings and towns.

So what has happened is that vast sums have been spent making sure that water is not absorbed by the soil during heavy rainfall and chanelling it toward unfortunate inhabitants in its path even faster than before.

But it’s even worse! The water now not absorbed by the soil is not available during periods of drought. At incredible expense the EU has unwittingly set out to create the worst of all possible worlds – flooding and drought.

It appears that without this deranged policy much of the flooding we hear about would never have occurred. You really could not make it up.

“And the land was cursed and drought and flood were upon it“!

Gone all Biblical……


12 thoughts on “Is the EU a biblical curse?

  1. Excellent article, Mike. Added to this problem is the fact that government has already reduced funding for channel clearing – that is, for getting JCBs to scoop mud, dead leaves and detritus from drainage channels, streams and small rivers. Result? As now seen on the Somerset Levels, clogged-up drainage culverts and channels, and 25 square miles of water where there should be fields and villages!

    1. Well some would say that they went over the top in this country and drained far too much land that would have been better left in its original state. Nature has rights as well one thinks.

  2. Perhaps this information should be put into a BDP leaflet, although obviously without the Biblical reference. The general public are not being made aware of the truth by the mainstream media, so this would make an excellent subject for a leaflet to show the voters just one of the many reasons why Britain would be much better off if we left the EU.

  3. During a New Year visit to Belgium I noticed a large amount of very well maintained and large ditches at the side of fields.

    The farmers here got rid of ours to increase the size of the fields.

    Now the roads adjacent to the roads flood!!!!

  4. The people in the Environment Agency were warned last year when Somerset flooded that if nothing was done to dredge the rivers then it would happen again. ‘Lo and behold!’ to use a Biblical phrase. The people in the Agency, those at the top, that is the minister involved, Owen Patterson etc, should all be sacked for gross incompetence. Will it happen? I won’t hold my breath!

  5. The government has no money you see. They can’t afford to maintain flood defences to the extent they were once maintained. Plenty of money for irrigation schemes in the Third World though! The obvious truth of the matter is that we are building on flood plains. We do so because of the population explosion – caused by the twin effects of immigration and ethnic minority community ‘natural increase’. Things can only get worse and ‘global warming’ has little to do with it.

  6. Sorry Jim but the Government has plenty of money – ours! It uses it to bail out its mates in the banking industry and grease the palms of foreign despots – particularly those interested in buying British weapons systems such as the rotten-to-the-core Saudis.

  7. (Party Member) The latest nonsense from our Government is to claim we can not afford flood defences so if we choose between town or countryside, they will try and do some here and there! Our party’s policies of National Preference would ensure that we would have all the flood defences needed. Remember with all the savings on foreign aid and European Union fees we will be able to afford decent roads as well!

  8. (Party Member) Our party is pledged to end the curse of the European Union with all its social engineering and harm that has come with it. We will thus solve many of Britain’s problems at a stroke. The positive effect and improvement in our people’s lives would indeed be of Biblical proportions.

  9. (Party Member) We have imported medieval barbarity from some of the worst places on earth. One of the worst examples is ritually slaughtered food. If we had the political will to ban this awful treatment of animals from our shores, then the exodus from Britain would indeed reach Biblical proportions!

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