Immigration and Crime: 66% of All Robbery and Knife Crime in London by Third Worlders

Figures released by the Metropolitan Police have revealed — once again — a clear link between criminality and Third World immigration with the news that over two-thirds of all violent street crime in the capital is committed by non-whites.

The statistics issued by the Met show that whites — of all nationalities — made up less than a third of all 7,956 people taken to court for robbery and knife-point muggings last year in London.

In total, less than 32 per cent of arrestees were classified as white and 11 per cent were Asian.

According to the police, 55 percent, or 4,363 of the robbers were black. Some 2,166 arrestees were classed as “white north Europeans,” 360 were classed as “white south Europeans” and 860 as “Asian.” The rest were Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, south-east Asian or of “unknown” ethnicity.

The inference in the Met statistics is that all those who are classed as “white north Europeans” are native British. This is of course, as everyone who lives in London, incorrect.

“White north European” will include all nationalities, including from eastern Europe. Given the multi-nationality of much of this “white northern European,” it is likely that white British people are a minority of that minority.

The Met also released figures for people charged with what it called “knife-enabled robberies.” These figures showed that of the 1,613 arrestees last year, 967 (or 60 percent) were black. Whites of all nationalities made up 27 per cent, and Asians 10 per cent.

The police figures pinpointed Westminster and Southwark as the areas with the highest number of robberies and knife-point muggings respectively.

In Lambeth and Lewisham, 75 per cent of arrestees were black, while in Southwark, the proportion was 69 per cent.

These figures have been consistent since the early 1980s, despite billions of pounds of “aid,” “education” and “affirmative action” (read anti-white discrimination.”

It is also significant that a large number of the offenders are second or even third generation immigrant descendants, and therefore cannot use the excuse of “racism” or “the legacy of colonialism” any more.

The only answer to this growing problem is a phased programme to undo the effects of multi-culturalism and mass immigration.

A failure to do otherwise will inevitably see Britain submerged completely into the Third World.

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  1. I am actually surprised that the black figure is so low. When I lived in London in the 80s all knife crime on the streets was black. I suppose the eastern invasion broke their monopoly. I bet all true british knifings are domestic.

  2. Do they keep figures on the ethnicity of the victims?

    Black ‘yoof cultcha’ is the dominant culture amongst young people in Britain’s inner cities. Many white and some muslim kids invest considerable time and effort in pretending to be black and taking on their beliefs and behaviours.

    Many white kids left growing up as a despised ethnic minority in central London have little choice but to adopt the savagery of their black peers or else they will become a victim of it.

  3. I mean does this really need an article. We know this…..we have known it for years in London. Every time you see a moped robbery or BBC Crime watch its all ethnic or foreign faces.

    This is a realist fact not a racist and our Government keeps letting them pour over the border in droves.

    Sadly the question is what is being done about it is nothing!!!

  4. Yougov recently ran a poll on attitudes to gay people and homosexuality. Across the country the figure for people who were NOT accepting of homosexuality is arpund 14% which varied little up and down the country Scotland being the most accepting but still 11% of those polled were NOT accepting of homosexuality. When you look at the figure for London it goes from an average of 14% countrywide to 28% in London a stark reminder 60% of the population of London non British!!

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