Human Wave of Migrants Surging Across the EU

Police let migrants pass the border line from Greece to Macedonia, near Gevgelija August 24, 2015. REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski

Police let migrants pass the border line from Greece to Macedonia

Greece has been overwhelmed by an influx of migrants reaching its islands from Turkey.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa crossed on foot In a human wave surging through the Balkans from Greece travelling through Macedonia into Serbia on their way to Western Europe, it was reported today.

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Large numbers entered Macedonia from Greece after Macedonia lifted the blockade of its border with Greece following the breech of its border controls when thousands of migrants stormed past police who tried to stop them by force. Over the weekend around 7000 migrants, mostly of Syrian origin, including women, babies and small children, crossed into Serbia from Macedonia.

More than 7,000 migrants have crossed into Serbia from Macedonia since Friday, according to the UN and calls for the EU to step up and help Serbia, amid fears migrants may struggle to make their next crossing into Hungary.

More than 90,000 people have entered Serbia so far this year, 23,000 of them in the past fortnight.

After entering Serbia, the migrants, fleeing wars and poverty, head toward EU-member Hungary from where they want to continue further North to richer EU countries, such as Germany, Sweden and the UK.

The Hungarian government is racing to complete a barbed-wire fence along its southern side – and at more than 4m high, it is meant to ensure migrants only cross over at “designated entry points”.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has rejected calls for a new summit to discuss immigration, insisting EU member states simply needed to implement previously agreed measures.

With no border controls the migrants are free to travel across Europe and only a matter of time before large numbers reach France with the intention of gaining entry to the UK by whatever illegal means they can find.


Some of the comments by UK residents on Twitter and Internet:

@haveaniceday1 this is purely according to a socialist EU agenda – no borders, no nations. Go wherever you like and settle there as it’s a single country – EU.

@Gj73  But why are they not staying in the FIRST safe country? Why do they have to come to northern Europe? Why are they not going to a Muslim country? This is why many on here including myself are so distrusting and sceptical of them. And lastly why does no one from the media ask them how they are going to support themselves?

@Gj73 They will only wish to stay where they receive free housing & benefits! So deplore me if you will but I say don’t let them anywhere near our Island!

bodyguardian 5ptsFeatured 1 hour ago

Is someone making sure they get the right train. Siberia looks very much like Serbia if you can only read Arabic.

ReggieBoy67 5ptsFeatured 1 hour ago

No one in Europe wants them; they will keep waving them through to the end of the line – i.e. UK

Look up land mass for England compared to Germany/France/Spain – they have the room to take them, we don’t…

This is an invasion of Europe on a scale never seen before and has got to be stopped

quaddy13 5ptsFeatured

As soon as they cross so many safe countries they are not refugees anymore, but illegal economic migrants looking for better handouts

@MaxShalamar2112  Make that 14,000.  They will be sending for their wives and families just as soon as they gain asylum.


Pity that Referendum on EU isn’t tomorrow. By 2017 it’s gonna be too late for us. By then we will have been forced to take migrants. When they get here and realise it’s not bed of roses there’s gonna be even more jihadi’s. Because, of course, not getting your own way makes people offended…

Shy Tortoise

It’s the sense of entitlement that sticks in my throat. They just demand to settle in another country thousands of miles away and ‘expect’ help. The majority of those travelling though Macedonia have travelled through Turkey – a safe country. Why travel on to North Europe and put themselves through further hardship?

Where are they expecting to live and how are they expecting to support themselves when they get there?

What country could I turn up to and say “excuse me, can you point me in the direction of my free house, money, healthcare and education and be quick about it please”?

What a joke.


Why are they not taking refuge in first country of entry ( we know why?)

The EU needs to lease/loan large piece of land in Africa to create a safe zone position with troops etc and put All migrants there.

It will be cheaper in the long run and won’t destroy our own cultures and societies


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  1. ( Party Official ) A Labour Party Spokes creature would say ” How dare you use such dramatic language like Flood , human wave etc. etc. They have NO ANSWERS to anything , particularly this problem , which in the end will prove to be our biggest problem ! Just SAY NO to Mass immigration and JOIN US TODAY !

  2. (party member)So according to the utopian Left ”we are all the same” …and race is nothing more than a ”construct”….and many of the worlds problems in the third world can be narrowed down to racism or colonialism…

    And yet the migrant destination pattern is increasingly familiar. The people from the ”developing world” want to live in the developed world(white countries), and will travel through many other countries to get there.

    We are so ”racist” that many people risk drowning to get here. It says it all really.

    • So according to the Utopian left, who on the whole don’t live in the enriched areas.
      Well its also a well known saying . Utopia is only found after crossing a river of blood , And of course my favourite song with other words, which well describes these infantile Folk .
      To the tune of the ‘Red Flag”
      ‘ The working class can kiss my ass, I’ve got the foremans job at last’

  3. Yesterdays news that Germany is going to accept 800,000 plus migrants is particularly depressing,firstly we expected the German government to have more sense and secondly we all know where a majority of these migrants will end up.It used to be “we feed they breed”now it is “we feed, clothe,house,give our jobs,let them rape our kids and get away with it,flood the Country with drugs and still they breed”.

  4. If as a result of all the latest TV viewing of unrest and criminality at Calais and the Raspail prophecy from his novel ‘Camp of the Saints’ as boat loads getting rescued by the Europeans. Our people carry on voting yes please . Then all our hard work is to no avail. They deserve nothing less that contempt.
    So we await the referendum with trepidation .For a yes we stay in vote, will be the death knell of this once proud race.

  5. ( Party Official ) I really do not want to be disrespectful to someone who has been Prime Minister of our Country but GORDON BROWN IS WRONG AGAIN. As part of PROJECT FEAR , he is now saying that British Workers will lose ANY RIGHTS they have if we leave the European Union Superstate ! He says it will be ‘ dog eat dog ‘ out there . As a Marxist Labour Party disaster of a Prime Minister , he flooded our Country with workers from around the world , to make sure it was DOG , EAT DOG in the scramble for what few , LOW PAID JOBS WERE AVAILABLE. we NATIONALIST WILL PROVIDE full employment !

    • ( Party Official ) Our Chairman , Andrew Brons , often explains how what is POLITICALY POSSIBLE IS FINANCIALLY POSSIBLE. Given this fact BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY makes near ‘ full employment ‘ a reality with our NATIONALIST ATTITUDES TOWARDS SAVING BRITAIN. See the article on TATA STEEL in the trade and Industry section for proposals to get Britain back to work , with the B.D.P. !

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