David Cameron the Marxist. Globalisation and the Crushing of the Human

By Tim Haydon.

‘Progressives’ congratulate themselves as being ‘forward looking’people.’ What then are they looking forward to? There must be something very concrete, surely, to give them a direction in which to head, something which gives them very good reason for thinking that the obliteration of Britain, quite possibly the most successful society in history, is worthwhile?

The Progressive’s ‘Hope’ is not enough.

Well, the sad truth very likely is that most ‘Progressives’ have no clearly thought-out agenda. They simply experience an adolescent, restless, bored dissatisfaction with the present and ‘hope’ on the basis of nothing much at all, for something better (as they perceive ‘better’) which, they insist, is on the way. The ‘natural goodness’ of humanity will triumph in the end and a utopia of peace and plenty will dawn when total ‘integration’ and conflict resolution is brought about in One World.

The Human must Disappear

Obstacles to ‘Progress’ such as Britain, its people and its traditions must disappear as history thrusts forward to the sunlit uplands, borne on the wings of the internet and other technology  which is creating the Globalised World of peace and plenty.  Or something like that.  (In Lenin’s day, ‘Progressives’ like him thought that electricity would do the trick).

The Nightmare Utopia

Total integration in pursuit of conflict resolution seems to mean ultimately a state of homogenised human sameness, a sort of people – smoothie. In a condition of material comfort and limitless tension – free utter blandness, people will be equally happy and happily equal. It will never happen of course, humans being human, but just supposing it did, would any sane person with a mental life above that of a battery chicken want to live in such a world, material comforts or not? It’s a world of mind-numbing sameness from which there could be no escape and where mediocrity would inevitably be the highest good.  The Progressive’s vision isn’t of Utopia. It’s an anti-human nightmare.

David Cameron the Marxist

In this vision of a materialist Utopia brought about by the unstoppable march of scientific reason and technology, the dread hand of Karl Marx can easily be detected.  Yes, David Cameron and the  Cameroons – so called ‘conservatives’ – are slaves of that particular dead economist and his cracked forerunners, just as much as are Ed Miliband and his crew. They make the classic ‘Progressive’s’ error of looking back on two millennia of civilizational advance and thinking it inevitable. It was nothing of the kind. It would never have happened without the specific qualities of the people who created this culture, inspired by Greek critical enquiry and the Christian religion.

Big Business is the Bulldozer to Utopia

Marx had great admiration for the properties of capitalism as an instrument of creative destruction and the path to the nightmare condition of full integration is of course being flattened out by the ‘Progressive’s’ bulldozer, Globalising big business. ‘Flattened’ because the ‘necessity’ for the ‘free flow of capital and labour’ does trample everything local underfoot – liquifying nations, peoples, religions, cultures – in the drive for profit in a worldview which sees material wellbeing as the fundamental good and materialism as the only reality. Such a world has been drained of all meaning save for the search for material comfort and sensual satisfaction. This is called ‘lowering the barriers between peoples’.

From The Local to the Global; From Meaning to Nothingness

A vivid example of how Globalisation drains meaning and crushes the human as it advances from the local to the global is to be seen in the story of the logos of the insurance giant Aviva. This company is what used to be called ‘Norwich Union’ before it severed its centuries-old roots in that quintessentially English city to become ‘global’.  Let’s look at some of its advertising:


This advertisement is from the 1960’s. It bursts with local pride. ‘A fine city’ is a local saying about Norwich.  The advertisement is one in a country which is fiercely proud of its traditions and of its Christian heritage and is robustly unafraid of ‘offending’ minorities who were in any case pretty much non-existent at the time and which simply didn’t register on the nation’s consciousness. The stylised Cathedral spire was in fact the Company Logo at the time.

In a later advertisement, the company is still Norwich Union. The logo has though been ‘modernised’. It is still recognisably a church or cathedral spire, but could be anywhere, not necessarily Norwich.  Some people might make the connection with Norwich Cathedral.

In the next logo, the cathedral spire has become a spike, which could represent anything. The roots in Norwich Cathedral have been just about eliminated. The Company is still named Norwich Union, though.

Now Norwich Union is being merged into Aviva, the  company we know today.

In this last logo, the link with Norwich has been lost completely. Globalisation has achieved a name (Aviva) which is meaningless in any language and a logo which is also meaningless in any language.

Except  the language of money.

Welcome to the globalised world of nothingness.

8 thoughts on “David Cameron the Marxist. Globalisation and the Crushing of the Human

  1. (Party Member) Through the link provided above I have just read the whole article on Sheffield in the ghastly lefty Telegraph. This newspaper has done so much harm to British Nationalism over the years and still is! They mention two failed ghastly politicians, David Blunkett and Nick Clegg, who are still opposing British Nationalism despite us being proved right about almost everything and they being proved wrong on everything! (They are the local M.P.’s.) The state of our poor country and the awful things to come are down to people like them and newspapers like the Telegraph. On a more pleasing note it sure makes you proud to be a BRITISH DEMOCRAT and my membership renewal has just been posted!

  2. These progressives are nothing like progressive. Cameron, like his idol Blair, were and are only interested in office. To strut the world stage as if they are important. They bend in the politically correct climate. Cameron is off to China no doubt to insist they allow homosexuals the right to marry – amongst other worthy ideas. But issues of substance they leave well alone or hide behind the present incumbent in the White House.

  3. The troubling fact is that most top politicians are either psychopaths or borderline psychopaths. It gives them the manipulative ability needed to climb the greasy pole.

    The Labour MP Leo Abse even wrote a book about Blair on that basis. And our current leader is an admirer! Very troubling.

    Anyone who has ever dealt with psychopaths knows how they fly under human radar. You tend to only know them for what they are when it’s too late having seen them up close.

  4. Nearby the cathedral in Norwich is Strangers Hall, apparently so called because it was used to house Dutch and Flemish weavers fleeing religious persecution on the Continent in the 16th century. You can still visit it today.

    Interestingly, there was some concern expressed at the time that some of the so called asylum seekers who were arriving in large numbers and who claimed to be escaping persecution. were just ‘economic migrants’ claiming to be persecuted. There was also concern that others harboured dangerous fundamentalist beliefs such as Anabaptists.

    Queen Elizabeth put measures in place to make sure those coming in were genuine asylum seekers. Nothing changes and how little the powers that be have learned.

    Norwich is indeed a fine City and I am sorry I ever left it. Up the Canaries!

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