Britain Outside The Closed Shop Of The EU Superstate Is On The Brink Of Entering A Golden Age.

by John Shaw

After years of laziness Britain is about to start growing and making things again. The days when everything you see says ‘made in China’ will be gone. Sure they are not in the European Union and trade within the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, but at least they produce things.

As well as a manufacturing boom, our farmers have a wonderful opportunity to grow crops and produce again. Gone will be the days when, in the supermarket vegetable and salad selection, only the lettuce is from Britain.

As a nation, we just need to get on with it and ignore the totally pessimistic and wrong people like Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer,  who does not want us to trade with the rest of the world.

9 thoughts on “Britain Outside The Closed Shop Of The EU Superstate Is On The Brink Of Entering A Golden Age.

  1. AT LAST a report say’s that Britain’s poorest families will gain from cheaper food and in a rare outbreak of actual truth and commonsense , I read that the LABOUR LEAVE small pro-brexit group have realised that FOOD PRICES in Britain will fall after we have left the ‘ closed shop ‘ , market rigging of the E.U. Superstate. WOW , for any of the MARXIST LED Party to actually REALISE ANYTHING is AMAZING as their Leadership continually CONTRADICT THEMSELVES ,often in the same sentence. OUR BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY has an amazing record , read the older articles for confirmation , of PREDICTING EVENTS and the need for various POLICIES , BASED ON NATIONALIST THINKING. As yet the Media have TOTALLY IGNORED US , BUT THAT DOES NOT STOP YOU JOINING THE PATRIOTIC , CLASSLESS PARTY OF THE FUTURE , DOES IT ?

  2. Well said again. The future outside the EU is like an awakening for Great Britain, we can once again determine our own future, though admittedly there are trials and tribulations ahead, because of the damage done to us. We are now in the driving seat though, and the conniving from EU officials is because of their own downward spiral. It is long overdue.

  3. Merely getting out of the EU WILL NOT, by itself, lead to any kind of ‘golden age’ for Britain. After all, it was because of the continual decline of our country from the 1930’s to the 1970’s that gave rise to a figure like Edward Heath having the means and the credibility for undemocratically pushing Britain into the former Common Market in 1973 WITHOUT A PRE-LEGISLATIVE REFERENDUM in the first place. Removing ourselves from EU rule (and this assumes we get a REAL Brexit anyway which is, unfortunately, a BIG IF!) CAN provide an OPPORTUNITY for reviving the fortunes of the former Great Britain but it is ONLY THAT. Let’s face it, independence on its own hasn’t helped many of our ex-colonies.

    This is why we need to become the modern, credible, anti-globalist nationalist party Britain so desperately needs.

    1. wake up people into not voting for Labour is a must as Corbyn will never stand up for Us nationally or internationally he is a committed Red

  4. Having just read , yet again , another financial Brexit type report , I realise that the fact that BRITAIN IS ON THE BRINK OF A GOLDEN AGE is becoming obvious to nearly EVERYONE. Apart from the usual lefty types who neither understand anything or CONTRIBUTE to society. The article bemoaned the fact that the Republic of Ireland would suffer terribly if Britain JUST LEFT the E.U. Superstate without a SUBMITTING DEAL TO THEM ! They said that the average Tarrif on food products , from the E.U. would be 22% with tarrifs on IRISH CHEDDAR CHEESE AT 44% AND BEEF AT 40% ! This PROVES our British Democratic Party TOTALLY CORRECT as we WILL PRODUCE OUR OWN CHEESE AND REAR OUR OWN BEEF , THUS ENTERING A GOLDEN AGE OF FARMING IN BRITAIN , IN LINE WITH NATIONALIST THINKING.

    1. Good for you! I’ve always believed Brexit COULD be a good step for our country to take but we have a problem in that Labour and Tory don’t believe in Britain and have policies which are globalist so we won’t be able to take advantage of new possibilities. This is a significant problem with Brexit in our particular case. Labour and Tory are the bane of our nation but thanks to the undemocratic farce of First Past The Post we can’t get rid of them!

      We need to support campaigns to ensure we get votes roughly EQUAL in value WHEREVER we cast them in this country which, sadly, is NOT the case today:

  5. Having just bought quite an expensive product , I was very pleased to see the following statement on the front of the warranty book ; ‘ BUILT TO LAST , IN GREAT BRITAIN ‘ next to a UNION JACK , AS IT HAS BECOME KNOWN.

  6. It is not all bad ! The above article shows what is possible , with British Democratic Party thinking along NATIONALIST PRINCIPLES. Join the Serious Patriotic Party Today and start making a DIFFERENCE.

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