Britain, A Nation Renowed For Its Love Of Animals Allows This To Happen

by Freespeech

Don’t allow yourself to be duped into buying ‘Halal Meat’ which, for obvious reasons, is not always properly identified at the ‘point of sale’.  It is also served up in many of our schools and hospitals without being identified, in order to ensure the authorities do not ‘disrespect’ the views of some minority groups, at the expense of British views and values.

If you agree that this is an outdated medieval animal slaughtering practice and has no place in Britain today stand up and be counted!

Support or join the British Democrats and help us publicise the extent that this medieval practice, brought into the UK by third world immigration, has taken hold in Britain today.

The British Democrats say minority groups should not be catered for, through the medieval ritual slaughter of animals in Britain, and should be stopped.


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  1. Halal guarantees an income for Moslems.

  2. All ritual slaughter which forbids the animal to be stunned should not be permitted in any country, if truth be told. We know that we cannot stop this elsewhere, but why is it practised here ? Religion should not be afforded special priviliges, but then in this country it seems we tolerate everything except the truth.

  3. Quite right, Free Speech , be very careful what you buy as so much is Halal. With Muslim populations growing, this form of animal cruelty is going to increase, unless we do something radical to bring it to a halt. Evidently the well-being of livestock does not appear to be the priority of the government, who are more concerned about not offending the ”religion of peace”

  4. We British Democrats are in favour of considerable changes in the Laws of the Land regarding the disgusting and very un- British practice of Ritual Slaughter. We would end this Barbaric Cruelty by BANNING ALL HALAL SLAUGHTER IN BRITAIN. Also a total Ban on the Import of such Goods. Should some People feel unable to live here under such conditions , then clearly they would be free to go and live somewhere that they would feel Happier. Home maybe ?

  5. Every Kebab, every Taxi journey and every penny spent in there Corner shops channels monies to terrorist causes. The cure is simple do not shop with them use the Taxi,s or purchase fast food.

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