They Aren’t Interested In A Fair Deal – Time To Walk Away

Reaching an amicable agreement with the MEPS of 27 other EU countries is not going to happen unless we give in to ALL their expensive demands.

Britain must not wait until Brexit negotiations with the EU are complete, or exhausted, before commencing trade negotiations with the rest of the world.

We need to negotiate and  reach agreements with the rest of the world NOW and in parallel with  the EU Brexit talks, in order to ensure we can walk away should an agreement with the EU not be achieved.


4 thoughts on “They Aren’t Interested In A Fair Deal – Time To Walk Away

  1. YES , We need to walk away ! This incident proves beyond doubt that these people have nothing but ill will against us. As the ‘ spot on ‘ BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY have said before ; We should NOT PAY A LEAVING FEE , THEY SHOULD PAY US. We should NOT BE BULLIED INTO GRANTING MILLIONS OF GUEST WORKERS CITIZENSHIP OF OUR COUNTRY AND YES , AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE , WE SHOULD JUST WALK AWAY AND ADOPT THE FREE TRADE RULES OF THE W.T.O. ( WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION.)

    1. Having watched a lot of news with the Party Conferences , Las Vegas Slaughter and the Catalan’s trying to leave Spain and the E.U. Superstate , I am amazed that this CRITICAL VOTE ABOUT BRITAIN has not been mentioned. It is clear , after this vote , that British Democratic Party thinking has been RIGHT ALL ALONG.

  2. When we read that Britain can not conclude trade deals with other Countries until we are out of the European Union , why do we just accept this , WHY ? The BELGIUM AMBASSADOR should be summoned to Downing St and then EXPELLED for his Country being Host and thus Complicit in interfering in OUR COUNTRIES INTERNAL AFFAIRS , WHICH IS WIDELY CONSIDERED NOWADAYS , AN ACT OF WAR ! We should give Belgium 90 days to close down the E.u. Headquarters or else face the Wrath of Great Britain. That , or else STOP TELLING US WHAT TO DO !

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