Windrush and the roots of immigration

John Bean reports

The Windrush generation are named after the ship that brought one of the first groups of West Indians to Britain – SS Empire Windrush

In January 1947 I made my first trip to Trinidad on HMS Bulawayo as the ship’s Leading Radar   Mechanic.  The ship had originally sailed under the German naval flag as the Nordmark, a supply ship for U-boats and surface raiders. Taken over by Britain as a prize of war, the purpose of my three voyages to  Trinidad (plus a flag-flying exercise in Jamaica) was to use the Bulawayo’s storage tanks to bring 13,000 tons of oil from the Trinidad oil field back to England, where oil was in short supply.


HMS BULAWAYO (FL 4219) Underway entering Grand Harbour, Malta. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

We docked near  San Fernando which seemed to be dominated by slum huts of galvanized iron, packing cases and other  discarded materials. These were almost exclusively inhabited by descendants of Trinidadian African slaves.  One third of the population then were descendants of indentured labourers from India.  Together with the Chinese, the Indians had a virtual monopoly of the general stores, shops, taxi business and cinemas. But it was always the African descendant who ended up in the shanty huts. They had nothing left but to labour in the sugar cane fields.

Many of Trinidad and Jamaica’s West Indians lived in the shanty towns out of choice.  Many of them then – and even now – find it better to spend their hard-earned cash on a gaily coloured new shirt or a bottle of rum in such an equitable climate.  As we noticed ourselves back in 1947 there seemed to be a a number  who preferred to exist by theft and violence. I hope that Special  Branch operatives appreciate that I have not dared to suggest that any West Indians with this choice of  life style ever came to Britain when the Windrush started the immigration ‘program’ in 1948.  Remember: we are only allowed to say that their descendants in Britain have added greatly to our music, to the realms of science, space travel – but not the ability to put a fine sharp edge on knives and swords, or to run faster than the police when these weapons have been used to maim or murder their co-racials.

I had left the Royal Navy two days after the Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks with 492  immigrants from Jamaica and Trinidad. Most of the many children had travelled  with their names written on to their parents  passports. Incidentally the Windrush was also a German troopship taken over as a prize of war.  I can’t find out  how many trips it made to the West Indies.  Probably not more than four as the last mention  of this ship was when it caught fire and sunk in the Mediterranean in March 1954.

In 1948 the key to non-British immigration was provided by the British Nationality Act. This made provision for British nationality and for citizenship of the UK and its Colonies

By the seventies Afro-Asian immigration, including from the West Indies, was now reaching a million.   In 1971 the Immigration Act upgraded previous Acts, allegedly to restrict primary immigration into the UK.  If this objective was adhered to then it would have been our last chance to ensure a predominantly White European stock for our children’s children. I find it depressing to see a photograph of me addressing a few thousand in Trafalgar Square in 1959 under the banner of Keep Britain White. The message was feasible then – but now we can hardly call to ‘Make Britain White!’

The flood will continue

Our readers know where Labour and the Lib Dems stand on immigration: let in whoever wants to. Theresa May follows the Tory line of wishful thinking (if not hypocrisy). ‘The Government’s goal of cutting  net annual migration below 100,000 would remain in place after Brexit.’, she told the Danish Prime Minister. This follows the announcement that from next month (May) onwards one million people were granted European Union citizenship, giving them the right to live and work in the UK. Apart from the major fact that we are so overcrowded, I would not complain on more Danes, Germans, Italians or other genuine Europeans coming here. The latest statistics, published by Eurostat, showed that 90 per cent of the 995,000 people came from non-EU countries or were stateless.

It states that Moroccans, Albanians and Indians made up the three largest groups of people. Just over 100,000 people from Morocco, 67,500 people from Albania and 41,700 people from India acquired EU citizenship. Almost 60 per cent of those Indian citizens acquired British citizenship.  Citizens of India, Pakistan and Nigeria were the three main recipients of British citizenship.

Before any of the above is considered further, let alone accepted, our Government should take immediate action to allow full British citizenship to the 113 elderly people who came here as children in or just after the Windrush era. They have been denied just treatment  by our bureaucrats.



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  1. Very true about Trinidad, as well as the descendants of African slaves, there were quite a few Asians, mainly Indians but also Orientals. When I visited Port of Spain, in the early 80’s, it became clear that the other groups had very little to do with blacks, and the trouble was always to be found in the slum areas, that were known then as the “quarters”…the Asians would warn you about what to expect in these areas ie steer clear. Today our politicians and media speak about Windrush, with the usual romanticised rhetoric, but the legacy of Jamaican immigration was evident soon after, with the trouble in Notting Hill, and other cities of England, escalating tensions among different communities, Leftist agitators siding with the newcomers, and of course the police accused of ‘racism’. The fact that our media always fail to highlight the obvious connections between immigration and it’s not so rose tinted underbelly, goes back a long way.

    • According to the globalist anti-British luvvies of Labour, Lib Dem and CONServative Japan should be a near bankrupt country with mass unemployment, a huge balance of trade deficit etc yet it is still, despite having a fair degree of economic difficulties over the last twenty odd years, an INDUSTRIAL SUPERPOWER with many world-class JAPANESE-OWNED companies who are, very often, leaders in their field. How comes this is the situation? Surely, when the Japanese government has consistently advocated and followed a ‘Japan First’ policy line on immigration matters it should have caused a big economic collapse?

      Japan- NO mass immigration with a nationalist government AND an economic superpower.

      Britain – WITH MASS IMMIGRATION for many decades, governments which basically hate our country and its people AND virtually no BRITISH-OWNED industries and an economy which has some pretty severe weaknesses ie a bad balance of trade DEFICIT and a high level of ‘structural’ unemployment.

      How come? Can someone here please explain the discrepancy?

    • They fail to highlight the connections for the simple reason to do so would be to say they have been wrong all along in promoting mass immigration. It is much easier to be cowardly and not face up to your own stupidity and ignorance. Our globalist politicians are also a bunch of cowards in this way as has been amply demonstrated when they attacked a dead man ie Enoch Powell recently when, privately, the more intelligent amongst them probably do recognise Enoch was right. They can have an easier life attacking Powell and getting PC brownie points from the globalist anti-British media rather than being honest in public and saying yes Enoch may well have had some points to make.

  2. Superb , the British Democratic Party at its best , getting to the heart of the matter. The best thing British People can do for themselves is study the articles and comments on this website and then Join the only Political Party in Britain that can save Britain from falling into the abys that the traditional Party’s are hurling us !

  3. Very interesting article. It must have been a unique experience and one which could only make a young man witness at first hand just why the British navy is revered the world over. We have a proud history of shipbuilding and navigating the oceans. But it does beg the question, just why are we giving our countries away to people who had neither wheel or sail, or even a raft? The lack of development in some parts of the world, does indicate the huge differences in the various cultures. For pointing out this self evident reality, you’ll be called an extremist, what a crazy world we live in !

  4. worst thing We ever did was allow these ‘people’ into Britain I can’t see what the fuss is about typical frenzy whipped up by lying Labour and their anti-British lackeys at the BBC and the Daily Mirror we need to get the LibLabCon traitors out

    • The BBC should really be given about six months by a nationalist government to reform itself, quit its globalist bias, and stop pumping-out relentless anti-British tosh or face being closed down. I can’t think of any other country in the world that would allow a supposed ‘national’ broadcaster to continually hate a country and its people to continue broadcasting as we do. If the BBC was as globalist in 1940 as it is now, the Battle of Britain would have been lost as the nation’s morale would have been in the pits.

    • I find it hard to accept, Adam, that ‘we’ let these people into Britain. In reality, ‘we’ DIDN’T since NO British government since the national government in 1931 (mainly Tory) has HAD A REAL MAJORITY in parliament BASED-UPON A REAL MAJORITY OF VOTES. EVERY government since then has been in a clear MINORITY position as far as REAL VOTES IN REAL BALLOT BOXES are concerned. The truth is the political Establishment of Lab/CON/and Lib Dem (for five years between 2010-2015) IMPOSED this situation on the country knowing full well that without a proper democracy (as in Germany for instance with its eminently fair electoral system) we couldn’t really fight back against their treason in a democratic way.

      • My mistake I should have said apart from the only post WW2 coaltion of Tories and Lib Dems from 2010 to 2015 who did have a real majority not just in parliament but in the ballot boxes ie NOT an artificial majority gifted by the archaic nonsense of First Past The Post.

  5. Just read that the odious Diane Abbott has mentioned the Compensation word, well that makes it all ok then .

    • Diane Abbot as Home Secretary or the manifestly incompetent and globalist anti-British, anti-democratic, freak of nature Amber Rudderless? Take your pick! Yet, even with this pathetic excuse for a Home Secretary we have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of migrants pouring into Britain every year but some leftist loons describe the Home Office under Amber as running policies akin to Nazi Germany! Has Britain LOST ALL SENSE OF SANITY?

      What was that line in Enoch’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech about ,”those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”?

      • Under the CONServatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats Britain is just an economic space and a place to do business and make money for (mostly) foreign businesses and people. Emphatically, we are NOT a real country at all in their thinking so it is no wonder they adopt a consistent open-borders and a ‘Britain’ open to globalist winds policy line on this matter.

    • Corbyn should of visited ‘Specsavers’ before he went out with that in the 1980’s

  6. Oh , and another Gem today, April 22nd is now Stephen Lawrence Day, I must get my supply of Tissues ready its going to be an emotional roller coaster. What next Saint Stephen ?

    • Well done Graham for picking up on something which will eventually RIP BRITAIN APART. After years of INSTITUTIONALISED MULTI CULTURALISM and official degrading , ignoring or undermining ANYTHING PATRIOTIC , LIKE ST. GEORGES DAY , the MULTI CULTURAL ESTABLISHMENT of the three main Party’s have FINALLY GONE TO FAR ! Announcing STEPHEN LAWRENCE DAY on ST.GEORGES DAY was a calculated INSULT to decent Patriotic People. It was a STEP TO FAR AND WILL HAVE THE EFFECT OF UNITING OUR PEOPLE ! The laws of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES will DIVIDE BRITAIN COMPLETELY , as just Patriots and CHRISTIANS AND JUST NORMAL PEOPLE WILL SUPPORT ST.GEORGES DAY IN EVER GREATER NUMBERS on the twenty third of April. On the twenty second of April there will be the most awful alliance of PEOPLE WHO HATE BRITAIN , ITS PEOPLE , TRADDITIONS AND VALUES. The Police have been Accused of not caring about the Murder of Stephen Lawrence and will be attacked for this next year. God help them , particularly in LONDON as the MULTI CULTURAL HORDES MARCH AND PROTEST AGAINST US AND EVERYTHING WE HOLD DEAR.

      • I would ask anyone who doubts my predictions regarding STEPHEN LAWRENCE DAY to consider the disaster that is the MULTI CULTUAL AREA OF AMERICA. In that Country , which in mant parts is actually a FAILED STATE , the very worst elements of society there CELEBRATE MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY. The BEST ELEMENTS CELEBRATE THE 4TH OF JULY. So it will be in Britain as all the worst elements in our country celebrate Stephen Lawrence day and the BEST ELEMENTS OF OUR SOCIETY CELEBRATE ST. GEORGES DAY , AT LAST !

        • Despite its considerable wealth and the fact that its standard of living is amongst the world’s highest (though very unevenly distributed) the USA is a very unhappy country with a ‘society’ that can barely be called one and certainly NOT at ease with itself. This is what ‘multiculturalism’ tends to do a country. Indeed, this is just one reason Enoch Powell made the warnings he did because he had visited the USA and didn’t want us to replicate what has always been the foundation of American society since that country began.

          Tories here think the USA is a country we should aspire to be but whilst there are some good points about America and its society there is also much that shouldn’t be emulated. However, we shouldn’t be surprised the globalist CONServative Party thinks like this as, after all, its party anthem should be Abba’s Money, Money, Money. Tories are obsessed with money to the exclusion of everything else EVEN BRITISH NATIONHOOD!

      • This incessant pushing of Steven Lawrence’s death by the globalist political Establishment/media and the ignoring of white racial violence victims is not just profoundly unjust to Britons but also a very dangerous thing to do since it can only serve to increase the sense of victimhood/chips on the shoulder attitudes towards whites amongst ethnics and could cause riots to break-out like in London in 2011 and incidents like Broadwater Farm in 1985.

        After all, the basic narrative behind this obsessive focus on one supposed racial murder our political Establishment/media is conveying is that ‘whitey is ALWAYS to blame’ for anything that goes wrong in the lives of black and asian people. It would be no surprise if quite a few members of the ethnic ‘minorities’ were to take that message to heart and act accordingly.

    • Instead of the CONServatives forcing everyone in this country virtually at the point of a proverbial gun to mourn the death of a black drug dealer (previous REAL Tory governments would have seen such a despicable criminal HANGED like sensible non-PC mad countries ie Singapore and Japan still do) we should instead have a day of mourning the death of a great British patriot ie John Enoch Powell but then that wouldn’t induce yet more of guilty complex for being white and British or bring in ethnic votes for the increasingly desperate globalist Britain-hating spivs of the CONServative Party would it?

    • I see that the most appallingly misnamed political party in the world (with the possible exception of Japan’s governing Liberal Democratic Party which is a JAPANESE NATIONALIST party and wholly unlike our Lib Dems) ie Britain’s Conservatives made sure to stick the knife into the English part of the British population by announcing it on St George’s Day of all days in the year and also when the Royal Family were celebrating a new baby boy’s arrival.

      What a utterly repellent and SICK virulently anti-British party the Tories are.

      Apart from the wealth of the ULTRA-rich and their own power, what exactly does this supposed CONSERVATIVE party actually work to preserve?

      It hates our country and its native people and even rectifying their giving-away of our national sovereignty in 1973 is proving to be extremely difficult with Mrs Maybe at the helm.

    • Don’t give perpetually incompetent Mrs Maybe/Mayhem any more mad ideas. At anyrate, drug dealer Steven Lawrence seems to have been elevated to a national saint quite some time ago.

    • I would rather blowtorch my nipples off than support Stephen Lawrence day

  7. Steven, there is no doubt that the media deliberately “fails” to make obvious connections between the abject failures of multiculturalism and the process which caused it -immigration- because it would not only be an admission of defeat, but also of responsibility for their major role in paving the way for the establishment to impose such a flawed and unworkable system.

    We know that the sentimentality about Windrush, is all part of the compulsory White guilt agenda, which has reduced many of our people to self capitulating fools, who believe that our role in the world is to help everyone else while still apologising for doing so.

    A clear example of the deception that leads to this mindset is that circulated by the likes of George Osborne, and the widely read anti Brexit free-sheet paper he edits. In today’s editorial comment of the Evening Standard, the focus is on one racist murder that occurred in Eltham Twenty five years ago. And much as I would condemn what happened, It has been used like no other crime in British history to instil shame in every White child across our nation. Osbornes editorial, not only maintains the usual narrative, but absurdly claims that because of this murder “London is a far better place today than it was 25 years ago”

    There is no explanation as to why “London is a far better place today than it was 25 years ago” because it’s sentimentalised hogwash penned by an idealistic buffoon in Search of brownie points. The violent crime in London has multiplied twenty-fold during these years.

    As an Islington lad myself, Im not fooled in the least by the media. Here are some(there are others)of the names of White Europeans, who met their untimely deaths because of black knife crime in the borough I grew up in, where “anti racist” Corbyn is an MP. All but one of these murders in the last 25 years. Italian Jonathan Zito. Finnish Jeroen Ensink. Russian Iuliana Tudos. and all British lads- Martin Dinegan, Alan Cartwright, Ricky Smith, Richard Whelan and Ben Kinsella. all were victims of what the establishment liars would label “unprovoked” attacks, this is so they can lower the relevance -and thus the profile- of these horrendous crimes, so as to continue peddling their message of White guilt without the obstacles of truth to hamper them. Shame on them all.

    • Presumably, this day of national mourning is going to be particularly enforced in what are laughably termed state ‘schools’ in this country? If a child of mine were to have this tosh stuffed down their throats I would have my child walk out from the class and not attend it. No doubt he or she would get punished by the school for such a course of action and I as their parent would be reprimanded by the school but to my mind that would a price well worth paying. I hope parents up and down the land do this.

    • One of the worst PROVEN racial murders of all time in this country happened in your next door borough of Camden ie that of Richard Everett who was stabbed to death by a gang of Bangladeshi youths. His parents don’t get their non-criminal son remembered in an enforced national day of mourning because to the CONServative Party he was a English child and therefore automatically guilty for being born that ethnicity. I remember a couple of news reports of this happening at time but it soon disappeared down the magic PC memory hole.

      We never get constantly reminded of the racial murders of either him, Gavin Hopley in Oldham, Ross Parker in Peterborough or the particularly terrible case of Kriss Donald. Where are their memorial days?

  8. The ONLY thing to regret about Steven Lawrence’s death is that as a DRUG DEALER and therefore one of the most abhorrent kind of criminals possible he should have been arrested by the police, charged with drug dealing, given a fair trial in front of a judge and jury and if found guilty given a sentence of death and executed by the British state and not by a gang of lawless petty criminals/thugs on the streets. Instead of that sensible course of action which a SANE country like Singapore, Japan or South Korea would do we get this case elevated into a PC globalist cause celebre and constantly regurgitated as if it was the ONLY racial murder in British history (even though there is scant evidence it was actually a racial murder). It is utterly sickening and has caused our police forces to concentrate (after that ludicrous Marxist drivel of the MacMherson Report) on arresting people for saying un-PC things on Twitter and Facebook rather than dealing WITH REAL CRIMES like theft, muggings of old ladies, rapes and indeed murders.

    • It’s high time the police in this country got back to dealing with REAL crimes and not acting like the petty authoritarian thugs/enforcers of British state power like Adolf Hitler misused Germany’s police in Nazi Germany by suppressing legitimate comments on social media sites and in public. Under the misnamed Conservatives who were the FIRST political party to blatantly politicize the police (ie during the Miners’ Strike of 1984) in this country that is pretty much all they do. Is it any wonder why law-abiding citizens like myself (I have helped the police when I was younger) now can’t stand the sight of them and have no wish to help them?

  9. I notice the globalist anti-British (often Zionist) media in this god forsaken ‘country’ always carefully crop that photo of him in order to hide his ‘Black Power’ salute. Why do they not just be HONEST FOR ONCE and show it?

    • GREAT POINT. We need that photo , to show the world the TRUTH.

    • the British press honest they don’t know the meaning of the Word especially the pro EU Labour BBC or the Murdoch gutter press supporting Maybe the Guardian the illiberal undemocrats

  10. Instead of having an enforced at the behest of Teresa Mayhem’s thugs in uniform (formerly known as the British police) mournefest for a black drug dealer day why not, instead, have a day of mourning for great men like Sir Oswald Mosley, Cyril Osbourne MP – both British patriots who were warning about mass immigration and its potential consequences even before John Enoch Powell MP made his?

  11. Or a Kriss Donald Memorial Day – TOTALLY PROVEN racial murder which happened in Glasgow in 2004 of a 15 year old lad who was snatched off the streets by a Pakistani gang who then proceeded to castrate their victim, stab him 13 times, gouge out his eyes, cut out his tongue and then, finally, set him alight with petrol.

  12. Perhaps this video should be shown to the the SICK, mentally disturbed, supremely ugly, UNELECTED, , war mongering piece of anti-British filth ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ Teresa Maybe=

    Though as she has no conscience and certainly no feeling for this country or its native people she would probably just totally ignore it.

  13. Why not have a memorial day for these white victims of the failed, inherently unworkable, undemocratically IMPOSED multi-racial ‘society’:

    Why are not these names superimposed on the nation’s consciousness by the media and government?

  14. If I had my way, once a future patriotic government returns the crime of treason to the statute books (removed by Bliar) then people like Teresa May should be arrested, put on trial in front of a judge and jury and if found guilty of that offence sentenced to capital punishment. That is the least she and others of her wicked ilk should pay for the treason they have inflicted upon this blighted land.

  15. Let’s all say a BIG FAT NO to globalist anti-British hag Teresa Mayhem’s WHITE BRITISH SELF-FLAGELLATION AND FOR ALL ETERNITY GUILT DAY 2019.

  16. Steven, some of the gang members that murdered Richard Everitt have escaped justice. No media outcry though. No concern from “anti-racists” either. There are too many murders of Whites to even begin with here. Its something which needs to be highlighted more, in greater depth and detail, to help expose media hypocrisy and challenge their shaming of our children consciences, which they do to ensure their future complicity for population replacement.

    “tolerance” of mass immigration and multiculturalism revolves around the axis of White Guilt. Once that axis is permanently dismantled , then we can begin to make progress. A very long haul, a David and Goliath scenario, but one which we simply cannot back down from. These liars who grovel to everyone else, and use their powers of influence to destroy our people and all that our forefathers built, need to know there are those of us wise to their connivances.

  17. Breaking news!!!! New royal baby is called Delbert Rastus Windsor,wonderful bloody wonderful.

    • That IS a joke, is it not? If it isn’t then it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Frankly, very little surprises me anymore in this loony bin formerly called Great Britain.

  18. The hysterical reaction of the popular press over the Windrush affair shows what we are up against when it comes to repatriation. Any resettlement scheme would cause some distress but if we want to deport illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists, bogus asylum seekers, and overstaying students, we must act in the national interest. I congratulate you for your fight against the invasion. I was one of those in the crowd at your meetings in Trafalgar Square.

  19. If Enoch Powell was guilty of anything then it was of UNDERESTIMATING the problems ie he didn’t as far as I know predict that a VAST apparatus of extremely heavy-handed state power would need to be put into existence ie Public Order Acts (the ‘blessed Margaret’ was responsible for one of the most vicious of these ie the Public Order Act of 1986) in order to repress and suppress people’s natural feelings over this issue. Our masters have never supported a REAL democracy in this country (ie a written constitution/Bill of Rights guaranteeing us human rights such as freedom of speech and a fair electoral system etc) but what little democracy we are allowed to have has been comprehensively smashed to pieces by legislation like that one. Today, we have virtually a Gestapo operating in this country and it is getting worse all the time. I really wonder what our so-called police forces do all the time other than sit on their fat asses all day long staring at computer screens for un-PC comments on Facebook and Twitter so as to arrest and prosecute those writing them.

  20. The media hysteria, on behalf of people who do nothing for each other, and are a burden on whatever society has the misfortune to have to deal with their presence. It really is true that misplaced outgroup altruism the media peddles is a serious threat to our continued survival, and the most tempting thing for immigrants to easily take advantage of. No wonder they all want to make Europe their home.

  21. Who indrushes’ – V No ‘Windrushing@ at all. In fact ‘Anti windrushing/ ‘J’ racial cleandsing in Israel.
    Coincidence/ or Planned (((coincidence)))
    And so it goes.

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