The Worship of Saint Stephen

stephen-lawrenceReport by Jane Edwards.

Doreen Lawrence OBE is again commanding the subservience of the media in its backing of her latest campaign against the white community in general, whom she still insinuates sympathised with the murder of her son Stephen by white thugs. In the days when. Ken Livingstone was in charge, her organisation received £1.9m of taxpayers money from the London Development Fund to further her campaign.

She obviously has clout and her demands for a new and total enquiry into the death of her son and the role played by the police is likely to be met by Hogan-Howe, the new Commissioner of the Metropolitan police, who will recommend it to the Home Secretary. Hogan-Howe is the former Merseyside Chief Constable who was renowned for his victimisation of nationalists and pro-left stance on Merseyside.

I certainly condemn the murder of Stephen Lawrence all those years ago and would go as far as agreeing that the Police at the time were initially unconcerned as to how he died. But I equally condemn the manner in which our media, who always ignore the murder of whites by blacks, has persistently  tried to present him as a wonderful student, full of good works, and destined to join the sainthood. He certainly did not have a police record, but his close mate Duwayne Brook, a registered drug addict, did and wore a tag at one period. Some local people at the time were quoted as saying that Lawrence also did some drug dealing and that he was noted for taking dinner money off other kids at his school. Admitted this could be hearsay. The rumour that still abounds in the area that his murder was not racist inspired but because he had tried to move in on some white youngsters drug-dealing territory can also no longer be proven.

It is also significant that the media did their best to hide the photo published here of St. Stephen giving the Black Power salute – not that that is a  crime; merely an indication of his attitude. The photo is by courtesy of the Wigan Patriot site.

As I write, the media is waiting in the wings  for the imminent death of Nelson Mandela . They have long prepared their panegyrics for the glorification of this former terrorists  who was responsible, whether in or out of imprisonment, for the murder of numerous black and white men, women and children to gain Black rule in South Africa. It is not the recognition of a black leader who righted some of the wrongs that black Africans did indeed suffer that I object to, but the manner in which drooling white journalists and BBC commentators will take the opportunity to abuse their own kith and kin.

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  1. The St Stephen cult is looking a bit jaded now after 20 years.

    Recent events are however helpful. Sentamu says the police burgled him. The police have been burgling and other dirty tricks for political purposes for generations while a naive public refused to believe they would do such things – only in nasty foreign countries. Peter Wright put it graphically: “We bugged and burgled our way round London”.

    Suddenly when the left cries foul it’s all in the papers. Good!

  2. can anybody show the recent adition of crimewatch on the stephen lawrence case. There was a comment by the presenter which was very interesting . Can anybody look it up? . Also where is the evidence of a racial attack. All the years i have followed this case i have failed to read any evidence of racial intent . Have i missed it?

  3. I asked the lawrance Charity how many white youngsters they helped, we are still awaiting a response reported the Daily Mail to the IPCC re the photograph. We are in the grip of an anti white political elite that will not be satisfied until we are in the minority.

  4. I don’t think the media has ever tried to hide the “Black Power salute” for the simple reason that it’s just a teenage thing and also they probably think it’s admirable. It’s normal to zoom in on the face of murder victims. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t. Also, I don’t think it’s wise to spread rumours about a murder victim unless you’ve got something to back it up.

    It’s better to focus on the double standards of the media and judges. When a murderer boasted “We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business”, the judge and media claimed it was not racially motivated. Yet the evidence for the Stephen Lawrence murder being racially motivated is no greater. It definitely seems our establishment values a white life less than the life of an ethnic minority.

  5. Could this confession by an undercover police officer about spying on the Lawrence family campaign simply be a ruse to have yet another excuse to regurgitate the Lawrence murder and reinforce it in the public consciousness once again? The article states that it is a possibility that his murder was not racially motivated at all but does have another possible motive. The media presents his murder as being without any question racially motivated. Two white men are now serving long prison sentences on the flimsiest of evidence that may or may not have been fabricated. Their trial being many years after the event which again gave the media the chance to publicise this murder once again. It becomes quite insulting for those of us who are aware of the many, many murders of white youths by racists of other ethnicities that have never received even a fraction of the publicity that Stephen Lawrence has, if any publicity at all. This is always excused by those in the media when criticised for their lack of publicity by the sentiment that “we mustn’t incite the wrath of public outrage against ethnic minorities”. The essential need for “social cohesion” is always their mantra, this being in spite of the fact that a far greater percentage of white youths have been murdered by racist non-whites than the other way around. However, every racist murder of a non-white is publicised as widely as possible, without any regard for the possible anger created in ethnic communities and the subsequent danger to the white indigenous group by endangering social cohesion.. All racially motivated murders should be treated in the media equally as being totally unacceptable, yet it seems obvious that the media always regard some as being much more unacceptable than others.

  6. The cult of St Stephen is now more of an industry -an anti-white industry- than a cult.

    The infamous MacPherson report actually found no specific instance of any racial bias in the police investigation. It had to rely on that old 60’s leftist catch-all smear ‘institutional bias’ to rubbish the police and by extension the British people.

    Dr Frank Ellis took that report apart in his ‘The Macpherson Report: “Anti-Racist” Hysteria and the Sovietization of the United Kingdom’.

    Google in this title to find this damning critique.

  7. St Stephen of Lawrence the patron saint of dubious cases that just won’t go away because a kabal has too much to gain by keeping their version of events perpetually in the sheeple’s face.

  8. That Lawrence was involved in the local drug industry seems to have been common knowledge in the area around the time he met his end. It is also rather strange that (a) the suspect that the police want to extradite from Spain is/was a drugs baron (or at least a budding ‘Mr Big’) from that part of south London, (b) it has taken so long for the police to nail him down despite that fact that he must have been on the radar at the time, and (c) the Lawrence family, helped by the media (and who else?) seem to have been energetically back-pedalling with some new sort of righteous ‘forgiveness’ or ‘let it go’ message at about the time that the real culprit might be about to be apprehended. A bit odd? Could it be that the real scenario was that Lawrence was perhaps a rookie dealer who was treading on the toes of the local ‘Mr Big’ (or ‘Mr. slightly Bigger’), maybe didn’t respond to the customary polite warnings, and consequently got the full treatment? If ‘Mr Big’s’ associates did a good enough job covering their tracks to frustrate the police’s efforts, then Lawrence’s murder could be adequately explained as ‘racist’ and Lawrence could be elevated to the martyrdom by the race relations industry who needed this sort of figure to cover the vast catalogue of black crime that has been endemic in ‘enriched’ areas of London post-Windrush (cf. newspaper reports around London during the late 1950’s/early 1960’s). (It’s interesting to observe the same sort of smoke-screen tactics used by the authorities/media in the transparently-concocted celebrity-sex-scandal witch-hunts to conceal the publicity of the grooming-gang trials which coincidentally just happened to start at the same time.)

    With the apprehension of the presumed ‘real’ culprit responsible for Lawrence’s murder, it’s more than likely that a quite lot of information might emerge in court concerning any of Lawrence’s activities that might not hitherto have made it into the public domain and which might prejudice the entire ‘Stephen Lawrence’ industry, causing considerable embarrassment to those individuals and organisations who have promoted or benefited from what could then be revealed as a piece of contrived sublime but spurious mythology (for example, had he actually started studies to be an architect, how good a student would he have been and how would his career have progressed assuming that it actually started? Perhaps someone could fill in those details as far as possible). Hence the recent heavily-publicised back-pedalling.

    But perhaps the most despicable aspect of this entire business is the studied official avoidance of other victims race-hate crimes which have been alluded to on this thread, but to which must be added the name of Kriss Donald, a scottish lad who was abducted, tortured and murdered by a Pakistani muslim gang in Glasgow about 20 or so years ago. Very few people have heard of him, there are no foundations named after him, and his mother was not elevated to the House of Lords. The main differences between the Lawrence and Donald cases are that (a) there is no suspicion of any illegal activity whatsoever on the part of the latter (unlike the former), (b) Kriss Donald was an indigenous scot and his murderers non-indigenous whereas that relationships was reversed in the Lawrence case.

  9. A superb summary that actually describes the horrible , brain washing INSTITUTIONALISED MULTI-CULTURALISM THAT HAS DOMINATED THIS COUNTRY FOR DECADES.


  11. Also, doesn’t that jumper he’s wearing have the word “hash” (‘solid’ marijuana/cannabis still widely available in 1993, unlike these days, when it’s what used to be called ‘skunk’ only, pretty much) ‘hiding in plain sight’ on it . . ? ?
    I’ve long thought the ‘turf war’ explanation more credible; didn’t the po-lice say as much ? ? They should know, given that (constabulary corruption contributor) Davidson (and others??) was (were) on the ‘payroll’ of ‘big time’ cannabis salesman Norris ‘père’ (that’s French for ‘father’ in case anyone doesn’t know).

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