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Letter from Andrew Brons To Telegraph

The EU is still insisting that negotiations about future trade relationships between the UK
and the EU cannot begin until the UK’s fee for leaving the EU has been agreed.

Rule by Sentimentality

the opinion of the doctors at Great Ormond Street, London, is the one that should be listened to. The life support should be turned off so that he can die with dignity.

Stoke-on-Trent By-Election Final List Of Candidates

The by-election is due to take place on February 23. Eligible voters have until midnight on February 7 to register in time to take part in the by-election.
Labour retained the seat in 2015 with a majority of 5,175 over UKIP with the Conservatives a further 33 votes behind. Labour has held the seat since its creation in 1950.

The Big Lie, That We Are A Disunited Nation Continues

Nothing helps the big lie more than the example of almost unknown, Shadow Business Secretary, Clive Lewis.

He intends to defy his leader, Comrade Corbyn, and vote against invoking Article 50 if he gets the chance!