The Speaker of the House of Commons Must Resign And Equally Biased BBC Must Be Scrapped

by Anglo Saxon

Any schoolboy not educated by Marxist multi-‘culty teachers will tell you that the speaker of the House of Commons has to be neutral and confine himself to ensuring the smooth running of the debates and votes that are the business of the house.

When Charles I of England famously entered the house with troops, looking for Oliver Cromwell and his friends, he asked the speaker to hand them over to him.  The speaker replied “I have neither eye to see or tongue to speak unless commanded to do so by this house”

When John Bercow made his declaration of obedience to the New World Order of Marxists by condemning the President of the United States of America, totally unjustly I may add, he broke with centuries of tradition that is part of one of the cornerstones of our democracy.

The BBC, in backing him, broke their Royal Charter to be a neutral broadcaster of the nations affairs and yet again show that the TV licence should be scrapped and the Royal Charter revoked.

It is the duty of our Prime Minister, through a democratic vote in parliament, to deal with these matters straight away.


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  1. The speaker must go now. he has welcomed previous leaders with very dodgy track records,and we talk about double standards ! seems like criticising Donald Trump can earn you brownie points from The Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn and the Left, but it should now be curtains for the speaker.

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