Sadiq Khan – A lesson In Hypocrisy

By John Shaw

To my total dismay Sadiq Khan was elected as the first Islamic Mayor of London.

As many Islamist’s call it, our capital city is often known as Londonistan.

This person is everything our Party is not, as proved by Khan’s fanatical support for the European Union super state, denial of the referendum result and being totally hostile to Donald Trump.

News that he hosted an event which included representatives of 16 Arab countries that have a travel ban on Israeli’s is beyond contempt particularly as he has been very outspoken against the American travel ban!    


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  1. Hypocrisy is what the Left deal in. It’s all they are really. Was it not Khan who referred to the moderate Muslims as Uncle Toms? Now he is parading around like he owns London telling us who we should not be inviting to the UK’s capital. Sadly the crooked Labour liars won in Stoke. How many of the Labour votes were from Muslims ?

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) We all know that the local Mosque delivers the Labour Vote. However , we are told that Muslims were warned , in a leaflet , that ‘ they would go to hell if they did not do their Islamic duty by voting Labour ‘. Whether this is true or not I do not know , but if it is I would love to see the leaflet ! Personally I believe it !

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yet again , Sadiq Khan is SHOUTING IN THE MEDIA that Donald Trump should NOT VISIT BRITAIN , because of his Travel Ban on People from seven Countries. He is making a point that they are mainly Muslim population Countries and he thinks the ‘ red carpet ‘ should not be laid out. Well , YET AGAIN , MAY WE POINT OUT that he recently ROLLED OUT THE ‘ RED CARPET ‘ to representatives from SIXTEEN ARAB COUNTRIES that have a PERMENENT BAN ON PEOPLE FROM ISRAEL ! This behaviour is NOT BECOMING OF AN ELECTED MAYOR OF LONDON and I am not surprised there is A PETITION DEMANDING HIS RESIGNATION , FOR THIS AND OTHER MATTERS !

  3. Labour should never get into Government again

  4. John Shaw , Donald Trump has said that the time of Political Correctness must come to an end and we must ” face up to the issues “. He also pointed out that Sadiq Khan , Mayor of London , has said regarding the latest atrocity , ” there is no need to be alarmed “. With seven dead and forty eight injured , the President feels there is EVERY REASON TO BE ALARMED. SO DO WE , KHAN IS A DISGRACE !

  5. John Shaw , Sadiq Khan has , yet again , been on television criticizing the Kensington and Chelsea Council for doing nothing. He then went on to complain thet the fire tower block residents , who have been re housed , have been moved to far away ! Obviously these two statements conflict with one another. I know actually who has done nothing ! As Mayor there is a lot he could have done rather than going to inter faith services and having a go at the Conservative Prime Minister and Council !

  6. ‘ Labour can stop brexit ‘ , but only with a ‘ fresh vote ‘ , says Sadiq Khan in something called Gulf News ! We Nationalists of the British Democratic Party , TOTALLY DISAGREE ! In fact , I am sure that most of us feel there should be a ‘ fresh vote ‘ regarding the position of Mayor of London , BUT THEN A VOTE IS A VOTE , ISN’T IT MR. KHAN ?

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