Sadiq Khan Gets It Wrong Again and Then So Right!

By Anglo Saxon

In a speech to confused socialists, Sadiq Khan said there is a worldwide trend towards “narrow nationalist parties”.

Mr Khan, you could not be more wrong, the old fashioned class based parties are the ones that are narrow, drawing support from only one section of society.  In Contrast true nationalist parties draw support from all sections of their societies.

However, when he claimed that people around the world are moving towards nationalist parties he got that right as Britain, America and Europe are all starting to reject the ‘new world order’ and their nation and people destroying agenda.   

6 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan Gets It Wrong Again and Then So Right!

  1. Khan is mayor of a city where true Londoners have for some time been in exodus. Can you really blame them ? We are now a beleaguered and voiceless minority in our capital.

    Sadiq Khan’s vote came from the non White immigrant population and their second and third generations alongside the liberal hordes of ”useful idiots” who imagine they have some kind of affinity with the newcomers.

    While Diversity Crime spirals out of control, alien fundamentalists impose their ”customs” and the London media continues it’s anti White pro-multicultural social engineering, our Mayor has not one single credible answer to the wide array of problems facing this great city.

    Diversity Knife Crime has doubled in our schools during the last five years, attacks on Whites are routinely de-racialised, we face a population crisis-commonly referred to as the”housing crisis”,an NHS dependency overload, mounting police cuts at a time when we are under an imminent risk from terrorism, and what do they tell us ? basically the same old cow-dung.

    The Evening Standard, Stalwarts of Diversity Propaganda, cannot praise Khan or mass immigration highly enough. Today, columnist Simon Jenkins had the bravery to use the much parodied and almost obsolete ”enriching” disclaimer to describe the slow and agonising death of the capital (in an anti Geert Wilders article)… I think Simon should watch The Last Whites Of The East End, for a sobering reality check.

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well said JJM. A superb description of the continuing Briticide of the British People. Particularly in London , that was once our Capital. As the saying goes ‘ ENOCH POWELL WAS RIGHT ‘.

  3. In many parts of London Whites are in the majority, the problems stems frpm the mindset of Whites who rather than face the problem head on and seek a solution ie solidarity, they choose to ” chuck the towel in”.They should be flocking to our cause and seeking ways to halt the invasion not burying there head in a pint and reminicing about Old London.Our people are on the whole stupid and lazy and that is why we are in the mess we are in.

  4. I cannot believe any right thinker gives this poison muzzie dwarf the time of day.
    The only thing he did that might be construed as useful, was getting elected as mayor of London. Thus making all aware how the once capitol of the world is now an infested pit of despair.

  5. I don’t understand how a Muslim is now the mayor of London. Imagine a Christian leader of an Islamic country, hard to picture that ever happening, as the treatment ordinary Christians would get over in there countries would not be very welcoming. And that is putting it mildly. As if Muslims would ever vote for a Christian in somewhere like Pakistan, they will be ice skating in hell before that happens.

  6. Khan should not be Mayor the true Londoners should of stood up for their City by not voting for corrupt Labour and Tory Politicos who have been globalist pawns for 60 Years We should throw all these 3rd Worlders back to where they came from

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