Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

by John Shaw


One of the architects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and crushing political correctness that enforces these dreadful policies, has condemned himself and his fellow international Marxists.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, amongst other things he said,

“But your also going to see, broadly speaking, I suspect the same number of immigrants coming to this country as now, partly because already half of the immigrants don’t come from the EU., they come from the rest of the world and in the case of those who come from Europe, we need them to fill jobs in our economy.”

‘Mandy’ as he was affectionately known as  during his time working for Tony Blair has in effect just confirmed how correct we British Democrats are regarding mass immigration and we thank him for pointing out that there is no reason to flood our country with people from India, Africa and the Caribbean and even the far left cannot think of one.

Secondly, with our unemployment figures, it is obvious that we do not need millions of so called workers either.

To improve your life, in every way, just say no to mass immigration by joining the British Democratic Party, today.

7 thoughts on “Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

  1. Mandelson knows the truth. His party has damaged Britain. Sadly many of the unemployed young people here now are unemployable. We need Europeans and naturally there are no assimilation problems. They also work very hard and to a high standard…and generally set a good example.

    The damaging combination of Sub Saharan immigration, the influence of ”Rap”, their disorderly ways and histrionics, is having a negative effect on the mentality and behaviour of White youths in Britain. What good can that do for their job prospects ?

    1. Its getting to the point where even half educated Whites seem to have adopted the WHIGGER drawl, it is pathetic to listen to them on TV they seem to be under the mistaken illusion that it is ” cool”.

  2. why the Working class still vote Labour still baffles Me Our Party must become an alternative to the 3 Failed Parties by getting rid of them and the SNP & Greens

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Great question Adam. In the long term , the class based Political Party’s are finished. The Prime Minister knows this , as her recent , ludicrous claims that the Conservatives are for all the People. The British Democratic Party is classless , as REAL NATIONALISTS ARE AND SHOULD BE. Enoch Powell’s support came from all sections of society and the Front National has always drawn support from all sections of French Society. Any doubters would do well to consider that for the first time , the FANTASTIC DONALD TRUMP HAS BROKEN THE CLASS VOTING TRADITION IN AMERICA.

  3. In response to Graham comment, the cultural transmission in question here is in not one single way beneficial…it is only to the detriment of British youth.

    What has the culture of rap, gyrating or ”twerking” ever done to improve the prospects of a society in the civilised world ? It results in social decay. Remove a sense of pride and identity and the rot seeps in, according to the plans of the Marxist filth.

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