Keep The Pride In Yourself

by John Shaw

There are 250,000 ‘Ex Paid Up’ Nationalists in Britain.  Despite the fact that the vast majority of people in our country never join any political party at any time in their lives, ever.

Since the 1970’s with the National Front, then the British National Party and now the British Democratic Party, there has been many noble efforts to save Britain from the multi-cultural abys that we continue to fall into and yes. Britain continues to fall apart!

Over several decades, history shows us that these wonderful patriots got far too enthusiastic and then, tired of electoral failure, lefty and immigrant violence and media brainwashing of an apathetic population, just give in and retired.

We know that once a nationalist always a nationalist and the pride you once showed is still there, just buried in the despair that is the current, ‘I am all right Jack’ politically correct, multi-cultural cess pit that our country has become.

Knowing you have been proved right, we urge all you retired or unaligned nationalists to join us today.

We will not bombard you with requests for money, we will not ask you to march into the howling mobs in London and elsewhere. All we ask is you join a very respectable, patriotic political party who work hard for us British and will give you something wonderful, PRIDE IN YOURSELF.




9 thoughts on “Keep The Pride In Yourself

  1. The large number of former nationalist members out there should not feel too despondent about the prospects for nationalism, because the movement is flourishing in many parts of Europe such as Hungary, Italy and Germany.

    Do not believe the treacherous Far Left’s insulting accusations that nationalists are extremists and racists. It is the Extreme Left themselves, who promote mass immigration and multi-racialism, who are the REAL racists against indigenous Britons! It is not racist to protect one’s homeland against alien invasion – any more than protecting the indigenous red squirrel against the invasive foreign grey squirrels, which are driving the reds to extinction by taking over their territory and spreading disease. Nationalists are ethical CONSERVATIONISTS who hold the moral high ground against the criminals who promote social fragmentation and alien takeover. We need to return to a traditional cohesive society.

  2. So the offspring of the idiots Charles and Diana has put paid to the Legend ” There is no Black in the Union Jack”sickening how the MSM has been overjoyed with the news of this mixed race pregnancy.

  3. Ask yourself a question, why are the thousands of former Nationalists not flocking to your banner. None of the existing groups around are able to recruit us Nationalists, I have gone over the reasons why in previous posts. The existing groups have lack of drive, leadership and poor organising ability, no one will back a loser and who can blame them.

  4. A party such as the BDP can propagate its policies and influence public opinion but forget about coming to power. You do not have millions of unemployed ex-servicemen, the support of big businessmen, or a charismatic leader. Your task must be to educate the public who get their opinions from the mainstream media. This will not be easy but the Internet has made it possible.

  5. It is good to see a few recent articles & updates on our website, I was beginning to think that we had given up the ghost. I think that we need to do this though on a much more regular basis.

    I also believe that we could do with a column written by our chairman or someone of a similar status on this website once every so often.

    Whether we like her or not, it is pretty clear that Ann Marie Waters & her supporters use social media very well – l think it fair to say that they are already streets ahead of us in this department, we have a bit of catch up to do.

    I understand that we do need more members but we do need to be more on the ball if we wish to attract them.

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