In Denial About So Much

by John Shaw

  • Mass Immigration does not add to unemployment.
  • Mass Immigration does not keep British workers wages low.
  • Mass Immigration does not add to NHS waiting lists.
  • Mass Immigration does not cause or add to the housing crisis.
  • There are no such thing as ‘no-go’ areas in Britain.
  • No areas of Britain are subject to ‘Sharia Law’.


And also in an ultimate act of denial, Theresa May has taken issue with USA President Donald Trump, for saying Britain has a bad and growing Islamic problem!

Well,  Prime Minister, having seen the reports that two crazed Islamists are to be tried in court for a plot to murder you in 10 Downing Street, the British Democrats most respectfully suggest that:





10 thoughts on “In Denial About So Much

  1. John, this Woman comes from a cosy, privaliged background and as such lives in ” cuckoo land” she appears to be completely out of her depth when questioned on issues it is apparent she is struggling to come up with a sensible answer.

  2. Yes indeed Graham. When Home Secretary she just did not seem to grasp the realities on the street. Only a couple of weeks ago , thousands of British People fled from a happy evenings Christmas shopping . Men , Women and children , in our Capital City ( well it was ) falling over one another due to a RUMOUR of gunshots and a possible Bomb. Mass Panic by People who did not believe the Christmas Elves had turned nasty , but SCARED PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AND KNOW THAT BRITAIN HAS A BAD AND WORSENING ISLAMIC PROBLEM ! OUR PRIME MINISTER IS IN DENIAL AND WE NEED A BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , DONALD TRUMP OR ENOCH POWELL !

  3. No doubt about it, this is denial on a massive scale, but only one establishment politician challenged the deniers, and we all know what happened to him,for daring to oppose the rest of them. You either obey them, sit quietly on the fence,until your rear end is permanently wedged to it(like so many of our people)but on absolutely no account must you publicly refute their message of deceit. Otherwise they chase you down, call you every name under the sun’, and will hound you to the grave.

  4. It’s looking more likely that Jacob Rees Mogg will be the next Tory leader… and although I would much prefer him to any of the other potential candidates… but will there be any significant change to the Conservative Party ? What can ever change in Britain with the Old Gang parties who have given us mass immigration ? At least Rees Mogg has been an honest Brexiteer, he is also an intelligent and articulate man who always remains calm and collected… he did not walk in the long grass, and keep his head down during the campaign,with calculated opportunism… in the hope that whatever the outcome of the referendum, he could then challenge for the leadership. And now that we have to pay tens of billions in a ‘divorce’ deal from the bitter losers of EU, their true extortionate nature has being revealed…many Remainers are now realising that we were right all along!!!

    1. if it’s not Corbyn Diane Abbot Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer in charge I would support Jacob Rees Mogg or David Davis Labour must never be allowed into Government again

  5. Why not focus fully on winning the electorate support to stop all immigration which is not tourism or by marriage? By “Immigration” we can say all immigration regardless of background or country. Why not adopt a one goal polictial goal (at least for now)?


  7. For those amongst us whom have read ‘The Milner – fabian Conspiracy:How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe,America and the World’ by Ioan Ratiu, ‘The new unhappy Lords’ by A K Chesterton or chapter five of John Tyndall’s classic masterpiece’The Eleventh Hour’ entitled ‘is there a conspiracy?’ one will quickly realise that Mrs May is simply adhering to the wishes & desires of the international money power.

    When I was younger I thought these conspiracy theories a nonsense but nowadays I am convinced that sinister international forces are at play behind the scenes doing their damndest to totally wreck the Nation state,subsequently to be replaced with the genisis of a New World order.

    No better way to run a demolition ball through tradional homogeneous indigenous culture than inflict upon it a process of mass third world immigration.
    The International money power & their puppets the ‘mainstream’, politicians shall not be satisfied until they have achieved there ultimate aim.

    With regards to Islam, three blind mice could clearly see that this massive problem created in our midst is due to the failed & utterly unfit for purpose immigration polices of a succession of completely inadequate British Governments.

    When those with the responsibility for law enforcement fail so miserably to protect vulnerable underage indigenous white girls in our society from gangs of predatory Muslim sex perverts for fear of being labelled ‘racists’, then you know that this Nation has a massive problem.

    Mrs May & her current Government are part of that problem -she is not part of the solution.

    1. Well said B.D.P. N I. I also thought the International conspiracy was nonsense. Now I think the facts speak for themselves , it’s looking pretty accurate at this current time. Regarding the ‘ Asian Grooming Scandal ‘ , I really feel for the Seikh’s and Hindu’s who are tarred with the same brush as the People really undertaking these wicked acts. The British People do know who they are though ! This is thanks to a former Nationalist Leader , who because he exposed the truth , was ACTUALLY PROSECUTED , TWICE , FOR TRYING TO GET THESE WICKED PEOPLE STOPPED FROM THEIR NASTY WAYS. There should be a Public Enquiry , with massive Powers , whose sole Purpose should be TO NAME , SHAME AND PROSECUTE ALL OFFICIALS LIKE COUNCILLORS , MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT , SOCIAL WORKERS , POLICE AND MANY OTHERS WHO WORKED TIRELESSLY TO COVER UP ALL THESE CRIMES. Whether it was done to protect and further the cause of the ‘ multi-cultural society ‘ or just stopping our HONEST NATIONALISM from gaining Popularity for telling the truth about what was going on . These Left and liberal types are a disgrace to society !

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